A Simple Massage

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by Chip Clark (royalstuarts@netscape.net)


A couple visits some friends and while there, they get
in the habit of going nude around the backyard pool area
with just their hosts. But one day some other friends
show up, including a teenage girl and things get really


My wife and I were down in San Diego visiting some
friends. They have a pool and it’s clothing optional. So
on hot days we’d sit around chatting for an hour or so,
then pop out back, shed our clothes and cool off in the
pool. After a bit we’d be cool enough to climb out and
relax some more. This is pretty much what happens when
we visit.

On this particular visit, it was getting to be sunset
and the sky was filled with a host of colors when a
mother and daughter showed up at the house to take a
swim. This house tends to be a gathering place for a
number of people.

We were back in the pool. I was just about to get out
when they stepped out the back door and dropped their
clothing. I’m not normally a letch (or at least I try to
hide it when I can) but for some reason their appearance
surprised me, caught me off guard. I stared at the
daughter (yes she was a young thing with a great
figure). The daughter waltzed passed me and hopped in
the pool. My head turned as she went passed. The mother,
also rather attractive, walked up to me and said, “She’s
cute, isn’t she?”

I responded with, “Yeah, but I’m a sucker for red hair.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I can see it has an effect on you.”
At that point I noticed my normally flaccid self had
sprung to life. I wasn’t fully erect, but obviously on
the way.

About this time my wife walks out of the pool, notices
my “state” and says, “Watch where you point that thing,
mister.” I was mortified. I quickly toweled off, put on
my shorts (which was all I was wearing that day) and
went inside. Soon, I was back on course and thinking of
things much safer!

The mother and daughter stayed for a while, getting in
and out of the pool but made sure not to look. Some time
after dinner, as we were all sitting on the back porch
naked alternating between sitting and swimming, the host
of the house mentioned she had a massage table and asked
if I wanted a massage. I personally, don’t like them all
that much, but I love to give them. That’s what I said
and suddenly everyone was asking if I’d give them a
massage. I was stuck.

So, the host brought out the table and her oils and I
started giving massages, first to the host. She isn’t
the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is
elegant. She has reached the age where her body has
grace without concern for being perfect, and I guess in
it’s own way is perfect.

I then gave a massage to the teenager’s mother. She is
not particularly slender but in good shape. Her muscles
obviously still get worked out, but there is still parts
with softer edges.

When I give a massage I tend to zone out on the world
around and focus on the muscles I’m working on. When I
was working on the mother’s thighs I noticed her pubic
hair glistened in the porch light. It had been some time
since she’d been in the pool so the glint caught my
attention. She was moist; she was excited.

The idea she was excited, excited me and I started to
respond accordingly, sending blood away from my arms and
down to my groin. As I zoned away from the massage and
focus my thoughts on her mound, the mother asked if I
did special requests. “Sure, what is it?” I asked, not
thinking what she might mean.

Suddenly, her daughter cried out, “Mother, you’re such a
letch.” I didn’t connect the two until the mother spread
her legs and asked if I’d work on some of the internal

I hemmed and hawed for a bit (fully erect now) but
finally blurted out, “actually, I don’t do that kind of
massage. At least not with anyone but my wife.”

The teen’s mother turned her head to me with pouting
lips, noticed my erection and said, “Are you sure I
can’t convince you?” and with that reached out to grab
me. Her hand was warm and cold at the same time. My
member flexed in appreciation.

I jerked away. “Yes, I’m quite sure.” My wife was
sitting there noticing my erection and her touching it.
She wasn’t smiling. I didn’t need to give my wife the
idea I was more interested in this teenager’s mother’s
crotch than was already apparent.

Fortunately, the lady got the hint and I was able to
finish the massage and relax. My wife, who had her
hackles raised by the whole incident, was also beginning
to return to normal, smiling at me again.

My wife was the next massage. I spent a fair amount of
time with her trying to make sure we were still on an
even keel, that she understood she was the most
important person I would touch that night. She responded
nicely to the touch, occasionally subtly reaching out to
touch me member letting me know she was ok.

The next massage was the daughter. The massage was
pretty normal. All went well until I started working on
her thighs. I was standing at knee level with the leg
raised so her hips were slightly spread. The view was
enough to cause my imagination to run wild and with it
the blood flow. Nothing was said so it soon passed and I
thought the worst was over.

Then came the husband of the house. I didn’t know he was
gay at the time. He is stilled married to the host, but
they have an “understanding” about his need for other
relationships. I work on his back and all was normal.
When I started to work on his front the conversation
turned to sex. I suppose it was a natural place for the
conversation to go (eventually), but as it turned to sex
and the husband contributed it became apparent he was

Someone mentioned my erection earlier in the day and he
commented, “Yes, you do have a lovely cock.” It was
about this time I was working on his upper thighs. My
hand brushed against his cock and suddenly his was
coming to life.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t “do” those kinds of
requests, so I tried to avoid touching him anywhere but
on the thighs. However, as the conversation went on, so
did his erection. Until finally the teen’s mother said,
“Wow, what a lovely cock you have.”

The guy replied, “Thank you. It’s really aching to be
touched. hint hint.” I got the hint but wasn’t willing
to comply.

I blushed furiously, but I couldn’t manage to say
anything, I just kept massaging his thighs.

The teen’s mother then retorted, “Yeah, that’s what I
wanted too, but he doesn’t do those requests.” I looked
up and she was subtly fingering herself watching the
guy’s member and my hands.

The host then said, “I’d help you out of this but my
hands just don’t have the same effect. So, either you
can ignore him or you can take care of him. But there’s
not much other choice.”

At this point I looked over at my wife. She had cocked
one leg up over the arm of the chair was not so subtly
playing with herself. I tried to catch her eyes, but she
was fixed on the guy’s erect member.

Thinking the only way I was going to get her attention,
I moved one hand to the base of his cock and gave a slow
stroke. His abs tensed and his cock pulsed with the
touch. My wife’s eyes got wide and her pussy lips gushed
with sudden excitement. She then looked at me. Our eyes
fixed and in a moment I knew she wanted me to “finish
the job.”

So, I continued to stroke his cock. The teen’s mother
quickly shouted out, “Hey, you wouldn’t do that for me.”

“Yes,” I replied, “but you seem to be doing a nice job
on your own.” With that she blushed. Everyone turned to
look at her hand at her crotch. Her face went bright red
and she moved her hand up to along her thigh. “That’s
ok,” I continued, “my wife is doing the same thing.” For
some reason my wife was unaware of my comments. She
hadn’t looked over at the teen’s mother, or noticed
after my second comment that everyone was now looking at
her fingering herself. She was not being subtle about it
either. Her fingers were “going to town.”

“My,” said the host. “We don’t normally get that much
activity out here by the pool. But, as long as everyone
is having a good time.” She chuckled and moved a hand to
her own crotch.

My hand movements got stronger and I could feel the guy
was about to cum. As the whole party sat and watched his
body flexed. Streams of white spewed out over his chest
and across his shoulder. My wife’s fingers were intent
on matching the energy as her own orgasm forced her eyes
closed and her head back. The host was more demure,
fingering her self into a pleasant state. The teenager’s
mother was like my wife, “going to town” and eager to go
over the edge. The daughter just sat there with her legs
crossed reading a magazine.

I didn’t finish the massage, as that pretty much
finished the husband off. He slowly went flaccid and
just laid on the table. I stood there, enjoying the site
of the women and their fingers.

When I realized I was fully erect, my wife had collapsed
in her chair, legs spread. The teen’s mother was still
searching for the edge but was getting pretty close. The
host had gotten up to get a drink from the kitchen. The
daughter, still reading, said, “Are you gay, too?”

“No,” I laughed. “I don’t have a problem helping a
fellow out, but it’s not something that turns me on

“So why do you have an erection?”

“Because of the lovely sight of you women.” I motioned
with my head to the vision of both my wife and her
mother sitting there spread wide open.

“You like that?” the daughter asked.

“Yes! I love the taste of a woman.”

“So, are you going to masturbate now?” she said as she
noticed I was beginning to rub my own cock.

“You know, I hadn’t thought about it. But I think I’ll
have a snack first.” and with that I moved around the
table and kneeled before my wife. I slowly leaned
forward and began tasting the juices she had so
carelessly spread about.


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