How To Attract Women After Divorce

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Most guys are getting their advice to attract women online. While there is some good advice on how to attract women , I see a lot of bad advice on how to attract women. I see it on forums, in books, and even when one guys talks directly to another guy. Attracting women after a divorce is no different than when single. You may be older but you are wiser and it’s important to remember that.

Giving gifts, even saying something nice attract more attention. Make good use of money and she knows she’s with someone who can provide for the future. Many women like to have kids and will need to stay home to raise them well. To do this, you have to be sharp with the bucks. Be upbeat and positive. Believe it or not everyone has goal or dream and upbeat attitude is all it takes to open the doors. Again she will feel like she’s with a winner and that’s what you want to look like to attract women. Other simple things like cleanliness, generousity if not with material things, then verbally. Say things like you look nice, your hair is done well. It’s like money in the bank of love.
Femininity means that the woman doesn’t act like a man: less sarcasm, less ball-busting remarks, and less trying to outcompete with the men themselves. Essentially it means a woman should behave like a woman. Even the most physically attractive woman instantly loses major points if she’s acting like the manliest man. Not only is femininity a woman’s gift to the world, it also provides a counterbalance to a man’s strong masculinity. And do remember that for a man. Chivalry counts, hold the door, seat her at the restaurant and hold your head up high. You can do this everywhere you go.

Make the grocery aisle your pickup spot and watch as approving and hot women’s heads turn. Women who walk with a swaying gait are more likely to catch a guy’s eye, say researchers at Texas A&M University. No one’s suggesting you adopt a supermodel strut, but take longer strides placing one foot in front of the other—like you’re walking a straight line—for a subtle, sexy sway. Don’t forget to ask him for help with items on the top shelf—that never hurts either. For men, stop and ask questions about different brands to a hot sexy woman. Get the relationship started with some good conversation. The next thing you know, you can get her name and number if she isn’t taken allready.

Lead physically. If she says, “Me too, let’s get out of here,” don’t sit there gobsmacked, disbelieving that you’ve actually pulled off the great sex coup. Stand up, take her hand and then walk towards the door. Don’t look back — it’s needy. Be gentle but dominant; she will come. She will also feel a hot shot of sexual attraction, because she is being led by a man she is attracted to physically and mentally.
Divorced or single, the same rules apply. Any divorce should be notch on your experience belt and you should relish each day and all the good things that will come from it. Don’t feel bad or focus on relationship failures, instead focus on great things about previous relationships and great things you’re looking for in relationships to come.

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