Sooky Hitches a Ride Home

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by LikeBadFun (


Slimy bible thumpers kidnap and ravage poor defenseless
Filipina woman. (MMF, nc, rp, v, oral, asian)


Sooky Leung waited for the bus to take her to the mall
near her home after working all day as a housekeeper
for a rich Alabama couple. She liked her job because it
gave her money to send home to her kids in the

Lonely Sooky lived by herself in a small, decrepit hi-
rise apartment. The 43 yr old Filipina had not had a
boyfriend in several years, but still liked to look and
feel sexy. At 5’4″, she liked showing off her trim 120
lb body by wearing tight-fitting pants and loose,
clingy tops.

Today she wore a low-cut, lavender blouse, loose at the
top to show a hint of her firm brown 36C breasts, and
tight around the tummy to emphasize her trim figure.
Her beige pants were a little tight around the waist
and bum but loose down the legs. Her shoulder-length
black hair bounced when she walked and her bangs nicely
set-off her black eyes.

Although she liked to look attractive, she was by no
means easy. In fact, her old-fashioned and cautious
nature probably accounted for the lack of boyfriends.

This evening the weather had turned bad. A thick, damp
chilly fog had set in making everything look spooky.
Worse, two buses had gone past marked “Not in Service”.
One of the drivers had stopped to say the next bus
would be an hour late.

Sooky anxiously awaited the overdue bus becoming more
nervous by the minute as the thickening fog became
colder and damper. Would the bus ever come? How would
she get home?

A shiny white van pulled up across the street and a
clean-cut young businessman leaned out the window
calling, “Hey lady, haven’t you heard? The buses are
out of service because of the fog.”

Sooky was dismayed. “Are you sure? How will I get to
the mall? I need to get home.”

“The mall? You mean the one about two miles back

“Yes, I need to go to the mall to buy groceries. I live
near there. I’m afraid to walk so far in this fog. It’s

Sooky crossed the street to talk with the man. He was
well dressed and respectable looking. Two other men,
dressed in leather jackets but wearing ties sat in the

“Ma’am, I wouldn’t normally do this, since I don’t know
you. But, maybe, we can do you a favor? Hop in. We’ll
turn around and drive you to the mall. It isn’t more
than 5 minutes out of our way.”

Sooky cautiously replied, “I don’t know. You’re
strangers. I shouldn’t ride with strangers. Maybe I
should just walk.” Looking down the street nervously,
she could barely see to the next light pole.

“That’s fine. Just thought I’d offer some help. By the
way my name is Reverend Fred and that’s Joe and Bill.
We’re just on our way to evening service at the church.
Still, be careful…you never know. It’s real foggy.
Understand?” The man seemed concerned for her safety.

Sooky thought, “They look like very nice men, well-
dressed and going to church. I can’t walk two miles in
this fog. Something could happen to me.”

She looked at Reverend Fred and said, “OK. Please drive
me to the mall. This fog scares me. Thanks. Oh, my name
is Sooky.”

Sooky found herself sitting between Joe and Bill as
Fred put the van into motion. The van didn’t turn
around. Instead it speeded up going in the wrong

“Aren’t you turning around? You promised to take me to
the mall?” Sooky asked uneasily as she saw her regular
bus go by headed to the mall.

“Mall? We meant MAUL!” Fred almost rolled with

Bill put his hand on her knee.

In alarm she yelled, “Let me out! Right now!” She
brusquely shoved Bill’s hand away.

Bill jabbed his elbow hard into her stomach bringing
tears to her eyes.

“Sit still or we’ll break your jaw and maybe a few
other bones.”

Shaking all over poor Sooky sobbed as she grasped her
desperate situation. They drove, making many turns.
Sooky barely noticed when they finally stopped at a
thick wooded area made terrifying by the dense fog.

The van stopped. The door opened. Bill dragged her out
throwing her on the sodden forest floor in front of the
van. The headlights glared on her as the giant trees

“We picked you up ’cause we don’t like foreigners. Now
you’ll find out what we do to bitches who don’t belong
here you stupid whore.” Bill’s voice, though loud,
seemed muffled by the fog.

Looking up in terror, Sooky raised her hands to fend
off their blows. Fred grabbed her hair to control her
while Joe tore Sooky’s blouse down the front exposing
her thin red polka-dot bra restraining her heaving
cinnamon breasts. Bill’s hand seized the back of her
thin pants lifting her off her feet. A sudden ripping
sound! She landed on her knees amid raucous guffaws.
The back seam had let go exposing her red polka-dot

Rolling onto her back, poor Sooky stared up with
pleading eyes at the 3 brutes. Joe still held a scrap
of her lavender blouse. Grinning at her, his white eyes
shone from his black face. Fred fiendishly beamed at
her as Bill grabbed her legs and quickly yanked her
thin beige pants off.

“Please, please! Let me go!” Sooky whimpered as the
cold, damp fog caressed her nearly naked body. Poor
thing. Only her cute red-polka dot undies protected her
modesty now. Her cinnamon bosom heaved from fright as
her bare arms tried frantically to cover her exposed

Bill and Joe tossed their jackets aside and, (right in
front of her!), stripped off their shirts and jeans.
Sooky couldn’t help but stare. They had no underwear!
Two big, mean naked men, one white, one black, stood
right in front of her. Their cocks grew erect and huge
before her eyes! Please God no!

Fred yanked her backward forcing her to drop back to
the sodden ground. He stepped into the light so she
could see him slip out of his expensive suit. His
yellow boxers were covered with pictures of red lips
and tongues!

“Please! Don’t do this. Let me go. I’m much too old for
you. Please let me go.” Poor Sooky, poor, modest,
conservative Sooky pleaded pathetically. She couldn’t
believe such a thing was happening to her. How could
it? She was always so careful. She went to church twice
a week!

Joe just bent over her trembling body and tore her
pretty panties off. Her neat black thatch looked so
charming between her quivering brown thighs.

Fred, his young body lusting for sex, his bold cock
pointing ramrod straight hovered over her staring at
her adorable push-up bra. He reached down and broke the
clasp at the front letting the twin cups pop off
exposing her firm, brown boobs. Sooky’s dark nipples,
hardened from the cold, jutted out.

She stared in terrified fascination at the three rock-
hard cocks quivering over her, despondently wondering
which one would violate her first. Could she escape? It
was hopeless! These awful brutes were going to ravage
her body. Her black, tear-filled eyes glumly looked up
at her tormentors. She couldn’t help staring at those
hard cocks. So hard. So long. Too big!!

Sooky’s naked, helpless body shook with fear as her
mind became captivated by the thought of these three
big, strong men forcing her to do the most repulsive,
vulgar things imaginable. She felt like she was coming
under a spell. The three throbbing cocks mesmerized
her. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Joe’s black cock caressed her bare areolas. The tip of
his cock rubbed her erect, hard, dark nipples. Joe
placed it between the two trembling mounds like a hot
dog. Fred tightly held Sooky’s arms while Joe started
fucking her tits. His black cock thrust forward. Back.
He squeezed her dark, ripe melons hard and let his
large balls drag on her trim tummy as his cock again
thrust forward. Back and forth.

Under the spell of these evil brutes, Sooky stared at
his moist rod fucking her poor tits. In her trancelike
state, a thought crossed her mind � it had been years
since her tits had been fucked. She felt her patch
becoming moist between her legs. The tit fucking warmed
her. The cold, damp fog no longer felt chilling. The
cock was so hot. She watched enthralled as suddenly Joe
gave a loud gasp as his cannon blasted its hot load
onto her chin, dribbling down the side.

Her fascination with the awful events befalling her
continued as Joe stepped aside and Bill took his turn.

None of the men spoke during this ordeal excepting for
the occasional gasp, snicker or guffaw. Even spellbound
Sooky said nothing. Only animal sounds escaped her

Bill’s muscular, young body towered over Sooky. His
muscles rippled as he flexed. His thick purple rod
jiggled as he posed. Bill put one foot between Sooky’s
trembling legs forcing them apart. Her dark furrow now
completely unprotected Sooky knew her juices anxiously
awaited his monstrous member. She had never seen a
white man’s cock. Its purple hue enthralled her even
through her continuing terror.

He kneeled, leaned over and kissed her full lips
forcing his hot tongue inside her soft mouth. His hard
body pushed against her, crushing her boobs. Only her
hard nipples resisted his solid muscles. Releasing her
mouth, his tongue explored her warm, vulnerable neck
before descending to the ever stiffer nipples. His pink
tongue teased first one tit then the other. He sucked
them hard into his mouth; one then the other.

Sooky felt as though they would disappear inside him
until finally his mouth released its hold. Sooky’s
whole body trembled with anticipation. This rutting
bull was going to fuck her till she screamed.
Spellbound, she awaited the bull’s onslaught.

Bill’s rock-hard monster cock pushed down on her bare
flesh as his tongue continued to taste her soft brown
skin. His tongue slid down slowly to her soft tummy
which quickly yielded to the unrelenting licks. It
darted into the crevice of her belly button, pushing
insistently before moving even lower.

Fred’s strong hands continued to roughly restrain her
arms though it was no longer necessary. Sooky’s body
had given up any resistance. She trembled with
anticipation waiting for the raging bull to plow her

Reaching the top of her neat, black thatch he slowly
descended to her waiting love-groove. Swiftly, he
tongued her soft, yielding crevice. Sooky felt him
despoiling her wet valley, chewing her button, forcing
her body to writhe out of control. Her soft body felt
relief that, after years of disuse, a hot cock had
finally come to enjoy her flesh.

At last, Bill lifted his mouth off her squirming pussy,
looked at her brown eyes and heaving boobs, before
announcing, “That was good you brainless piece of
garbage. Now you’re going to get fucked!”

Sooky suddenly woke up to her predicament. Naked, all
her clothes torn to pieces, assaulted by 3 terrible
brutes, she screamed.

Raucous laughter showed how much they cared!

Bill’s powerful arms picked her up. Joe pulled her legs
apart so Bill could bring her soft, struggling body
with its still wet cunt against his raging member. Her
legs reluctantly wrapped around his waist and her arms
held his strong shoulders to avoid falling.

The three thugs laughed with immense merriment as she
struggled. Bill’s stiff cock forced itself into her
poor pussy. He was no longer gentle. His cock simply
slammed in. Luckily, her pussy was still wet enough
that it didn’t hurt too much but his monster cock went
in so far! It was too big!

“Please take it out! It hurts! It’s too big! Please!”
Sooky wretchedly pleaded.

Fred hooted, “Shut up. Trash shouldn’t talk.”

Bill’s muscular body thrust hard forcing his cock
further than Sooky had ever before experienced. He
rapidly rammed in and out over and over. Sooky couldn’t
believe how deep it plunged.

She cried, “Stop! Uuh. Uuh.”

His hard muscles continued pumping. She had never
experienced such prolonged or vigorous thrusting. It
went on forever until at last her earlier arousal
started to take over again despite her renewed terror.
Sooky’s body again betrayed her and started returning
the thrusts. Her firm, brown boobs bounced into his
face so he again took a stiff, dark nipple in his lips
and sucked as he pushed.

Sooky suddenly felt a warm, sticky rigid thing poking
at her ass. Fred, seeing her bare succulent ass, had
decided to ram his cock deep into the bouncing buns.
Dripping with precum, it easily slid in. Bill’s
powerful thrusts made her cinnamon bum bang into Fred’s
cock, forcing it deeper into her inexperienced ass.
Poor Sooky had never before been ass-fucked.

Every time Bill thrust forcefully, Fred rammed right
“Uuh. Aah. Mmmh!” Sooky uttered animal cries at each
push. The cocks felt so big and plunged so deep!

At last Bill let out one loud yell, his body jerked a
few times and he stopped. Sooky’s own body continued
shuddering for a full minute even as Fred continued
ass-fucking. He kept slamming viciously into her butt
until eventually he too let out a loud bellow as his
own cannon fired its load.

“I’m done, your turn Reverend Fred. Fuck this trash. I
want to go get a beer.” Bill casually got up and
started looking around for his clothes. He had trouble
getting his pants on because his rod was still too

“My pecker’s all used up. Joe you look ready again.
Show her what else your black prod can do. Then let’s
get to the church, drop off the donation money and go
for a beer.” Reverend Fred put on his yellow boxers
covered with pictures of red lips and tongues.

Sooky, lying on the moist forest floor, saw Joe loom
over her with a monster black erection. His knees on
either side of her still heaving chest, he pointed his
ramrod at her lips, showed a toothy white grin and
squeezed her jaw forcing open her lovely mouth. Her
eyes widened as she realized his intentions.

Poor Sooky desperately tried to close her sweet lips
but this just caused Joe to squeeze her throat.
Choking, she apathetically let her mouth drop open. His
hot, hard sausage instantly plunged into her unwilling
mouth, sliding along her delicate tongue jamming her
soft throat. Remembering the offer of a beer he
hurriedly worked his cock in and out making sure to
force it along the top of her yielding tongue. She
gasped for breath each time it slid out. His hanging
balls slapped her chin as he rammed over and over.

Sooky vainly tried to push the hard cock out with her
tongue but he was much too powerful. The uncaring brute
fucked her unwilling mouth, sometimes pushing down her
throat, sometimes poking the inside of her cheeks. Just
as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, hot, salty,
sticky goo abruptly burst into her mouth.

Thankfully, Joe pulled out allowing her to breath as
the warm gunk dribbled down her cheeks.

The trio laughed as they climbed back into their van.
As the doors slammed, Sooky noticed a bag accidentally
fall out.

Reverend Fred’s voice called out, “We kept our promise
whore… you’re in the park behind the mall.” His
laughter faded into the distance.

A few minutes later, Sooky stood up, and saw that the
thugs had taken the remnants of her clothes leaving her
to creep back to her apartment utterly naked in the
dense fog. Thank God for the fog � no one would see
her. Her purse lay on the ground… good, she had keys.

She looked at the bag that had fallen out. It had a
church name on it. Inside… a huge quantity of cash…
in large bills!

Sooky thought, “You fucked me, now I fuck you!!”