Completing , a Dark, Fetish Sex Story

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She arrived at the hotel and waited in her car, staring at her cell phone. He was watching her, she was certain of that but, she had no idea where he was. She turned off her lights and sat still, willing the phone to ring. She hated when he made her wait. Then again, she loved it too.

She brushed a wrinkle from her dress and smiled. Her huge tits free under the flimsy material. The hem of the dress barely over her upper thigh, when she bent over her bare ass cheeks would show. He had this dress delivered. Told her, he wanted her to wear just that and heels when she came to him. She did as she was told, she was a good girl. She waited and wished he’d call.

As though on cue, the phone rang. In the silence of her car the ring sounded so loud it startled her. She blushed at her own jumpy reaction and then answered it, her heart racing, her excitement almost tangible in the air.

“Yes, Sir?” She answered.

“The dress looks good on you.” His voice sent thrills up and down her spine.

“Thank you, Sir. And thank you for it. I like it.”

“Room 117, the back corner. The door is open. Go inside and I will call you back.” The phone clicked and he was gone.

She took a deep breath and opened the car door and stepped out. Making sure she set the alarm she walked across the parking lot, glancing all around, trying to figure out where he was. She couldn’t see him but, she could feel his eyes on her as she walked. Halfway across the lot her phone rang. She looked, it was him, she answered it.

“Show me your ass.” He was smiling, she could hear it in his voice.

“Here, Sir?” She asked, looking around.

“Now, pull up the dress and show me your ass.” The phone clicked again and he was gone.

She looked around for him and again found no one but still, his eyes burrowed into her. He was close. She reached down and pulled up the dress slightly until her lower cheeks were shown. Taking a deep breath she pulled it up further, showing her bare ass and pussy off. She didn’t know which direction he was in, she quickly twirled around to make sure he could see. She was bright red, her embarrassment burning in her but also excited.

She held the dress up for a moment longer, making sure to give him a good view and then quickly dropped it and walked as fast as she could to the room door. She had no idea who else saw her little display and the idea of strangers staring at her, displaying herself for him, made her pussy ache. She was his to display.

The door was indeed open and she slipped inside and closed it behind herself. The drapes on the windows were wide open and she thought for a moment about closing them. Before she had a chance to decide, the phone rang again.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Leave the drapes open.”

Dammit, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. . .very nice view of your ass. You did well.” She beamed with pride at his satisfaction. “There is a present for you in front of the mirror.”

She looked and there was a box, tied with leather ribbon sitting there. “Thank you, Sir.” She went over to it.

“Open it.” He commanded.

She undid the ribbon and opened the box. Inside was a PVC dress, short enough to just cover her ass and two holes for her breasts to hang out the front of it. There was also a blindfold of black velvet.

“Go to the bathroom and put it on.” He commanded her. “Leave the blindfold, that is for when you come back out.”

“Yes, Sir.” The phone clicked off. She took the dress and went to put it on, she was a good girl.

The dress was skin tight. She had a little trouble sliding it over her skin but she managed just fine. Adjusting it, she looked in the mirror, her big breasts displayed, nipples hard. The hem barely below her crotch. She looked so wonderfully slutty for him. She got wetter and wetter staring at it and wondering what was next. The phone ring made her jump.

“Stop fidgeting and looking at yourself in the mirror and come back out now.” It clicked off again. She blushed at how well he knew her. Grinning, she brought the other dress folded up with her as she came back out.

The room was flooded with light. The lamps in the room had been shut off but outside the window was a SUV or truck or something with huge flood lights filling the room with a blinding white light. She tried to shield her eyes and walked back to the desk in front of the mirror.

Her phone rang again, she answered it immediately, “Put down the other dress and put on the blindfold.”

She did it at once, glad for the darkness the blindfold gave her. He didn’t say anything for a long moment and then, “I like that on you. Turn around and show me.” She twirled and showed him the outfit. “Mmmmm yes. Do you like it?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Her voice was small.

“I love how your sweet tits are free and I can almost see your pussy.” He chuckled. “I think the man who just walked by the window likes it that way too,” her face flushed bright red but, her pussy got even wetter.

“Now bend forward and grab the table.” She did. “Reach back and pull your dress over your ass.” She did. “Mmmmm yes. . .but you know what that outfit needs?”

“No, Sir.” She shook her head, her long blond curls bouncing as she did.

“A little color.” The phone clicked off.

She screamed when the paddle hit her ass. She had thought herself alone in the room. She had no idea she was not and the sudden sensation of hard wood against her ass, the ripping pain and heat of it made her scream. The paddle struck her five times hard and fast. . .and then stopped. The phone rang.

“Yessss ss, Si Sir.” She was trying to control her breathing, trying to not tremble. She could feel her pussy literally dripping wet now. Her ass cheeks burned like they were on fire.

“Mmmm…Yes . . . A little red ads a certain something to it, don’t you think?” He asked her and then laughed.

“Yes, Sir.” She agreed.

“Just one more thing to be added though my sweet. You need to accessorize. . .” Long deep sigh, “I guess I will have to show you won’t I?” The phone clicked off.

She was more prepared when he hands grabbed her now. She knew she was not alone. As the leather gloved hands grabbed her big tits and squeezed the nipples, she moaned, it felt so good. When her nipples were fully hard the hands clamped them with clover clamps, the steel of the clamps biting her and making her moan.

The leather covered fingers explored her wet slit next, pulling her labia and then clamping them as well. The bite on the metal made her squeal and shake. She was trembling so badly right now, she couldn’t help it. Then the fingers pinched her clit, she exploded. So much build up; the touch on her clit was too much to endure without cumming.

And then the hands were gone again. She stood there shaking, feeling her cum dripping out of her and down the clamps. The phone rang. She answered it but could not speak.

“I like how the cum makes the silver of the clamps glisten. It reminds me of diamonds. I think it is very pretty.” He said. She nodded. He laughed.

“Now the outfit is almost complete.” He continued. “You only need one more thing.”

Oh God, she thought, could she take one more thing?

There was a metallic clicking. The sound of chain behind her. The phone clicked dead in her hand. She heard movement and then his voice.

“Just one last thing.” Not on the phone now, right behind her.

Then his hands around her neck…no. . . . not his hands. Leather. . . Metal . . . Clicked home about her neck. A collar. She began to weep. She felt she could not stand and he held her up.

“Now . . . now it’s finished.”

She collapsed into his arms. Yes . . . Now she was complete.

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