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This story is intended for adults only. As usual, I welcome any constructive criticism. Even the few acknowledgements I am accustomed to receiving are a great encouragement for me to… Read more »

Young Black Hero

(MF, asian/blk, intr, wife-cheat) by Aceinthe hole ( the rest of my stories are at; ** Every morning I walked my daughter to school through the park, and every… Read more »

Yang Reception

by wollstonecraft (address withheld) *** A young woman and her friends are overjoyed to join an oriental cult. After they are deflowered by the cult leader they are eager to… Read more »


by Mredfox ( *** I meet a Korean woman who makes my pussy so wet, it runs down my leg. (MFF, asian, bi, reluc, obsession) *** I’m a married bi-sexual… Read more »

Wang Chung-ing With Connie

by Geminiguy ( *** A stranger helps a very drunk and “very horny” Connie Chung celebrate her wedding anniversary. (MF, anal, asian, intr, celeb-parody) *** Another week behind me, TGIF,… Read more »

Visiting Sister

(MMF, exh, org, asian) by JerzyJon (Address withheld by request) *** A young Chinese American girl visits her sister and her husband in Connecticut. *** My name is Michelle. I… Read more »

Two for One

by black4renee ( *** My girlfriend gets fucked by her friend’s black lover. (M+F+, intr, black, asian, size) *** My relationship with Michiko lasted 2 years. Two years that were… Read more »


(FFM, rom, asian, 1st-bi, tights) by Tightsplus ( *** Tina is an Asian dance student at a well-known West Coast University. One day she sets off to shop for some… Read more »

Southeast Asia

by PH ( *** This story is sort of a travelogue of whoring through Southeast Asia. The commentator is screwing his way through more Asian prostitutes during this trip than… Read more »

Slut Diary

by Babette Chandler *** Excerpts from Babette’s diary for our readers entertainment. (Mdom+/Fsub, FF, extreme-nc, rp, intr, asian, tor, scat, oral, anal, huml) *** I was born in 1972, I’m… Read more »