A Key To Unlock All Fantasies

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by Dave Dee (address withheld)


A couple are invited to a neighbour’s party only to
find out too late that it is a wife swopping affair.
To Bob’s surprise, Kerry his wife, not only chucks in
the keys, but is also one of the first to pull out
another set! (MF-cpls, reluc, swingers)


It was late April and the weather matched our somber
mood, dark and overcast with a smattering of rain, we
sat in the front room tired and bored, Kerry would
have loved to be out in the garden, therapy she calls
it, but the weather was too bad and I, well I was
tired having just worked six straight days and nights,
I had a whole stack of jobs that needed doing but
summoning up the enthusiasm let alone the energy was
nigh on impossible.

We supped another cup of tea and gazed restlessly at
the papers there was nothing interesting on the TV,
and neither of us could settle, then I remembered that
we had had an invite to a neighbors’ party, I was sure
it was tonight, initially we hadn’t intended to go,
don’t get me wrong it’s not that we don’t get on with
our neighbors’ we do, we are on nodding and speaking
terms with all of them but because of the long hours
Kerry and I both work we rarely get to converse with
any of them for any length of time, and therefore have
not got to know them very well.

Chapter One: Shall we go out?

Jacqui & Jake invite Kerry and Bob to a party, ‘it is
tonight’ I said, ‘what’s tonight?’ Kerry replied not
even looking up from her paper, next doors party, I
think it’s Jake’s birthday, but I’m not sure it
doesn’t say, it just says dress to impress and bring a
bottle. What do you reckon, shall we make an effort
and go, it might make a pleasant change and it may
even cheer us up a bit.

Taking the invite Kerry commented ‘what do you think
dress to impress means?’ ‘I don’t know’ I remarked but
we could get all washed up and ready and then just
keep an eye out for what people are wearing as they
arrive, before we decide. Ok, but I get to use the
bathroom first I want a good soak, god I thought Kerry
takes an hour for just a quick splash how long was a
good soak going to take? Never mind it was still

‘Bob, Bob come quick take a look at this,’ it was my
turn in the bathroom by now and I had my head under
the tap rinsing off the suds having just finished
washing what little remaining hair I have, so by the
time I got to the bedroom window it was too late, all
I saw was the back of two people as they disappeared
in through the front door and it closed behind them.
‘Too late’ she said ‘you should have seen what she was
wearing, or should I say what she wasn’t wearing’,
‘thanks for nothing’ I replied ‘call me earlier next
time, you get all the fun’, ‘uuur’ she replied with a
disgusted look, ‘half naked women may be a turn on for
you but they don’t interest me.’

I wasn’t sure what to think, on the one hand if she
had liked naked women then a threesome with a second
female could be on the cards, but that wasn’t going to
happen, most men’s fantasy including mine, out the
window, it will just have to remain a fantasy, but on
the other hand half naked guests turning up for the
party sounded good, some eye candy at
least, the day was beginning to improve.

Having finished in the bathroom I wandered into the
bedroom wearing just a towel Kerry was still in a
state of undressed, wearing only a skimpy white thong
and a sheer lace ‘Pushy’ up style bra, through which I
could clearly see her nipples. Slightly aroused by the
sight I went across to give her a cuddle, ‘don’t you
dare’ she said as she pushed me away, ‘you’re all
wet.’ Having quickly dried myself I put on a pair of
clean white boxers which did little to hide my still
slightly aroused manhood, Kerry just looked at me and
laughed, ‘better not go to the party like that’ she

I took an curious glance in the mirror, as it was just
swollen with arousal and not fully hard and erect, I
thought to myself why not, after all I was quite proud
of my now somewhat enlarged package! It might even get
me some admiring glances from the women and possibly
the odd look of jealousy from some of the men; Kerry
for one had already had a good look and registered
which way I had dressed. It was a little game of hers
you know, whenever we went out at the pub she would
peruse the room to see how many of the men dressed to
the right as opposed to the left, I sometimes wondered
how often she had been caught looking and whether it
embarrassed her.

Kerry was still at the dressing table, putting on her
make up when I heard a car pull up, we both moved over
to the window, and crouched down so we could not be
seen in our current state of undress, we need not have
bothered as we both at some point unwittingly stood up
to get a better look. The man good looking and in his
thirties with a fit physique and sporting a golden sun
tan emerged from the car dressed smart, but casual,
brown leather shoes, stone washed blue denim jeans and
a very stylish white designer shirt with an emblem of
some sort on one of the breast pockets, nothing too
amazing there, well not for me at least.

But as the lady surfaced from the car ‘wow,’ she had a
close fitting long dress with a polo neck but the
front and the back were only connected by a series of
lace straps loosely hung on one side and tied in bows
on the other, it was apparent by the continuous
uninterrupted flesh beneath these ties that she was
wearing no under garments, gloriously confirmed when
she dropped her hand bag, and as she stooped and
leaned forward to pick it up I was presented with a
full side on view of the most perfect boob, coupled
with a quick, ‘flash or sparkle’ which I assumed was
the sun reflecting on some form of nipple piercing.

I was so engrossed in the view I did not noticed
straight away that her partner had spotted us at the
window, his upward gaze had now also alerted his lady
to our presence, she looked up and smiled, a little
embarrassed I smiled back, I glanced across at Kerry
to see her trying albeit I believe in vain to cover up
her own boobs.

We sat on the bed together side by side for a moment,
both emitting a slightly embarrassed laugh, I noticed
Kerry’s nipples were now a little more erect than
before, and I myself was feeling, well shall we say
more than a little horny, I also felt a little bit
guilty, like a peeping tom, that had just been caught.
‘Well that will take some beating’ I said, continuing
on I added ‘I guess it is smart casual with a theme of
sexy.’ ‘I can’t go without a bra’ Kelly said, ‘you
don’t have to’ I replied ‘sometimes more is less you
look really sexy in that long pink number with the
slit right up the side, and the plunging back, and
that has its own built in boob supports, why not wear

I dressed myself in a pair of beige chino’s, and a
fitted shirt, not quite as fit as him I thought but
not bad for my age, I went down to the living room and
removed a bottle of red wine from the wine rack while
I waited for Kerry to get ready. After what seemed an
age she came into the room, in the pink number I
suggested earlier, ‘how do I look’ she enquired
‘absolutely stunning’ I replied, are you sure my bum
or tummy don’t look too big and do I have a pant line?
You do not have a tummy and your bum is small and very
sexy, (I could see a pant line but I was not going to
tell her), ‘I need some Dutch courage’ she remarked
‘can we have a drink before we go?’ I proceeded to get
two glasses and another bottle of wine and we sat and
had a couple of drinks several times throughout the
conversation she referred back to her bum or her pant
line I continued to compliment her on every occasion.

Eventually we got up to go, as we approached the front
door from behind I could just see the top of her
thong, so I pushed it down slightly, she stopped in
her tracks, ‘What is wrong’, she shouted, with that I
felt I had to come clean, calmly I said ‘well actually
you do have a small pant line on your hips and the
thong is just visible at the back.’

I expected a tantrum and an outfit change, but to my
surprise she handed me her clutch bag and promptly
lifted up the lower half of the dress, she then slid
down her panties giving me a quick peek of her
beautifully trimmed bush, before taking back her bag
and exclaiming, ‘come on then let’s go, before I
change my mind.’ As we left the house she shimmied
down her dress and from behind I now had a glorious
view of the shape of her bum, as the material clung to
every curve, this coupled with the realization she had
no knickers on made me very excited and I felt my
penis begin to swell both with excitement and pride as
I watched my women, my now very sexy women walk down
the path in front of me.

Chapter Two: The Party

Jacquie opened the door, ‘Hi’, she said ‘I wasn’t sure
if you two were going to make it,’ nor were we, were
normally so busy and so tired we don’t get out much,
but as you were kind enough to invite us we felt we
should make the effort, and what an effort you’ve made
to, look at that dress its divine, and if may say so
very sexy indeed. Kerry is only 5’6” but I could see,
with that comment she was physically growing; she
glanced at me and gave me a very mischievous smile.
Once inside we were introduced to a few of the guests
and then left to mingle.

After going to the kitchen to get us a refill, I
returned to find Kerry was engaged in deep
conversation with the couple we had seen from our
window earlier, as I approached, and for the first
time I realized that because the side slit on her
dress went right up to her waist band it was apparent
to one and all that Kerry as with the other lady was
sporting no underwear, I’m not sure why or whether it
was one or both of them that caused it ,but I began to
become aroused.

As I approached, Kerry introduced me ‘this is Bob my
partner’ she said and continued to introduce the other
couple as Tom and Theresa , Tom shook my hand and said
‘Hi’, Theresa however looked me straight in the eye
and said ‘I feel we already know each other, from the
window earlier,’ I must have blushed, because she
added ‘no need to blush Tom thought Kerry looked great
in her lace bra, and I for one was only disappointed
that because of the angle, the window sill prevented
me from seeing any more,’ adding ‘but the night is
young, and we have the main event to come who knows!.’
‘The main event’ I said inquisitively, but as I did so
Jake called over from the other side of the room and
they made their excuses and left, heading in his

We looked at each other, main event, what do you
suppose that is? I had no sooner said it than Jacqui
turned up with an antique glass bowl in her hand and
said ‘are you participating in the lucky dip draw’,
what’s the prize I enquired naively, she winked at me
and said ‘who knows depends on how lucky you are’,
continuing she added ‘car or house keys in the bowl.’

Kerry took the house keys from her bag and quickly
dropped them in, as a collector of antiquities she
seemed more interested in the bowl than what she was
doing, or so I thought, as she commented on its
beauty, although she must have been listening, as she
added ‘here’s to being lucky,’ as Jacqui walked away
she looked back winked again and added ‘you two have
really surprised me tonight, might see you later big
boy,’ smiling she went off towards another couple. As
she did so the penny dropped and I exclaimed ‘this is
one of those wife swopping parties.’

‘What have you done’ I said, ‘you realize this is a
wife swopping party,’ Kerry started to protest and
make out she didn’t know and that it was as much my
fault, but then she stopped and said ‘sorry Bob I lied
I did know Tom and Theresa explained when I first met
them, but I’ve been feeling so horny since I came out
with no pants, and all the men seem to be undressing
me as they look at me, it really is a huge turn on.’ I
looked at her with a mixture of amazement and shock
and was momentarily stuck for words.

‘Do you love me’ she said, of course I do I replied,
‘then it will be alright’ and with that she gave me a
huge cuddle combined with a very loving kiss , and
said ‘please have fun it’s only sex,’ and with that
she headed over to Jake and Jacqui and fished a set of
keys from the bowl, she proceeded to hold them up and
a young man I had seen earlier but not had a chance to
speak to approached her, they linked arms and headed
out of the room and in the direction of the front

Chapter Three: The Reunion

I was at the door before she could even ring the bell,
we stood there for a second, there was an uneasy
silence, for what seemed ages before Kerry said ‘did
you have fun’ ‘yes but’ there was another uneasy
silence before I added ‘did you’, ‘yes but let’s not
talk about it now’ and with that she stepped inside
and gave me another extremely loving kiss and cuddle
and whispered in my ear let’s go upstairs and make
love. ‘I have a fire going in the lounge’ I replied,
it might be more romantic in there and warmer as well.

We sank to our knees on the rug in front of the fire.
i slowly and deliberately removed her dress and held
her cheeks gently in my hands as we kissed. I bent
down and kissed her small but beautiful breasts. I
licked and sucked on and around her nipples. I
finished of undressing her by removing her shoes I
kissed her stomach, tenderly her skin gleamed in the
light of the fire. I wanted to see that light all over
her body, so I stopped and lent back for a brief
moment to get a better look, the vision was,
fantastic. As I pulled back she leaned forward and
pulled off both my sweater and T-shirt in one move,
and let her hands glide over my shoulders, and down
over my chest. ‘You’re not as slim and muscular as
when we first met she said but you are still quite
handsome and very very sexy, and touching you still
gets me aroused, you do know I love you, I love you

Our hands were everywhere we kissed each other and. I
vaguely remember laying her back on the rug, smiling,
as I perused her beautiful naked body, slowly and
lovingly we, melted together, as we moved with each
other, as one in front of the dancing flames. she
caressed my hair, kissed my face, looking down at me
she smiled and put her arms around me, wrapping her
legs around my back, and sighing with pleasure, I
clung on to her as I pressed my manhood, gently but
firmly within her, as she moaned-with pleasure, I
picked up the pace a little and her moans increased
and then she quivered ever so slightly and sighed as
she came. ‘You’re so beautiful when you cum’ I
whispered. You look so happy, and so serene.

‘I want to you to cum’ she said-not yet, I smiled, and
slowed down the pace. I don’t want to come yet. I want
to take my time and just enjoy being inside of you. I
moved in and out in a slow, steady pace that drove me
close to the edge, I moved my hands and, placed them
on her arse and pulled her closer and slowly pushed as
deep into her as I could ‘darling’, I exclaimed as I
felt myself again close to the edge she kissed me, and
suddenly I withdrew and then pushed myself back in,
with a strong thrust that made my body quiver over and
over ‘Oh, yes!’ I shouted I gasped her hands and we
entwined our fingers as we moved in unison, her moans
joined in with mine, and then as one we again came,
but this time together.

She clamped her warm pussy around my pulsating
manhood, as I filled her with my hot juices, we
moaned, shouted, and sighed together as our hands
squeezed each other hard. I held her in my arms, and
she buried her face in my chest. We breathed heavily.
‘love you,’ I whispered, as I gently pulled out,
rolled over and we lay next to each other on the rug,
in the glow and heat of the fire.

We snuggled up close, and kissed each other gently and
with that we both drifted off into a perfectly restful
and satisfied slumber.

The End

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