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free black dating at blacksexmatch

free black dating at blacksexmatch

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The ocean was a vast stretch of blue as it reflected the Sun’s beaming rays.Lakeisha lay on the bed of her mansion overlooking this tropical haven. At 30 , she had it all. The career , the cash,the respect. All that was lacking was real love. There were many dates , she kept herself on a schedule of at least two per month sometimes more but her heart or their hearts couldn’t meet in the middle.She knew she was a special black woman this she would tell herself over and over.

The doorbell rang . The doorman announced a delivery. “Ok , send’em up ” she said.

He knocked on the door and she let him. He was a tall strapping man , dark chocolate reminiscent of Michael Jordan in his younger days.”Delivery” he said in a dreamy masculine voice that made Lakeisha take notice right away.

“Set them over there” she said while checking him out.His body was hot , tall skinny yet muscular.

The delivery boy was thrilled too with his cock starting grow at this lovely voluptuos woman. He sat the packages down and asked her to sign. She happily did and asked if he wanted a drink. “Sure” he said and small talk started from there.Her heart told her he was the one. It was never wrong.She grabbed his cock which was long hard and fat and said “Take’em off”.

He stepped out of his trousers and she went to work on his cock. He was in seventh heaven enjoying her mouth and the view.Faster and faster she sucked his cock her head bobbing up and down till his cream came from hot cock.

He then went down on her . She was all worked up by this time and was squirting pussy cum left , right and center. He then stuck it , plugging her pussy with his big fat cock. He slid in slowly at first then went faster and faster. “I’m gonna cum” he moaned and blew his load deep in her pussy.They talked some more exchanged numbers and by chance love was born that day.He later moved in and they’ve been living happily ever after.

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