Small but Mighty

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(MF, FF, MM, orgy, asian)
by Esperanza (


A wife and husband have sex with an Asian couple and
learn a thing or two.


At 28 and a half, I’m almost 2 years older than my
husband, Brian. But I’m concerned about him aging, not
me. The most compelling thing is that he has a hard time
cumming. Some nights he doesn’t cum at all. He tells me
it’s alright; he feels fine and doesn’t need to cum.

At first I liked it that he didn’t cum quickly and leave
me unsatisfied like many of my former boy friends. I
loved that he took the time to wait for me to get off.
But nowadays after sucking on his cock close to thirty
minutes, I want him to cum, and feel disappointed when he
doesn’t. I want to feel his cock expand before it
explodes, want to hear him moan before he blasts off,
want to taste and swallow his warm cum.

Naturally, I’m wondering if he is getting sex on the side
and has little interest in me after our four-year
marriage. But he tells me no, that I am beautiful and
still loves my figure. In truth, I do have a `buff bod’
in that my body is full and firm and round yet not fat. I
have ample firm breasts and a nice round tight ass and
legs to go with it.

Guys, old, young and near death still take a second look
at me. I don’t know if I will be able to brag about that
in 10 years but I accept the compliment now when I can.
My man Brian on the other hand is thin, long body, a
short ponytail, but loosing his hair in front. His best
alluring feature besides his patience cannot be seen with
his clothes on, since it dangles between his legs.

Which brings me to the present? Our friend Rita is in a
squatting position. Several times in past visits, I was
able to see her underwear, and today I could clearly see
her pubic hair. A few times, I could make out the outline
of her pussy crack. When she sat with her knees popped up
and close to her upper body, you could see her crotch and
if her underwear was loose or the type that is strings,
then you got to see her some of her pussy lips. I mention
this because if I could see this, then so could my

We were guests at the home of a married Asian couple,
Rita and Lou. This was not their Asian names, but since
they lived in the USA, they took on American sounding
names. Rita and my husband Brian were coworkers. She was
less than 30 years old, and wore round thick eyeglasses,
that made her look studious. She had a rather nice
figure; her ass being her best asset since it was tight
and round like a young girls’ ass. I doubt she weighed
more than 105 pounds. But my husband told me he had no
interest in her, sexual that is. I could understand his
attitude since she was not really pretty. I’m not being
jealous, since I already mentioned that Brian and I had
done some group sex.

Still I glanced at Brian’s crotch from time to time to
see if he was getting a hard-on from Rita’s pussy
exposure. He showed no interest. So I concluded that Rita
wasn’t trying to seduce us into a sex thing. I assumed
that it was just the way she sat when she was home
relaxing. Anyway it was two o’clock in the afternoon and
way too early to be thinking of booze and getting drunk
and group sex. Or so I thought.

However, Rita’s husband, Lou, on the other hand, was
openly flirting with me, not just today but every time
that we ever got together. He did not try to hide his
sexual interest in me, especially my breasts. Yet he was
proper enough not to push it too far, and he always was
courteous yet openly horny for my ample American tits and
ass. Lou came across as a dignified, upper class sort of
guy who constantly had a hard-on, but was suave enough
not to offend you.

Things livened up when I made a reference to a coworker
of mine and called him a black racist. We got to talking
about blacks and then Rita said that she had screwed a
few black guys in the past but would never do it again.
Since my husband and I talked openly about our past sex
lives, I admitted the same to our friends, “I balled
three black guys in college and two after, but maybe they
got great looking dicks, but their attitude toward woman
turns me off.”

Rita jumped in, “Exactly. After they come, they treat us
like shit. I mean you can see how small I am so I had to
do some serious stretching to fit a big black cock inside
me, and these guys just dump on me afterwards without any
kindness or sincerity. Like lick the cum off my dick,

We all laughed guardedly at that.

It was Lou who really broke it open. He said, “I accept
the fact that we Asians guys have the biggest brains and
smallest dicks. Can’t change nature.”

I jumped in. “Well, wait a minute here. My Brian is no
slouch in either department.”

Rita said in a jovial manner. “Anything over 2 and �
inches got my dear husband, Lou, beat.”

Lou was not the least embarrassed. “Hey, now honey. I
measured it this week and it’s almost 3 inches.”

My husband Brian finally said, “Size shouldn’t matter. I
like girls of all sizes. Big boobs, small boobs, you name

Again we all good-naturedly laughed until Lou added. “But
in reality Brian, you married a woman with a very large
bosom and buttocks, not a small one.”

Rita said. “Hey, my tits are healthy; what are you trying
to say?”

Again when they talked, both Rita and Lou seemed to be at
ease, no animosity or competition. Lou said. “I like sex,
and all different sizes, like Brian, I guess.”

I was feeling slightly excited and figured this would
lead to something soon. But I was curious about Lou’s
dick size; did he say 2 and � inches. I was having an
intriguing time calculating in my head just how long that
would be. In fact, I kept looking at my pinkie finger and
wondered how long it was and if Lou’s cock was the same

It was Rita who might have been reading my mind. “Most
Asian guys are small, but no matter, I still can cum.
First white guy I fucked was big, maybe 7, 8 inches but
he was a lousy lover. Only thing I liked about him was
playing with his cock when it got soft and he was

I added. “You’re right. I like playing with a cock when
it’s soft and if the guy is sleeping.”

Rita’s face really softened up. She said. “And lick it
and watch it get hard again. Now that is fun. Most Asian
women like it when it shoots on our face, too.” She

We all noticed then that Rita had spread her legs quite a
lot. Lou, Brian and I had a clear view of her panty-cover
crotch which seemed to be damp. She said absent-mindedly,
“Some Asian men are cruel to women too. Not just black
guys.” Rita was caressing the inside of her leg with her
left hand. I could clearly see her middle finger tracing
a gently caress over her pubic mound, but she was not
looking at any of us. She was deep in her own thoughts
and feelings.

I said. “What about you guys? Any thoughts about

Lou said so innocently. “Well, if you didn’t know it, I’m
very turned on to you.”
Brian was laughing at this and said. “That makes the two
of us. She’s a real looker, I got to admit proudly.” I
loved Brian with all my heart then.

Rita voice became soft and cooed. “I’m horny. I want to
have sex; will Brian and you join us, please. We love to
share our sexuality with the both of you.”

She still was not making direct eye contact with us. She
splayed her legs as far as they would go and then pushed
aside her panties to let her finger slip insider her
honey pot. All three of us looked on mesmerized.

I got nervous at her directness. I was game for fooling
around with them, but my husband, Brian, might not be. In
fact, he had told me that he did not find Rita all that
attractive. I wondered how to get out of it gracefully,
and looked to Brian for confirmation.

Brian’s eyes were on Rita’s crotch. “If my wife is okay,
I’m into it. I never had oriental pussy before.”

He was obviously aroused by her crotch and was no longer
turned off by her face. Oh, well, that is a male for you.
Yet I was surprised at his barefaced and crude response.
I said yes, and smiled at our guests hoping they weren’t
offended by Brian’s remark about Oriental pussy.

Then Brian said. “We should set some guide lines. I mean
neither my wife nor I are into any violence or forcing
anything on another person.”

Lou said. “Neither are we.”

I added. “Anything goes as long as it’s mutual.”

Lou said. “One thing more. We all stay in one room; like
no gong off to another bedroom with one of us. Is that
okay with you guys?”

Rita said. “Oh yes. I like watching and being watched.”

Lou added. “Rita, maybe our guests would like to try out
our shower first. You see we Asians have a custom to wash
off before we begin licking and sucking in sexual places.
Come, you will enjoy it. It’s fun and only takes a

Rita was standing and said. “Lou is right; the way we do
a shower is different. We have another person wash you

Hand in hand, we followed them to a room with a glass
door and stepped inside. Inside the room, there was a
shower hose and nozzle on the wall, and a table similar
for massage. There were sponges and a soap tray, hooks on
one wall with four very large bath towels. That is all.
The room was wide open with no separate shower still. The
whole room was the sturdy table and the shower hose. On
the tile floor, there was a large drain for the water to
escape. The shower room was about twice the size of a
normal bathroom.

Lou said. “Take off your clothes; one person lies on the
table, the other three of us do the washing and
caressing. We each take our turn. Then we go to our
bedroom; we have a King size bed.”

Before Brian took off his shirt, Rita had her blouse and
skirt off, then quickly had done away with her bra and
panties. She stood before us, naked, delicate, beautiful
and sensual. Her breasts were small, like most Asians,
but they looked so sweet is all I can say to describe
them. Her nipples were large and protruding; she was
obviously excited, like me. The most striking thing about
her naked body was the color of her skin, the soft pale
whiteness, and then the very dark patch of pubic hair
surrounding her pussy lips and hole. She had no other
body hair on her legs or arms or back or chest.

Rita said, “Brian, come and give me a kiss here and taste
my excitement.”

Lou said. “Wait, take off your clothes or you’ll get wet,

Brian stripped next and his prize was open for them to
see. Brian’s cock is easily 9 inches when excited. It is
awesome to look at especially considering that he is
thin, and not muscular. He is all cock-meat.

Lou broke the ice. “Honey, I think his is bigger than

As Lou and I stripped, Rita was on her knees, sucking on
Brian’s cock.

I saw Lou’s cock and it was truly small. No lie; it was
the size of my pinkie. It was erect yes, and it was
uncircumcised but small as in a little boy.

I wondered if I would enjoy this swap. But I had no time
to think since Lou was all over me, feeling my tits and
helping me strip. As I discarded my clothes, Lou went to
work on my nipples and sucked like a starving young
teenager. I got very, very wet.

After Rita had a go at Brian’s mammoth cock, she said. “I
will go first. Lou will show you how we do it.” She lay
on her stomach on the table.

Lou put on warm water and took the shower nozzle hose and
wet his wife all over except for her head. Then he
lathered up three sponges and told us to wash her off and
said watch how he did it. He began to soap up her back
and then did her arms and arm pits. Then showered the
soap off, then he did her ass and legs and then spread
her legs and washed her ass hole with the sponge. Rita
was giggling.

He stepped aside for us to wash her. Brian used the
sponge to wash her ass hole and he played with her cunt
too. I joined in and did the same using the sponge. We
washed off the soap and then Lou bent and placed a kiss
on her ass cheeks and spread them and licked and kissed
her ass hole. He gently used a finger to tickle her hole,
slipped a finger into her ass hole, then two, as he
gently fingered it. Next Brian stepped in and did the

Rita was giggling and moaning. Lou nodded if I wanted to
try it, and I did. I even let my finger rub underneath to
her pussy lips. We turned Rita over and did a quick soap
of her arms, stomach, tits, legs and pussy. When we
cleared off the soap, Lou bent and kissed and sucked her
nipples and then went to her pussy. He licked and

Then Brian joined in, and I was given a look by Lou if I
wanted to try. I went at her. I took my time on her
breasts and let my tongue caress her nipples; then I
worked down to her groin and liked around he pussy lips
and delved inside, tasting her wetness, her femaleness.
Rita squealed in delight.

I went next. After washing me and watering my back off,
my ass hole was cleaner with the sponge, then watered
off. I think it was Lou’s hands that spread my ass
cheeks. He had a gentle touch, and when he inserted a
finger into my hole, I easily accepted it. He kissed and
licked my ass hole, letting his tongue work lower to the
beginning of my pussy hole. Brian did the same to me, and
Rita also had a gentle touch which I really liked. She
took her time, kissing my ass hole, letting her tongue
work its way inside.

When I was turned over, the same procedure went on with
soap and water, but when I was finally rinsed off, Lou
devoured my breast with his mouth. I also felt my pussy
being licked, and knew it was Rita. I usually don’t enjoy
sex with woman, but she had a very gentle, unobtrusive
style. I was creaming now, and when my legs were lifted
onto Lou’s shoulders, I knew I was about to be fucked.
His cock entered me forcefully while Rita used the nozzle
to let warm water wash over our sexual parts as he pushed
and pounded his small dick in me. I did not pay attention
to size, I just came. After he shot in me, Rita went
between my legs and licked his cum away and gently
caressed my pussy lips and hole. They both had a very
sensual touch which I appreciated and had never before

When it came time for Brian’s wash, I stood aside, not
really participating since I was a little weak from the
sexual pleasure they had given me. Anyway, both Rita and
Lou were eager to soap and water Brian off. At the time,
I gave little notice to how both of them caressed Brian’s
ass cheeks and licked his ass hole. I didn’t realize that
Lou was actually licking my man’s ass hole since I was
still woozy.

Neither Brian nor I had ever seen any man-to-man sex
stuff in our few group sexual encounters. Brian’s ass
hole was fingered by both Rita and Lou. Rita told him,
“Brian, I want to lick and suck all your holes.” Brian
wiggled his ass in response. Brian did not protest.
Perhaps he did not realize that another man was touching
him. When Brian was turned onto his back, Rita did some
serious sucking on his cock.

When Lou laid on the table for washing, I joined in. but
again Rita spent a lot of time on his ass hole, putting
two fingers up his hole. I licked his ass hole and
fingered it also. Lou did not protest, and seemed to
enjoy our anal caress. But the best part was when he
turned over, and Rita and I went to town on his 2 and �
inch bone hard cock meat. Lou moaned a lot and I really
enjoyed that he was able to be sensitive to our caresses
and sigh his pleasure. I got to taste his pre-cum, and it
had a different taste; maybe it was from eating so much
rice. But I liked it.

In their bedroom, Rita had Brian’s cock in her mouth,
while Lou went to town on me. I mean this man knew how to
pleasure a woman with his hands, his mouth, his
gentleness, his love bites. When I felt his cock enter me
for the second time , he had my legs up in the air and
spread out so he could get up real close against my cunt
as he I entered.

I felt his urgency as he pounded in and out. I had to
adjust my cunt so I d could feel and grab his small cock
with my pussy muscles, but I could do it. And I was
cumming. His smallness was never a problem. I was cumming
long before he put his cock in me. Lou rubbed and probed
his cock inside me, and made sure that I got to feel it.
When he came, I felt the surge of his hips and ass as
they pounded his excitement into me.

When his cock plopped out, he moved to my face, and let
me lick off the dripping cum. I enjoyed the mixture of
cock taste and pussy taste. His cock was so small that
when I sucked it, I had to adjust that there would be no
more. But again, I was sexually excited and size did not

But the interesting point of my story is not how much I
enjoyed Lou and Rita’s sexuality but what happened latter
on. After Lou came in my pussy, we moved next to Rita and
Brian. During our playing with Brian’s cock and Rita’s
pussy, Brian let me sit on his face, and he licked my
clean. Again I did not stop and take notice of this fact
until the next day, but Brian never licked my cunt after
he came in me, nor after any other man did either. But I
knew that Brian had licked and swallowed another man’s
cum today.

During all this sex play with Brian’s cock, he did not
cum. And Lou was again hard and mounted me again. This
time fucking me slow and gentle and then hard and
pounding. When he turned me over and had me lift my ass,
I had no fear, since his small size would not hurt me. He
pounded my ass with his 2 and � inch dick with eagerness
and abandonment. I came when he did. Sometime later, Rita
and my husband licked my cunt. Again the cum was licked
out of me by Brian.

Well over two hours had expired, and Rita and I licked
each other while the guys looked on and played with their
own dicks. Lou had cum three times, and Rita said he
could cum more.

Brian had his cock up her pussy and fucked her but he did
not cum. Yet I know she was concerned about Brain not
cumming even though she did not say it directly. Lou
finally suggested, “Why don’t you fuck her doggie style
or slip is up her ass hole, maybe you can get off that
way. Your wife can play with your ass hole and finger it
to excite your prostrate gland.”

As usual, Brian said, “It’s no big deal if I don’t cum.”

Rita said. “But we want you to cum and taste your cum and
swallow it. Give it a try.”

Lou brought over some oil; Rita knelt with her ass up in
the air. I put oil on Brian’s cock and guided it into
Rita’s cunt hole. It slid in, and slowly Brian worked
more and more of it in. he fucked her slowly, but he was
not getting excited enough to cum. Lou told me to take
his cock out of her cunt hole and put it at her ass hole
and try to glide it in slowly. Brian let me do that as I
lay on my arms and was down next to Rita’s ass and his

I oiled up his hard long cock and rubbed it around Rita’s
ass hole. I could not get the head of his cock in her ass
hole, so Lou lay down next to me and used his fingers to
grasp Brian’s formidable cock meat and guide it in. Lou
firmly helps the cock and told Brian to push. Then he
told me to get behind Brian and finger his ass hole.
Brian’s ass was tight, but with the oil, I slipped in my
middle finger up to the knuckle. I fucked my finger in
and out.

Lou said from underneath and between Brian’s legs and
Rita’s ass hole, “Brian is that okay. Do you feel her
finger and is it hurting you any.”

Brian grunted. “Yeah. It’s okay. But I think I’d rather
fuck her pussy hole. My cock goes in farther. Let me try

Brian put his cock back in Rita willing pussy and began
to pump in and out.

Lou sat next to me watching me finger Brian’s ass hole.
And that is when everything changed. Lou replaced my
fingers with his and had two fingers inside my husband’s
ass hole. My husband did not protest, and probably did
not know that another man was fingering his ass hole.

But several minutes went on and Brian was still not
cumming. Lou took his fingers out and knelt straight up.
I saw his cock again hard, all 2 and � inches of
pulsating man meat. He moved his hips and cock meat close
to my husband ass and then spread Brian’s ass cheeks. Lou
moved in close and inserted his small dick into Brian’s
ass hole, all 2 and � inches, in one swoop. Lou fucked
his small dick in and out, gently and sensually, until
three minutes went by, when he grabbed my husband’ hips
and began to pound his small dick in and out with great
urgency. Lou sprayed his warm cum in Brian’s ass hole and
then collapsed on the floor next to me.

I was overcome with mixed feelings. Mostly I was turned
on beyond words or imagination to see two men have sex.
And mostly to see my husband having sex even though I
don’t think Brian was aware he was being fucked by a
cock. Lou’s cock was so small that Brian maybe thought it
was my fingers and did not put two and two together. No
matter I was more excited from seeing two men have sex
than ever before.

Rita sensed that Brian was not going to cum and she eased
out from under his and had Brian lay on his back and went
to work sucking on his dick. I moved next to Brian’s head
and kissed him and let him suck on my tits. But then I
heard a real serious moan from Brian, his mouth came off
my tit and he was moaning with sexual pleasure. I turned
my face to see what got my husband to moan, and was
aghast with disbelief.

It was not Rita, but Lou who had his mouth wrapped around
Brian’s cock and was ‘deep-throating’ it. I was so
stunned to see another man suck a guy’s dick, but more
amazed that Lou was able to suck and swallow so much of
Brian’s 9-incher. No woman I knew ever could deep throat
that much of Brian’s cock.

And then Brian was cumming, his eyes closed and he pumped
him cum into Lou’s sucking mouth. Then Rita moved closer
to swallow some cum and I joined in.

Brian had a peaceful looking on his face, and then sat up
to look down at the three of us licking his cock. When
Lou began to deep throat Brian’s cock again, Brian looked
slightly confused and upset but he closed his eyes and
moaned loudly. “Jeez, that feels good.” Was all he said.

Rita and I licked and sucked his deflated cock, while
Brian kept his eyes closed. Lou moved his body next to
Brian’s head and said in a low soothing voice. “I hope
you are not to upset that I gave you a blow job, but my
wife and I wanted you to cum and I can suck a cock better
than her. I learned how to deep throat when I was a
teenager. Please forgive me for not asking your
permission before I did it.”

Brian took a long time before he responded. All six eyes
and ears were on him. “Shit, I don’t go for man to man
stuff, but then I’d lie to tell you all that I hated it.
I mean that was the best blowjob I ever got. And damn if
you didn’t get me to cum.”

Brian held out his arms for me to come to him and I did.
We kissed and he moaned. He said. “Honey, I never had sex
with another man. Hope you don’t hate me for what
happened today.”

I smiled. “Loved it. I had sex with other woman and you
liked it. Same for me. As long as you still like me.”

Soon Rita had Brian kneeling with his ass up in the air.
She licked his ass hole and I joined in, then Lou joined
in. Brian never said a word. When Lou spread Brian’s ass
cheeks this time, Lou said. “Brian, I want to fuck you
ass again. Is it okay? I have small cock and won’t hurt

Brian surprised the hell out of me. “Go ahead. Always
wondered how that felt.”

Lou entered Brian’s ass hole easily. He used his hands to
guide Brian’s hips and sensually went in and out, in and
out, until he began pounding in earnest. Lou asked Brian.
“I’m going to cum in you ass, is it okay? Let me cum in
your man?”

Brain uttered. “Go ahead. It doesn’t hurt. Feels a little
weird but nice. Cum all you want.”

Rita and I were masturbating as we watched this.

Lou lay next to Brian and hugged him. Then Lou massaged
Brian’s cock and Brian spread his legs open, letting Lou
have his way. Lou began sucking on Brian’s meat and it
again became hard.

This time Brian guided Lou’s head with his hands and when
Brian came again, it was gentler but lovely to watch as
he blasted his male cum into another man’s mouth.

The finale happened. Lou let Brian rest then sat on
Brian’s face. Brian didn’t need instructions. He kissed
and licked Lou’s ass hole, then sucked on the 2 and �
inch cock. When Lou came, he let out a yelp. Brian’s
mouth was flooded with Asian cum. He tried to swallow but
most if it dripped out. He smiled and we all hugged. A
new life was begun for us.

I knew I needed to do two things. First, I needed to
learn how to deep throat a cock like Lou’s. The second
was to buy a strap-on dildo to use on my husband.

With these two things in tow, I’d be able to keep my
husband content.