The Perfect Crime, a Dark Fetish Sex Story

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It was a lonely place, devoid of life except that which preyed upon the dead or dying. Spiders hid in corners and waited for passing hopes to be caught in their webs to be devoured at leisure. The door to the crypt was rusted shut so that even those wishing to come here had to prove their worth in unlocking the ancient mechanisms. A newer lock secured the door yet further with a tempered steal deadbolt that denied even the most dedicated of trespassers. In all, the place was barren . . . that was why he came here.

This place was so devoid of humanity, he brought her here to be inhuman, to explore and revel in inhuman pleasures. They were not coy young lovers that sought a secret place to explore. They both knew what they were doing it and why and this place, this barren, bereft place was the place they needed. The marble was cold and dusty. The air was stale and smelled of ages of nothing. Here, in this place, they could be as they wished to be; alive among the dead.

She waited as he looked through the heavy key ring of ancient skeleton keys that had tarnished with age until they were all but black. He tried one after another until finally, he felt one click in place. Smiling, he nodded to her and took out a can of lubricant that promised to instantly free ages of rust and began to spray it in the lock until the tumblers were so full it drizzled down the front. He stepped back and waited now. The chemicals inside performing their magic unseen so that the tumblers would be free to spin again.

He stepped back and looked at her. She was beautiful. Stark as their surroundings, her eyes were set in heavy black makeup, her skin like polished stone. The black lace of her long coat set off her pale complexion so that she looked almost like she too was part of the forgotten stonework here. Her hair was chestnut brown and streaked with black and red so that in all, her appearance was so striking, she was like a living painting as she moved. She took a drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out at him. She was excited and scared. It was one thing to dream of things, quite another to do them.

He smiled at her and drank in her beauty as he waited. Her face was a little flushed and he knew that she was thinking about what they were to do as well. He could barely keep his hands off her as they stood in the dimming twilight awaiting the miracle of modern mechanics to open their passage. He reached into his pocket and took out the other key ring and began to search out the key to the deadbolt. He had paid dearly for these keys. This night was to be special . . . their consecration of their own sick debauchery . . . they would go places tonight most never dared. Shifting the backpack that carried their supplies, he found the deadbolt key and turned back once more to the door giving her a quick wink as he did.

The deadbolt was fairly new so that it did not protest so loudly when cranked and released. He felt his heart racing as he placed the skeleton key into the lock and turned. The sound of grating bones and old age creaked and moaned as he fought with the lock. Finally he felt it give and start to turn. The creaked rose to a squeal as it finally gave in and shifted and clanked open. The sound seemed to resonate in the air as the door acquiesced and unlocked for them. Their own private paradise awaited them inside. He pushed on the heavy iron grate door and it protested and then scuffled inward. The smell of old air swirled around them as the crypt welcomed them in. He took out a candle and lit it and then handed her one to light from his. Slowly, together they slipped into the darkness inside the crypt.

The main stone door swung without a bit of effort, having been made at a time where craftsmanship was better then today. Even after all this time, it was perfectly balanced to the fingertips of those who had gotten that far. The room beyond gave a hushed whisper of welcome and blew dank air at them that smelled of old dead things. Grinning and grabbing each others hand they entered the darkness. The candles cast an irregular light on the walls inside. Shadows danced and gyrated as the flames teased them with light. As they peered about, they saw the perfect spot, long, high marble sarcophagi that seemed to be made for their purposes. She grinned and squeezed his hand and then dashed to it.

The dust was ages old on it and caked to the touch. He pulled out a towel and followed her, grabbing out also a bottle of water to spill upon the stone. Seconds later he began to peel back the layers of dust and smear them and wipe them away. The gray stone under it peeked through and finally showed itself to be the beautiful deep textured alter for their prayers. He had imagined it just so for so long and now, it all seemed so perfect.

He opened the pack and took out a dozen more candles which they lit and began to stick in small clumps on other stone work until the room had a hellish light that suited their purpose. As he set the last one in place he heard her coat hit the floor. Turning he saw her laying on the marble slab, her flowing black blouse partially unbuttoned, her skirt hiked up enough to show most of her inner thigh. She was smiling at him and pushing her hand under her skirt, touching herself through her panties for him to watch and wish upon. She grinned and leaned her head back so her hair brushed the stone and closed her eyes. She could feel his want for her. His desire for her. The darkness of their passion clouded the room.

“I have been waiting for this for so long.” She purred into the still air. He grinned and stepped up to her. She looked at him and smiled and slipped up catlike to her knees.

“I know.” He said stepping in to hold her. “Me too.” They kissed.

She pulled back. “And it’s perfect timing right now.” She grinned and wiggled her hips. “Just about to start.”

He smiled and kissed her again. “Then . . . we should get going.” He licked her lips. She nodded and he stepped back and fished again into the backpack to take out the MP3 player and speakers. Setting them down, he started the music. The deep raunchy music started. It sounded like sex and split the ancient air like a knife, not too loud but invasive and discordant with the stillness within the crypt. The lights of the candles danced and cast arbitrary shadows on her as she began to sway to the music and rise up to her feet on the great marble alter.

He watched and began to strip his clothing off and toss it aside. As she rose up she began to squeeze and play with her tits through the lacey fabric and her claw like nails grabbed and pulled at her nipples. The entire time her eyes were locked on his as she began to dance in earnest, slowly, erotically, she swayed and played with herself as he got naked. When he stood their nude, his big cock standing straight at attention despite the coolness of the air, she licked her lips and began to run her hands down over her belly and then grabbing at and gathering her skirt up, revealing her spider web stockings and then her black panties. She grinned as she saw his eyes lower and take in her body, a hungry look on his face made her cunt burn. He wanted her so and she loved knowing that. She loved being desired and watched . . . knowing he wanted her so made her even more excited.

“Ya baby girl. . .” he muttered as he watched . . . his hand slowly sliding down his body to his hard cock. He squeezed and stroked it slightly as he watched her, thinking dark thoughts of desire as he played with himself.

She began to claw at her panties with her long nails, putting on a show of grabbing and pulling until her nails sliced through the lace and she began to pull them apart. The sound of shredding fabric filled the air over the music as she began to dance harder now. Her hips swaying to the music as she fucked the air and ripped her clothing free. Her stockings shredded easily as she continued to claw her way out of the confines of clothing. She threw away pieces of cloth as they tore free, ripping herself naked before him. Her eyes closed slightly and she ripped her shirt open, her big tits spilling out and bouncing as she danced. Pulling at the skirt she freed herself from it and tossed it away. Naked, except for shreds of lace, she danced for him, bending to show off her cunt and clawing at her tits until red angry scratches appeared for his pleasure.

She clawed at her tits, she watched him, watched his eyes glued on her flesh as she left savage red lines circling her nipples and ravaging down her breasts. He stroked himself faster as she clawed down her belly and thighs, leaving herself looking like a victim of some attack, scratches starting to bleed over her body as she molested herself for him.

Then he hands sank between her legs and she began to play with herself for him. Swaying to the music she stuck a finger in and pulled it out, rubbing her sweet cunt juice on her belly so it glistened. Then she stuck another finger in and then two. . . .As he watched her she began to finger fuck herself, squatting so he could se her fingers jamming in and out of her cunt for him.

She leaned back and braced herself up with one hand and stuck a third finger into her pussy and slammed them all in and out so hard and fast she made a slapping rhythm in time with the music, her sloppy wet pussy dripping cum already. She watched him as he stepped closer, waiting for the perfect time to take her. Spreading her legs wider, she raped her cunt brutally for his viewing. Fingers jammed in and out so hard she screamed in pain as she panted in pleasure.

Then she felt her pussy get much wetter, slippery and sloppy and liquid oozed from her. As she fucked herself she began to bleed, her period erupting from her cunt with a vengeance. Her fingers and hand were coated almost instantly as the flow came on heavy and full from the hard fingering. She leaned back and thrust her hips up so he could see the blood flowing from her cunt, splashing from her, drizzling out of her. Her fingers made a sloppy wet sloshing sound as she kept fucking herself, her knees buckling and body trembling.

Then he was on her, grabbing her hand and pushing it away as his face pressed into her pussy and he began to lick and suck and bite her. She screamed and ran the bloody hand over her tits and smeared herself with blood, feeling it slippery/sticky on her flesh. The scratches stung as she filled them with fresh blood and laughed at the pain. His mouth sucked and drank from her as she came and bled all over his face.

Three fingers jammed into her as he started to finger fuck her, the suddenness making her scream and her legs give out. He caught her and eased her down onto the cold marble as he kept fingering her pussy harder and harder. He climbed up onto the stone so that he was over her, fucking her with his hand and stroking his cock, now smeared with blood from her.

She reached out and grabbed his cock, letting her blood make him slippery to stroke and play with. She panted and mewed like an animal as he added a fourth finger and then finally shoved his entire fist into her greedy cunt. She screamed as she came and came, his fist making her whole body jerk each thrust.

“Break Me!” She screamed.

“Break Me Daddddyyyyyyyyy!”

Then her back arched and she could not breathe, could not move, and could not make a sound. She thrashed her head around and tried to make some noise but had no air too even squeak. Then her body exploded and she felt blood and cum geyser out of her cunt. She felt like she would bleed out right then and there on the cold stone . . . everything in her seemed on fire. His fist was all the way in her now and he just held it in place and wiggled it back and forth so that her orgasm kept growing until she could not take any more.

She was gasping for air and curled into a fetal position. He was on top of her as she came too. His cock was in her already and he was fucking her slowly, deep and slow as she began to breathe again. She looked up at his blood soaked face and began to sob. He leaned in and kissed her, the blood smearing all over both of them. They were a crime scene, both smeared head to toe in blood, they fucked slow and deep as she cried and wailed. Her blood soaked and stained the marble under her, the alter was consecrated.

They fucked slowly for a while until her tears slowed and she began to get hungry again. She began to fuck back onto his cock, growing in urgent need more and more. She liked how it hurt when she fucked back hard onto him, the pain inside making her bleed a little heavier. Growling, she began to slide back into him, her ass slick on the bloody stone. He grabbed her by the hair as she growled and fucked into her harder so she squealed each thrust, whispering terribly dirty things to her, urging her on.

“Daddy fucks you good?” He panted.

She mewed and nodded and tried to bite his arm.

He pushed her face onto the stone by her hair.

“Ohhh dirty lil sluts gonna bite me huh?” He thrust in as hard as he could and she yelped.

“That’s better.” He kept her face pressed into the stone, the wetness of her cum and blood making it slippery and sticky as once.

“Daddy fuck you good?” He asked again and slammed deep into her. She yelped again and nodded, panting and clawing at him with her free hand.

He laughed and grabbed her hand and pinned it behind her and started fucking her fast and hard. His cock slammed in and out of her pussy, the blood and cum in her squishing and oozing out with each thrust.

“My lil virgin whore.” He said and slammed deep into her. “Gonna drink Daddy down?” She mewed and smacked her lips and he laughed and kept fucking her.

Then he let her hand go and reached up and grabbed her throat with his free hand and held her still as he fucked her, the pressure of his grip slowly increasing as he got closer to cumming himself. The harder he fucked her, the tighter his grip until she was gasping for air with each thrust. He was panting and growling, biting at her and squeezing until she could not breathe.

Growling a savage cry, he slid out of her and using her hair and neck, spun her on the slippery stone all the way around until her face was at his cock. It was sloppy and dripping with her blood, a drop just falling from the head. He pushed her face onto his cock head and she took him in greedily. Sucking and licking and tasting his precum and her blood mixed, she lapped and sucked at him until he cried out and let her throat go.

Grabbing both hands in her hair he fucked her face and began to spew gobs of hot cum in her mouth, each thrust she was blasted full and them some, the gooey mess squishing from her mouth as he fucked her face. She swallowed and sucked and tried to drink all of the mess, pink from the cum and blood mix, that he fed her. She felt his hand slapping her cunt, the rawness from fucking and fisting making it so sensitive she screamed all around his cock in her mouth and began to cum. Each spank sent blood spattering in the air as he smacked her pussy in time with the last of his cum emptying into her mouth.

Panting, out of breath, he collapsed onto her. They lay their panting in each others arms, still rubbing blood all over their naked flesh. Kissing and licking, they didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. They were animals . . . no speech was necessary. The touched and felt and growled their feelings. She purred as he kissed and bit her neck. The blood alter stained now with cum as well . . . they were a sex crime. They were a rape scene. They were every sin possible. But most of all . . . they were perfect . . . in this lonely place, this forgotten place. . . .Here . . . they were perfect.


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