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by PH (


This story is sort of a travelogue of whoring through
Southeast Asia. The commentator is screwing his way
through more Asian prostitutes during this trip than
most men have in a lifetime. (M/F+, prost, asian)


A true account of my trip to Southeast Asia. Note: $1 =
26.2 pesos = 25.2 baht.

Out the door at 9:50pm. At midnight I’m on a 12 hour
flight to Manila aboard Philippine Airlines, but because
it’s a red eye, time seems to pass much more quickly,
and I’m much more comfortable in my seat than last time.

Upon arrival, passed through immigration and customs
quickly but then found it was 4am and the airport was
partially closed. I’d have to wait around until 6am for
the currency exchange booths to open and to convert a
$100 traveler’s cheque to pesos.

~ ~ ~

I convert the cheque and get a Nissan shuttle 2000
coupon for 255 pesos for a taxi to the Swagman Hotel in
Ermita, a district of Manila.

By now it’s about 7am, and after a light breakfast,
consider waiting for the 200 peso Swagman bus to
Angeles. I decide its 11:30am departure time is too long
to wait for and opt instead for a taxi which I’m able to
bargain down to an 800 peso fare.

The trip to Angeles is fairly fast, only about an hour
and a half. I tell the driver to stop at the Angeles
Swagman before taking me to the Clarkton.

At the Swagman I find out that the return trip to Ermita
is also 200 pesos but it’s 300 to go all the way back to
the airport, and that buses depart at 8am, noon, and
3pm, seven days a week. This I decide is how I’ll get

I check in at the Clarkton on Fields. A single room is
500 pesos, first night in advance, and includes a free
safe deposit box which I take advantage of. The room
itself has a large double bed, color cable TV (CNN
International) and a hot-cold shower.

After unpacking, I venture out for bottled water and to
exchange another traveler’s cheque. I hit about three
money exchanges and maybe half a dozen banks, none will
exchange a TC. When I get back to the Clarkton, the
clerk suggests Swagman Travel about a half mile back up
fields. I take a 2 peso jeepney there and take care of

After spending a good portion of the day traveling and
wandering around, it’s still only 3pm and I’m left
without much to do on a July afternoon. Angeles is a
somewhat small, dusty town with mostly one lane streets,
and not a lot more beyond endless blocks of small,
dilapidated third world shops and bars.

I don’t feel like waiting further, and after a beer at
Margaritaville, go into Archie’s, a go-go bar, and check
out the scene. Unlike Bangkok, most of the bars in
Angeles open about noon rather than early evening.

I end up going back to my hotel with a girl named
Imelda. She threw herself at me in the bar wouldn’t let
go. It’s a flat 600 pesos to the bar to have her all

We go back and I have her a number of times over the
next 6 hours, both in bed and in the shower. Unlike I
was expecting all filipinas to be, Imelda had very
little pubic hair. As has been my habit, I grabbed my
tweezers and started plucking, removing all the hair
from her mound and then trimming her lip hair short.

She’s 28 with two kids but still has a fairly tight body
on here 5’2″ frame. Her stomach is still in good enough
shape to wear a bikini, though her breasts sag a little
from nursing. And as an added plus, she’s also started
her period. The flow’s pretty light, but I’m still a bit
disconcerted withdrawing my condom covered penis coated
in blood.

At one point we’re watching CNN and she mentions how she
doesn’t like Japanese men, describing them as “sadisto.”

Finally, about nine or ten we head back to
Margaritaville for a late dinner and then I go off for
another girl, telling Imelda she can drop back in at my
hotel later for a threesome, which she’s happy to do.

Imelda returns sooner than I expected, before I had the
chance to go out again. But so far she has seemed honest
enough, so I’m not overly concerned about her swiping
stuff, and I also haven’t left anything really valuable
in my room.

~ ~ ~

We go out together about 11:30pm and start hitting the
bars looking for the third of three. We end up at Zanadu
on Fields after a jeepney ride and pick out a friend of
Imelda’s for a 600 peso all night.

I had hoped not to get anyone she knew just to try to
limit the conspiratorial possibilities. However, the
others I tried either also had kids or wanted me all to

Her name was Emma and she looked quite different from
Imelda. Emma was 25 but looked 14. She was simply and
totally adorably cute. She was thin and only 4′ 6 3/4″
in height (I had brought along a tape measure this time
to more accurately establish tiny girl status). You’d
swear I was breaking the law until you saw her breasts,
which were at least those of a 25 year old.

Though she thoroughly insisted she’d never had kids, the
slight sag of her breasts and fine stretch marks
suggested otherwise. She was adamant that this was
simply due to her menstruation. And who knows, maybe
when you get down to that scale, things do work a little

The three of us took a jeepney back to my hotel and I
alternately ravaged the two of them, when they were not
working together to pleasure me. Any lezzy action was
out, though, as far as they were concerned.

By choice, Imelda preferred to the take the comforter
and sleep on the floor, while Emma and me, entwined,
finally settled off to sleep. Emma was quite a giggly
girl, always with a big grin on her small doll-like

They both seemed particularly hung up on my looks,
repeatedly pinching my nose, cheeks, and eyebrows.
Imelda said the last guy she was with was 55 years old
and bald (I’m more than 20 years younger and still with
all my hair).

Both Imelda and Emma insist they have to see the doctor
at 9am the next morning for their weekly bargirl
checkup. I take it for what it’s worth and after
breakfast together at the hotel restaurant, send them
off with 100 pesos for the trike (motorized tricycle,
actually a motorcycle with a sidecar). They take it but
get on a jeepney instead, though they might still use
one after a transfer.

They also insist they want to come back at noon to go
swimming in the hotel pool. I don’t have immediate plans
beyond a couple of small errands, so go along with it.

In general, I haven’t found much I particularly care for
about Angeles. Beyond the many small rundown shops and
go-go bars, I haven’t found a whole lot more to this
hot, dusty, flat town. For me at least, I don’t see a
reason ever to visit this place except as a sex tourist,
the bargirl prices being significantly cheaper than
Bangkok. That doesn’t leave much for daytime, though,
and I don’t think I could stand to stay here too much
longer. Whereas Bangkok is a town I could *live* in.

One more note. I’ve only spoken with a few bargirls now,
but contrary to what I’ve heard, I’ve found their
English speaking ability hardly impressive. The
sophistication of my conversation has had to drop to
nearly the level of when I was last in Bangkok, in order
to communicate. Though to be fair, the airport, hotel,
and clerical staff I’ve dealt with, spoke a greatly more
serviceable English.

~ ~ ~

Again, sooner than I expect, there’s a knock on my door,
and Emma and Imelda burst out at me from around the

We end up lying on the bed talking for a while. The
major issue is my paying their 600 peso bar fine again
to get them both for the entire rest of the day and
night. I end up going along with it because I hadn’t
been too excited by the rest of the bar scene I’ve seen
and I’m pretty well settled at this point to check out
of the P.I. the next day. Jet lag, of course, is also
contributing to my less than party animal attitude.

The three of us head back up Fields so I can exchange
another TC and visit their bars, Archie’s and Zanadu,
for their fines. On the way back they each get a fried
banana on a stick for 5 pesos.

Emma brought her swimsuit back with her and went for a
swim at the Clarkton pool. Imelda wanted to go in her
bra and panties, but first went back to her place for a
second change and to check on her kids.

I kick back in the room still feeling a bit out of it.
Eventually Emma comes back and we make love. Imelda
returns a little while later and we begin a deforesting
session on Emma’s pussy. Emma has much more pubic hair
than Imelda *had* but it is still contained in a nicely
compact area rather than uncontrolled growth up the
abdomen and down the thighs. In fact, her lower lips are
smooth and hairless.

Rather than working with tweezers, I simply grab a few
hairs at a time and yank. Emma hardly reacts until I
begin to descend her mound. After a while I’ve thinned
the area a good deal and proceed with Swiss Army Knife
clippers to cut the hair short. Then I bring her into
the bathroom and stand all 4′ 6″ of her on top of the
sink before shaving her smooth.

Without hair, she has an almost perfect crease between
her legs which I admire before tasting. Emma’s quite
sensitive to oral pleasure and won’t keep still enough
for me to really go down on her.

I had also brought along some hair removal wax and
experiment with it on the short hairs remaining on
Imelda’s lips. This was a mistake for a first attempt as
I’d chosen the most sensitive area for application. It
worked with some success, though Imelda insisted on
removing it herself very slowly as not per instructions.

After some more fun together, as measured by the used
condoms, the three of us have a late evening dinner
downstairs, before retiring for the night with the TV
playing a Tagalog sitcom. Yeah, I know, but Angeles
ain’t Bangkok, nor is Fields Patpong.

We stay fairly entwined that night during which I have
an extended session with tiny Emma. She may’ve dozed off
during part of it even. So much for my passion.

We sleep in a bit later the next morning whereupon they
amuse themselves ganging up on me, wrestling. Both have
strength beyond their size and with Imelda particularly,
I’m having to get on her back and pin her legs with mine
while holding her, just to subdue her.

Both take pleasure in face pinching and throwing
themselves at me. Fortunately with the aircon up full we
manage to keep fairly cool during some otherwise sweaty

We shower and dress, and I pack and check out. I give
them a 250 peso tip each along with two unopened
leftover bottles of water I had bought. I hear the
marriage line and give my home address to them, for
whatever amusement it might later provide.

They have proven themselves honest and sincere, though,
in our time together. Nothing they’ve said that I could
check has not turned out to be true, nor have they
failed to return or follow through on their announced

I settle at the front desk. The three of us take a
jeepney to check point terminal on Fields. We separate
with a number of warm but sad waves before I transfer to
a second jeepney to take me to the Angeles Swagman Hotel
for the bus ride back to Manila.

Once back at the Ermita Swagman, the airport bus takes
off after an hour and a half wait. On the way to the
airport I have an interesting conversation with a long
time British traveler who has been going to Bangkok for
25 years and has made hundreds of trips, business
related, to Hong Kong. Got a couple of tips from him to
try in Bangkok: The Siam Hotel, and Renoirs on Soi 33
for particularly beautiful girls. He said that back in
the early seventies a girl could be had in Bangkok for
as little as 40 baht.

At the airport, I go to the Philippine Airlines office
to get on the next flight to Bangkok. I find out the
9:40 flight has been rescheduled for 8am the next day
and for that I can only get on the waiting list. I’m not
about to spend the next 16 hours in Ninoy Aquino
International Airport nor go through the hassle of two
taxi rides and an overnight in a hotel, altogether which
would run at least $50 and require me back in the
airport at 6am, to maybe get on a flight.

I ask the airline clerk for other flights and he says
there’s a Lufthansa flight leaving at 8:30, a one-way
ticket to Bangkok running $240. I opt for that but on
the way over remember Egypt Air having cheap flights to
Bangkok. I go to their office instead and get on a
flight leaving at 8:30pm for only $150.

~ ~ ~

The flight took about 2 1/2 hours. The stewardesses were
rather fat and matronly, but the pilot lands the plane
smoothly, much more so than the Philippine Airlines
landing in Manila were my seat belt was actually put to
use restraining me as I was literally thrown forward.

Passed through Bangkok immigration fairly fast but
arrived after 11pm, too late for any of the buses to
Pattaya or into the city. Instead had to contend with
the taxis again. Was not able to get any of them to turn
on their meters and ended up bargaining a 250 baht fare
to the Sukhumvit Crown, Soi 8. 540 baht a night at the
Crown, same as last year. Hotel isn’t much to look at,
but I value its prime location.

After check in went immediately to have a look at the
new Thermae, just a few doors down from the old one,
towards Soi Cowboy. The setup inside is remarkably
similar, but somewhat more spacious. The most obvious
difference is the addition of a large horseshoe shaped
bar placed in the center around which people sit. It’s
about 12:30am and the crowd’s still pretty light. A
couple of the booths are packed with girls, but they
have a bit too much of a streetwise, jaded, hard edge
for my taste.

After talking to a girl from Chiang Mai who won’t go
back with me because, she says, her uncle works at the
Crown (and I’m not about to go off with her to her place
after just meeting her). I settle on a girl sitting by
herself at a back table.

She says she is Thai but has a distinctly Chinese face.
She’s dressed in a printed skirt and jacket outfit and
is quite chubby. This I use to get her to lower her all
night price from over 1000 baht to 700.

Her name is Goolop. She’s 33, has no baby, and is the
first girl I sleep with who, near as I can tell, cannot
speak one word of English. She’s a happy, passionate
girl, though, and we manage to communicate just the
same. And to add to this unusual combination of a non
English speaking, over 30, Thermae girl with no baby,
Goolop turns out to be an expert masseuse.

My 700 baht goes far, as once back in my room we undress
and she bathes me, literally scrubbing every inch of my
body, all on her own initiative. Back on the bed, she
proceeds to give just as thorough a massage, pressing,
pulling, and yanking my every joint and muscle.

We make love three times during the night, Goolop as
passionate and practiced in this art as her others. At
one point the stereotype of the secret sexual passion of
oriental girls comes to mind, her being the embodiment.
She having done everything else for me so far, the next
morning I have her shave my face, which she also does
with great care and expertise.

Finally around noon time we head out for a buffet lunch
at the Ambassador Hotel. I’m unable to find the dining
area initially, for like Thermae, they’ve redone the
block. The large Ambassador Hotel sign on Sukhumvit is
gone, replaced by a KFC logo. We have to walk down an
additional couple of doors and then down a long alley
way before finding the buffet, and I feel a slight pang
at the loss of another small part of Bangkok’s

The buffet is the same as before, just a few baht more
expensive. I pay Goolop at the table and afterward we
part on Sukhumvit with a kiss on the cheek.

My original plan was to go directly to Pattaya from the
airport instead of spending the night in Bangkok. So now
the next afternoon, I make my run. I pack up and check
out and take a metered taxi to Ekamai bus station for 57
baht just in time to cat the 3pm aircon express to
Pattaya for 66 baht.

It’s about a three hour ride to Pattaya terminal, and
then a 20 baht blue taxi (actually a covered pickup
truck with two rows of benches) to 2nd Road where I
check into the Apex Hotel. The room is slightly smaller
than at the Crown but it comes with a built in safe
deposit box and refrigerator stocked with beer, soft
drinks, and water (in addition to a large double bed,
aircon, color TV, and hot shower) all for only 250 baht
a night. To me, an excellent deal.

The Apex is also centrally located near many beer bars
and the rest of the action. There is in fact a beer bar
literally next door. And after check in, when I head out
to exchange a traveler’s cheque, I walk past and speak
to a girl whom only moments before I saw waiting at the
hotel desk. She says remember me and we start talking.
Her name is Oy and we agree on a 500 baht all night
(it’s only about 6:30pm), plus a 150 baht bar fine, less
than half what I’d pay for a Bangkok bargirl.

We locate a money exchange together and then go back to
my room for a mid evening session, after which Oy says
she’s hungry (and I’m quite thirsty).

We go back downstairs to her bar, she gets a small
bottle of a Japanese vitamin D drink (it tastes citrusy)
and I have a couple of quick bottles of Klosters. Too
quick perhaps, for they give me a significant buzz on my
empty stomach. We then go out hand in hand and she gives
me the grand walking tour of Pattaya Beach and 2nd
Roads, checking out all the beer bars, go-go bars, and
Marine Disco.

We stop for a light fried rice meal at a small place for
about 40 baht and I have another Klosters. She tells me
that when she first saw me at the hotel front desk, she
was just saying goodbye to a German man whom she’d been
with for the last two weeks at 500 baht a day. Before
that she’d been with a Swiss guy who paid her 20,000
baht for a month’s of her company. I can see why men
would want to go long time with her. She’s about 5’1″
with a lot of curves, and a natural beauty, most of the
time wearing no makeup at all. She’s still young at 22
and also doesn’t have a baby, another plus.

I am a little uncomfortable around her. She spent the
last two weeks in a room just down the hall, and is
calling my every move. Even more so, after being with
the last two guys, her German is apparently better than
her English, and I’m a little disconcerted she can tell
me my age in German.

In general, the mark, so to speak, of der Fatherland is
found throughout Pattaya, with many shops advertising
that they “sprechen Deutsch.” The farang population
itself also seems to average at least 20 years older
than me. This impression at one point framed by the
sight of a fat bald gray haired man, well past 60, with
a teenaged Thai girl on this lap.

Oy and I circle back to my hotel and retire to intimacy.
I find her to have one of the most erogenous bodies of
any Thai girl I’ve been with. She seems able to almost
get off on just nipple sucking alone. I follow this by
going down on her in a determined manner. She stops me
before coming saying “condom, condom.” I penetrate her,
side by side, and ride her through, the padded head
board protecting her pate, as she moans and gasps in a
manner deserving of video release.

We make love once more the next morning, and after a
shower, say goodbye until evening. It’s only about
9:30am, a little early for me. I generally like to keep
a girl at least until noon but since I didn’t make that
a prior condition I can’t really make her stay. In the
end though, it’s a good thing. It gives me a chance to
get caught up in my diary, plus a girl kept too long
becomes a ball and chain, keeping me from tasting all
the surrounding delights.

~ ~ ~

After a $3 American food buffet breakfast at the Lek
Hotel, I walk around and shop, my first full day in
Pattaya, and record the recent past events.

In the afternoon I head out again, bringing my umbrella,
as the sky has become threatening. After exchanging a
TC, I stop at a near empty beer bar to wait out a sudden
cloud burst.

I speak to a tiny slim Thai girl sitting in hot pants
and a top. She’s 25 and has a kid, but still has a nice
body. I decide I’d prefer to get to know her better,
seeing the rain from inside my hotel, so we go off for a
300 baht short time, no bar fine. She’s a passionate
lover, generally the case with the older ones in my
experience, and I’m able to make her come through
penetration alone, my own orgasm finally coming at the

Though I’m clearly a “cheap charlie” relative to the
rest of the farang, I must have some added value, for
even at 300 baht she’s asking to see me again this
evening. I don’t have change for her, so with the rain
stopped, we go out, buy a couple of ice cream bars and
sit on the curb, while I read the Bangkok Post.

She finally takes off on a motorbike taxi and I walk
back along 2nd Road. I’m soon approached by a girl as
she parks her motorbike. She says she’s from Singapore
and wants to know where Soi 5 is. Before I can answer
she goes into some story about intending to set up a
business in Pattaya. She then grabs my hand and starts
dragging me down 2nd Road saying we’re going to a hotel,
that I can have her for free.

I spotted a scam the moment she pulled up to me, but let
her drag me along since I was heading that way anyway.
As soon as we turn into a soi, though, I yank her off
and wave by-by, not caring to find out what’s waiting
for in the hotel.

I grab a cheeseburger at the Beach Road McDonalds and
decide to check out of the Apex and into the White Inn
near 2nd Rd and Soi 14, a much more prime location, and
still very reasonable at 400 baht/night for a room with
aircon, TV, hot shower, and stocked refrigerator.

Today has become short time day, as after check in, I’m
at another bar bringing back another girl, 150 baht bar
fine. She’s 20, no baby, kinda chubby, but with a very
beautiful angelic face. The problem is she turns out to
be painfully shy and sad, not a workable combination.

After perhaps two hours with her I give up, her silent
stare unbreakable. She says she’s only been in Pattaya 2
months and has had very few men. As unresponsive as she
behaves, her pussy becomes very wet. But as I probe it
with my fingers I retrieve a somewhat milky fluid with a
few small white lumps. Not being into yeast infections
myself, I quickly wash my hands, tell her to see a
doctor, dress, and send here on her way, she refusing
any money.

With the night still early, I go out and stop at a next
door beer bar full of about 20 very aggressive Thai
girls. I’m having to pull their hands off me as I settle
down with a Klosters while they all vie for me to pay
them out. I don’t really care for any of them. They’re
all well past 25, many past 30, or 35 even, with a hard
mean edge to them. Finally, after a few minutes of
prodding, I take a plainly dressed 20 year old who’s
been quiet behind the bar.

We take the short walk back to the White Inn. She’s
thin, under 5 feet tall, no baby, also named Oy, with
classic Thai features. A beautiful young thing. We have
a 500 baht short time together. She also turns out to be
very shy, but in a playful manner, and we have a good

It’s now after 11 and I’ve been with four different
girls today. I’m tired and decide it’s time to find one
more, a good one, to spend the night with. I’ve sort of
gone through the spectrum of bar girls, and now simply
want a “good heart,” one whom I can talk to and whose
company I’ll enjoy.

Around midnight I find myself at the Bamboo Bar near the
Marine Disco and start talking to a girl in a long blue
print dress. Her name is Puk, she’s 30, looks older,
4’9″, been in Pattaya 4 years, and has one kid. Her
manner is uncharacteristically soft and I bring her back
for a 500 baht all night. She turns out to be a good
pick, very affectionate, as she manages to sleep the
whole time with her body wrapped around mine.

We turn out to both be tired, for we don’t get up until
about 2pm the next afternoon. We shower, dress, and walk
over to the P72 restaurant for a late lunch. Afterwards
I agree to see her again at 10pm at the Bamboo Bar.

~ ~ ~

Ran a couple of errands and then briefly visited the
actual beach at Pattaya, walking on the light brown sand
and dipping my hand in the water, touching the Gulf of

After a barbequed chicken leg and Klosters at a beer
bar, went after a massage, eventually making my way,
after a couple of stops, all the way over to 2nd Rd and
Soi 3 to the Sabailand Massage Parlor. It’s a well
outfitted place, apparently intended to cater as much to
the Japanese tourist as the western farang.

A massage is 350 baht, anything more you work out with
the girl. This seems significantly cheaper than the 1500
baht up front another place near the Marine Disco wanted
that I wandered into on a previous night. Unlike some
places, the girls here are able to look back at you
through the glass as they sit on stairs in gowns
apparently watching TV.

At least half either ignore me or stare back coldly, but
a fair number also smile and invite me to choose them.
Eventually I give in to one particularly cute girl whose
enticements are unrelenting.

Number 169 is named June and in person she is as warm
and friendly as behind glass. She’s 22, about 4’10”, no
baby, with her hair only a little below her ears and
dyed brown. Sabailand seems so high rent my only
complaint is they don’t offer a laundry service for
farang who’ve spent too much time walking around humid

June leads me up to a room divided between a twin bed
against the wall and a bath with a double wide tub. We
undress and she thoroughly washes me in the tub and then
leads me out to an air mattress where after reducing a
dozen bars of soap to liquid with a big brush, pours
this over me as I lay on my stomach. Her massage is both
intense and sensual, culminating in her rubbing and
sliding her entire tiny body up and down against mine.

I turn over and she repeats this, and I respond with a
full erection. This of course is the point, to arose me
intensely, and then to ask how much I will pay to make
love to her. This always being my intention, I don’t
feel like a fool, and we agree on 1000 baht.

After rinsing and drying we go over to the bed where I
first go down on her, bringing her to a throbbing
orgasm, and then penetrate her to a second. Afterwards,
I ask her for all night and promise to return at 11 the
next night where she will go with me for 1200 baht plus
the 350 bar fine.

We part after a drink together and I briefly check out
the Sabai Room Massage Parlor across the street. This
place seems particularly tailored to the Japanese, half
the customers at the bar appearing so, with the
establishment’s business card itself also containing a
Japanese translation. But I don’t find the girls any
more numerous or attractive, so remain content with my
first choice.

At 10pm I find my way back to the Bamboo Bar to see Puk
again. She’s there to go with me again for the night,
but is not open to my wanting to bring a second girl
along. Instead she fixes me up with two others whom I
instead take back. I find them ok but not stunners, both
in their early to mid 20’s. One of them lied to me about
not having a baby, her stomach strongly showing the
effects of pregnancy.

She also proceeds both to smoke a cigarette in my room
again my wishes and to help herself to a beer from my
refrigerator. In addition, she’s absolutely adamant
against any girl-girl action, which to me was part of
the point of bringing back two. This is finally too much
and I ask her to leave, me keeping the other, who’s
obviously spent less time in bars. They refuse to split,
however, so I’m left having to dump them both, but
manage to get off only paying them each 300 baht.

So again I find myself alone past midnight looking for
female company ’til morning. After going up and down a
few sois, I settle on a short haired, large breasted,
slightly chubby girl named Nom. I pay the 200 baht bar
fine and we agree on 700 baht all night.

She’s 23, no baby, and has only spent a little time in
Pattaya, the bar life having ground away very little of
her innocence or “good heart.” We enjoy the night
together but she gets up a few times complaining of a
sinus reaction to the wet weather. At 9:30 the next
morning she says she needs to go to the doctor for some
medicine but will be back at 11 and asks for me to pay
her her 700 baht now.

Having had little sleep, I prefer to remain in bed and
also tell her I don’t have the money, the previous
night’s entertainment having tapped me out, and would
have to go out to an exchange booth which I don’t want
to do now. Instead I give her 200 baht and the hotel
business card so she can find her way back, then return
to bed to sleep and wait for her.

I awake after 1pm with Nom apparently never showing, and
never getting her additional 500 baht. Having given her
all the time I could, I decide to let the whole thing
pass, and go out for some khao phat and to wait out the
returning rain.

~ ~ ~

At around 6pm I’m back on Beach Rd. checking out the
scene and end up at the Best Friend Bar, a group of
about a dozen open air beer bars. I make my way through
them. Nearly all without any customers to keep company,
the half dozen girls in each plead with me to sit down
with them.

I end up at the rear bar mostly because one of the girls
there is wearing a fishnet top and nothing underneath,
completely exposing her well formed breasts. My arousal
turns to disappointment though, as I soon find out she’s
a ladyboy.

My attention then turns to the girl next to her, this
one anatomically natural, who rather than preening in
the exaggerated femininity of a ladyboy, instead chooses
to dress in biker girl garb complete with a permanent
sneer. I hook onto her, pay the 150 baht bar fine and
take her back to my hotel for a 300 baht short time.

Her name is Somboo. She’s in her early 20’s, no baby,
comes from Bangkok, and is the only child of two retired
teachers, a part of her bargirl income supplementing
their pensions.

A good deal of her tough girl attitude dissolves when I
remove her clothes, replaced instead with the more
typical “I’m shy, I’m shy” Thai modesty. Not intending
to spend the whole evening with her, I don’t spend much
time easing into foreplay, and soon am screwing her.
Because of the number of girls I’m averaging, or just
being in my early 30’s and past my sexual peak, I don’t
come as quickly or easily as I did a few years ago.

This is all the better from the girl’s point of view,
though, as the period of conjugation has become
sufficiently long for me to consistently bring them to
vaginal orgasm. My own ejaculation follows only with
determined will.

Having pleased Somboo, and myself, we lay together a
couple of minutes in post coital congress and then
shower and dress.

Alone with me in my hotel room favors Somboo, over the
alternative of returning to the bar, as she lingers for
at least an additional 15 minutes talking and showing me
the perfume and makeup she keeps in her little short
time bag. After a while, though, I do see her off,
wanting to get on with my evening, and not promising to
visit her again later on at her bar.

It’s past 8:30 and I wander down Soi Post Office, get a
coconut from a vendor, and settle down at a go-go bar,
my first since coming to Pattaya. I don’t think much of
the place. The girls wear conservative two piece outfits
and dance rather listlessly around their stage poles. I
get one of them to sit next to me and find out her all
night price is 500 baht to the bar and 1000 to her, an
amount I have no plans of paying. A couple of expensive
lady drinks later and I’ve put out a total of 265 baht,
enough for me. So I pay up and hop on a blue taxi cross
town to the Sabailand Massage Parlor.

June, the girl I was supposed to meet there and who made
me promise to show (“no bullshit”) is instead a no show
herself, several telling me she didn’t come in that day.
Well, whatever. I’m disappointed and pick another girl,
this one the spitting image of Sung Hi Lee, without the
breast implants.

She gives me an extremely pleasant full body massage but
I keep my hands off her, not caring to incur a possible
additional fee or tip, and instead stick with the 350
baht obligatory. She’s willing to spend the night with
me for 1500 baht but I pass, her reaching for a
cigarette having dampened my desire.

I ride back to cruise the beer bars once more for my
last night in Pattaya and end up at one with an
absolutely stunning girl of 18. Her face is perfect and
she looks right off the cover of a Thai fashion or teen
magazine. I can have her the night for a 200 baht bar
fine and 1000 baht to her, all negotiated through the
mamasan. I give in to this one, thinking this is about
the best you can possibly do, but soon regret my choice.

Her maturity level is indeed that of an 18 year old, if
not an 8 year old, for she’s all whining and pouting,
and has a shyness complex to the point where she can’t
stand for me to look at her, her beautiful naked body on
my bed something I’m unable to keep my eyes off of. We
go back and forth with this for a few minutes, my
sucking on her nipples and clit not sufficiently
loosening her up. Finally I’ve had enough, and she wants
to go. So she does, fortunately not demanding any
payment for what was for both of us an unenjoyable
experience and a waste of time.

By now I’m emotionally burned out on all this. It’s
after 1am and I’d just as soon go to bed, but not alone.
I stop at the first beer bar in the other direction next
to my hotel, and find this hole in the wall populated by
a single bar maid and a single bar girl, both over 30. I
never bother learning the bar girl’s name.

She’s a darker brown, has wavy hair and is slightly
thick at 5’3″. She seems nice enough, though has little
to say, the girl behind the bar assuring me she has a
“good heart.” That’s all I’m looking for at this point,
so I pay the bar 150 and take this large eyed native
girl for a 500 baht all night.

I am both too tired and too depressed to attempt
anything more that night so we just have a quick shower
together and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning I feel otherwise, somewhat, and wake to
have her at 8am and again at 9:30. We shower, dress, and
talk some, she again being the type who finds my company
preferable to being alone. I learn I’m her first farang
in a long time (maybe first ever, her English is very
poor), she drawing her income simply by sitting on a bar
stool. Like every girl I’ve been with in Pattaya, she
tells me she hates Arabs.

From what I could gather, the basic stereotype is that
they have a strong odor, have rough unshaven faces with
mustaches, and enjoy being rough, sadistically so. In
any case, clearly they must feel welcome. Because,
although half the signs in Pattaya are in German, half
the tourists are Arab.

I finally send her off, she sorry to go, and pack up and
check out, wanting to make the 12:00 bus back to Ekamai
station. Bangkok, Thailand.

On the blue taxi to the bus, I leave Pattaya with one
final image: across from me sits a 70 year old man in
shorts and a tank top, his huge round beer gut
protruding beneath, and one hand holding that of the
bored teenage Thai girl sitting next to him.

~ ~ ~

The 3 hour bus ride is followed by a half hour taxi ride
through typical Bangkok afternoon gridlock to go the
couple dozen blocks back to my hotel, the Sukhumvit
Crown off of Soi 8.

Right after check in I head over to MK Ways Travel
Agency on Wireless Road to arrange a trip to Laos and
Cambodia. The whole thing comes to 11,440 baht including
airline tickets and Laos visa. Probably not the greatest
deal but they’re a reputable place, having arranged a
previous trip.

The only snag is having to give up my passport for a few
days to get the Laos visa stamped in, and thus being
unable to exchange any traveler’s cheques. Fortunately
the numerous Bangkok ATMs allow me to still access my
bank account and get a credit card cash advance. This I
immediately take advantage of, grabbing a quick 5000

After dinner at Robinson’s Food Court, I decide to check
out the scene at Nana Plaza. It’s much the same as last
year, a bit more crowded, the second level now fully
populated with bars and now a third level beginning to
fill up.

I finally settle down at one of the ground level places
after circling around and having a quick look inside of
all the others. A singha, blaring music and scantily
clad Thai girl encouraging me to buy her out or at least
buy her a lady drink, bring back clear memories of the
same action a year ago. I never find out the prices, and
after only one beer go off instead to Patpong.

Patpong also seems the same as when I last left it, the
touts just as obnoxious and unrelenting as before. I
also make the rounds there, eventually giving in to a
full body massage at one of the local establishments.

500 baht gets you the massage, anything more you work
out with the girl. I choose a young thin one with small
firm breasts. She leads me to a room both smaller and
more cheaply appointed than anything in Sabailand in
Pattaya. Having had enough past experience with Patpong
rip offs, I play this one pretty cautious, going just
for the massage.

I get more anyway, as the girl works to jerk and blow me
off, at one point in a 69, her pussy and ass right
against my face. Feeling where this was leading to, my
coming and a threatened demand for another 1000 or 1500
baht, I cut the action short and leave before things
deteriorate further. I spend some time in one of the
bars and catch a couple pussy shows, involving fire and
popping balloons, before hopping on a taxi to Thermae,
my last stop.

I get a Singha there and check out the scene for an hour
or so, meeting many girls who want to go short time, few
all night. The chances of getting an all night chick for
500 baht don’t seem very good, as opposed to last year
when picking one up took very little effort. The larger
space of the new Thermae seems to contribute to this; it
just feels a little less intimate, requiring more often
for me to walk over to connect to a girl rather than
just turn and face her.

The crowd itself is also smaller and the place just
isn’t as packed as last year, although I may just be in
on an off night. And certainly in this place I’m not
having to fend off the gropers like before, unless
they’ve gone too. I finally end up with a girl for 700
baht, 35 years old and very petite. Choosing her ends up
being a major mistake.

Like cut out figures before me, one bad sign pops up
after another. She’s 35 and has never had a baby,
essentially unheard of in Thailand. She walks with me
out of Thermae carrying a bottle of Singha, rare for a
Thai to like her brew that much. When crossing Sukhumvit
she chooses to head right across the dangerous street
rather than take the foot bridge.

Once in my room, she declines to take a shower saying
she just took one an hour or two ago. Only a farang
would ever say that. She asks for her 700 baht up front,
not afterwards, as is customary. When I see her up close
in the light of my room, her 35 year old face has the
many fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks
of a woman at least 10 years older. Her long brown hair
is unusually wavy and curlie (naturally so) for a Thai
girl. When I undress her, she is rail thin with sticks
for legs, but with natural breasts of a shape so
youthful and firm they could belong to a teenager, an
American one.

She also has a bubbly giddy laughter and babbling manner
that begins to make me uncomfortable. Finally, she
starts telling me about herself. She’s been going to
Thermae and hopping all the other 24 hour bars in
Bangkok, many unknown to most Thais and farangs, for
years now. They are her sole source of income. A few
years ago, she tells me, a man kept buying her drinks
until she fell over drunk.

Rather than lose face, by her rationale, she learned to
drink. A lot. She clearly weighed well under a hundred
pounds but said she could put away a 6 pack of beer like
nothing, and that men who have tried to get her drunk
for amusement, walked away in frustration after she
downed a half dozen or more. She said she could drink
maybe 12 beers before becoming significantly

At this point it became obvious that her physical
appearance bore the ravages of booze, and alcoholism had
affected her mentally, along with living a clearly hard
street life.

Sharing my room for the night with a booze addled crazy
chick is not my idea of fun, to say nothing of the fact
that I found her more than a little scary. Rather than
lose sleeping keeping an eye on her, I ask her to leave.
And the trouble begins.

I refused to give her her 700 baht all night fee for an
hour or so of time and she becomes violent, raising her
empty beer bottle ready to strike me with it. I throw
360 baht at her and she starts screaming. I tell her to
get dressed and get out, now. She refuses to leave with
the 360. More flailing and shouting follow, and rather
than let this deteriorate to something I’ll seriously
regret, manage to get rid of her for 500 baht, her
pointing to a handle sticking from her bag, saying it’s
a long knife.

It’s after 4am, but in my mind I see no reason to let
this deranged woman keep me from having company for what
remains of the night. I get back on Sukhumvit heading
for Thermae and stop along the way to talk to the
passing girls, apparently done for the night. I meet Na.

Her full name is Niayana, she’s a Khmer girl from Khorat
and is dressed in gray jeans and a black shirt. She’s
27, no baby, but had a miscarriage at 4 months. She’s
rather quiet but tends to be unsmiling and direct. We
agree on a 500 baht all night and return to my room,
where both exhausted, we don’t get very far before
falling asleep.

~ ~ ~

The next morning, though, I have her a couple of times,
particularly enjoying her smooth brown skin, completely
hairless except for a light patch on her pubic mound.

We talk about spending some time together. I’m in
Bangkok for a few more days until the next leg of my
trip, and at this point, settling on just one girl to
spend it with has taken on a whole new appeal.

We make love again in the early afternoon, the hotel
maid’s knock finally prompting us to rise. We go out for
coffee and part, briefly meeting again an hour later to
return to my room before going to Robinson’s for a late

Afterwards we shop a little, she buying some postcards
to mail out, and go back to my hotel for her to write
them and me to make a long diary entry. She heads out at
8:30 for a prior commitment, an evening with some
friends, a married couple, but she wants to get back
with me at 11. This kind of arrangement is a bit unusual
for me, but I don’t miss the familiar monotony of
evening pickups, and I still have a couple of hours left
to go out.

~ ~ ~

I check out Soi Cowboy and not notice any difference
from last year; pretty much the same street lined both
sides with go-go bars. After a Singha at one of them I
go over to the Renoir Club on Soi 33, a somewhat high
rent bar and restaurant catering to farang and Thai
businessmen. A 150 baht Kloster at the bar and a cola
lady drink for one of the hostesses later, I take a taxi
back to my hotel and meet Na there waiting for me.

We are only up in my room briefly before going back out
to Thermae for a beer. We intend to spend only about an
hour there but it stretches to two and a half as I wait
around while she talks to the many older farang friends
she seems to have acquired there over time.

My patience with her spent, I start seriously looking
for alternate overnight company. I soon settle on a girl
of 28 for a 500 baht all night and return to my hotel
after a quick by-by to Na.

Her name is Soo. She’s from Buriram and had a baby when
she was only 15. Her body apparently had not fully
developed at the time, for the only sign of her
pregnancy are a few fine stretch marks, her breasts and
stomach still very firm.

I only have her a couple of times before she takes off
about 11:30am leaving me the rest of the day to myself.
I take advantage of this to have a look around
Chinatown, eventually walking the entire length of
Yaowarat after a brief tour of Hua Lamphong railway
station. Earlier on I had to take about a half hour
break to wait out a sudden downpour.

Having had enough of a hike, I opt for a taxi and swing
over to Petchaburi Road. I end up at Soi 47 and go into
the Paris Turkish Bath Massage Parlor. 1200 baht up
front pays for a 2 hour bath, full body massage, and
fuck, overall the best deal I’ve found for such. The
girl I pick is only 18 and doesn’t speak a word of
English, but as I’ve found, you can still have a lot of
fun with someone using a minimum of verbal exchanges.

Afterwards I head back to Sukhumvit, withdraw some more
cash, and then walk to Nana Plaza. My timing’s good as I
enter the Pretty Girl bar, for they’ve started dancing
there completely naked. I pick a stool at the stage and
get a nice close view of the action. In addition to
dancing, the girls also get into some nice lesbian
action, followed by a fire act similar to one I saw in
Patpong. All this for a 65 baht Singha and within
walking distance of my hotel.

The quality and explicitness of the performances gains
my attention for an extended period, and for once I’m
not bored by the whole thing. One naked girl has my
recurring attention as she every so often covers her
crotch with her hand in an act of shyness while smiling
at me.

After her dance I’m surprised from behind as she grabs
me and gives me a big full kiss on the lips.
Appreciating her affection and sweetness, I decide to
take her out for the night, 500 baht to the bar, 1000 to

Her name is Kim, she’s 26, no baby, and is significantly
less sweet when I bring her back to my room, her
attraction for me manifesting itself in a strong
mothering attitude. As soon as I mention I’m going to
Laos in a couple of days, she’s telling me not to go,
it’s too dangerous. And in general tries to lead me
around everywhere.

Her stage shyness, I find out, is due to her thick,
long, straight pubic hair, she’s half Japanese and half
Chinese-Thai. A couple of the other girls on stage
seemed to have hairless pussies, but it was too dark for
me to tell whether they were natural or shaved. As a
consequence, Kim asks me to shave her, a task I
enthusiastically agree to. We manage to get most of it
off, but when I tongue her later I feel like I’m against
sand paper. She returns the favor by bathing me and
washing my hair.

Overall she’s a rather orgasmic chick, as I’m able to
get her off both orally and vaginally. We sleep through
the night and I have her once more early in the morning.
We dress and go out about noon to the Indra Regent Hotel
for lunch and then the surrounding Pattunam Market to
shop, she the whole time asking me to buy her various
things including a gold ring so she can show her friends
she has a “boyfriend.”

None of this I give into and tire quickly of being
pulled along by her. She wants to go “long time” with
me, live in an apartment, etc., for a price of course.
Instead we return to my room where she’d left her stuff
and I send her off, trying to explain to her why I don’t
care for her company. She leaves even tempered and I
find myself with another open evening.

~ ~ ~

I pick up my passport and Laos and Cambodia airline
tickets at MK Ways, and for dinner go to the Galaxy No
Hands restaurant on Rama IV. The experience is very

Contrary to what I’d heard, the eroticism was only the
most subtle, was way overpriced, and in general not
worth it at all except for the Japanese and Hong Kong
businessmen with money to burn that the place seems
designed to cater to.

I was led into a private room, took off my shoes and sat
on cushions before a sunken table. A very old waiter
took my order, a three course Chinese meal and a couple
of 20 oz bottles of Singha. I then was taken to an outer
area where I chose a girl to feed me.

I picked an Isaan girl of 28 with a ready smile dressed
in a light orange business suit. We went back to the
room and talked some until the order came. And when it
did, she simply proceeded to feed me, spooning me
mouthfuls of fried rice, chicken with cashews, and
prawns, interrupted by the occasional sip of beer.

After a while, with my encouragement, she joined me. My
hands were mostly at my sides but occasionally rested on
her thighs or breasts. She remained fully dressed the
whole time, not “scantily clad” as I heard.

It was a pleasant enough time but in no way worth the
1200 baht for the meal plus a 500 baht tip for the
mamasan and another 500 for the others. And if you
wanted a *one* hour massage from the girl afterwards,
the price was 2200 baht plus 400 for the room which was
in a cheap hotel you had to walk outside down an
alleyway to get to.

All this included a 10% added charge for paying by
credit card since I never carry that much cash around
Bangkok. The bath, massage and fuck were passable but
half as long as they should’ve have been. Had I known I
was going to be shelling out nearly 200 US dollars for
something this underwhelming, visa a vise its
reputation, I never would have gone in.

It was about midnight when I left, feeling cheated, and
took a taxi back to Sukhumvit to find a bedmate at
Thermae for my last night in Bangkok. After prowling the
area for an hour or so, I spotted at a corner table a
young girl sitting by herself sipping a cup of tea.
After bouncing off enough of the rough chicks at the
bar, sitting next to her was refreshing.

Her name was Supranee or Oy for short (a nickname I’ve
found rather common among Thai girls) and was only 21
with no baby. She wore very little makeup and said she
doesn’t smoke cigarettes or drink whiskey, and over all
seemed a nice sweet person. Her day job was at the Thai
Cement and Mitsubishi plant and she lived in an all
female apartment complex.

We agree on a 900 baht all night, more than I’ve ever
paid for a Thermae girl but I genuinely like this one
and I’ve found it much harder to get the 500 baht price
that girls in Thermae seemed much more readily to agree
to last year. But then everything in Bangkok seems a
little more expensive this time around.

It’s late when we go back to my room, so we just sleep,
but I have her twice in the morning. She’s definitely on
the shy side and not nearly as wildly orgasmic as the
first girl I had in Pattaya, but is responsive enough
for me to get it up over. She also likes me very much
and we exchange addresses to correspond.

After a shower, I pack and check out, say goodbye to
Supranee, exchange a couple of traveler’s cheques and
hop on the 70 baht airport bus. My carrier is Lao
Aviation and our in-flight meal for the hour trip from
Bangkok to Vientiane consists of a cold hot dog with
ketchup, donut, green cupcake, and miniature banana. I
enjoy this with a small glass of Beerlao.

The food, however, only partially foretells the scene I
arrive to in Laos. I was expecting a spartan terminal,
befitting a very poor country, but not quite as decrepit
and poorly lit, with rusted signs and an obstacle course
of mud puddles from the recent rain. More importantly,
the single money exchange booth at the airport is
closed, requiring that I deal entirely in the readily
accepted Thai baht my first day in Laos.

I arrive late in the afternoon and take a 200 baht taxi
ride into town to the Lao Chaleune Hotel (aka the Inter-
Hotel) which sits on a quiet corner only about a hundred
feet from the banks of the Mekong River. I check into a
350 a night room with two beds, aircon, refrigerator
with bottled water, and hot shower. I spend the early
evening exploring the neighborhood, my umbrella only
providing partial protection from the light but steady

In the dark I must pay as much attention to my next step
as the sights around me, for paved streets appear to be
a recent innovation in the capital of Laos, the sidewalk
an invention largely unheard of. After dodging mud
puddles and receiving a gradual soaking for some two
hours, I end up in a small tavern, order a large bottle
of Beerlao, and watch the fuzzy reception of a Malaysia
Indonesia soccer game on the TV.

A thousand kip (a little over a dollar) tuk-tuk ride
back to my hotel, a quick shower and change of clothes,
and I’m ready to check out the downstairs nightclub. The
band plays very loud, mostly Lao pop music as near as I
can tell. I’m offered an English speaking girl for
conversation and we go into a quieter outer room to
talk. She’s half Lao half American and doesn’t look at
all Lao, and I make use of her to acquaint myself a bit
more with the country and try to plan out some of my
short 3 night stay.

After a while she leaves and I’m approached by a young
man asking if I would like to have her for the night. I
instead request a Lao girl but am given one of
Vietnamese ancestry, both parents emigrants from Hanoi.
We agree on a 1000 baht all night, an amount I should’ve
been able to cut down, and she’s sent to my room at
about 11pm. Her name is Vieng, 27, one baby, ok looking,
but I decide not worth expending more than one condom

She stays with me until about 11:30 the next morning,
and after the rain tapers off a bit, I head out for
lunch at a small local place. The rain picks up again
while I eat and when I go out again I find the streets
flooded with up to a foot of water. I had planned a
walking tour of the city that day but the unrelenting
rain keeps me indoors. I instead go back to my room for
another shower.

~ ~ ~

After dinner I set up a private day tour of the
surrounding area for the next day. Because of short
notice, I’m unable to hook up with a group and am paying
more than I’d like to.

A little while later I go downstairs intending to check
out the night club scene but instead end up talking to a
gen-u-wine mercenary whom I later find out happens to be
in the room next to mine.

He says he runs an air transport company (ala Air
America, Southern Air Transport, etc.) in the region and
simply describes his job as moving cargo, cargo that
often happens to be soldiers, weapons, and military
supplies. He’s been in Southeast Asia some 28 years now
and tells me the hotel I happen to have chosen used to
be used by Air America people. We end up talking for a
few hours exchanging info on the best and cheapest pussy
(during the Vietnam War you could get a girl short time
for $1.50).

At one point he tells me of a friend who went out into
the country in Thailand and bought a girl off a family
for $100, didn’t like her after a few days, and took her
back for a refund. He also talks a lot about his
marshall arts background, black belts and various ground
fighting experiences, including pulling out a small
mini-mag flashlight he keeps and demonstrating various
ways to kill someone with it. A generally likeable, good
natured person, but a little scary after listening to
for the evening.

The end result is that I never get around to acquiring
any female company, and for the first time this trip, go
to bed alone.

The entire next day is spent on my tour. Myself, a
guide, and a driver go off into the country in a taxi.
We get out of the city and drive along the lush green
country roads, stopping along the way at a zoo, which
although not spectacular in its collection, I find
significantly better kept up than the Saigon zoo in

We reach the Nam Ngum lake, created by the Japanese 30
years ago by damming the Ang Nam Ngum river, and take a
boat ride out into the middle and around its islands.
This is followed by a traditional Lao meal for lunch and
then the trip back, along the way stopping at a Lao
country market to shop.

The rain has finally let up when we return, and in the
remaining twilight hours I walk around Vientiane, ending
up at the far side of the central city where the
populace live and set up shop in shacks amid mud and
squalor. Their pride and dignity is apparent even in the
face of such abject poverty.

~ ~ ~

Later in the evening I’m in my room relaxing after a
shower and about to go out for a late dinner, when I’m
visited by the girl I slept with two nights ago along
with her pimp. It’s only about 8:30 and yet they’re
ready to line up an all night for me, even asking where
I’ve been all day, apparently having tried to arrange
things even earlier.

I tell him I’m leaving tomorrow morning and am no way
paying 1000 baht for that girl again. And that anyway I
came to Laos for a Lao girl, not one of direct
Vietnamese origin.

They take off, and after dinner in the restaurant
downstairs, I find my soldier-of-fortune friend sitting
outside the night club again, and join him over a beer,
once more, in talking about our common interest,
oriental pussy.

He tells me about his days as a contract aircraft
mechanic and engineer in the Philippines where just a
few yards from where he worked girls would be set up in
shacks for short time service. Often times when he’d be
on call for combat repair, guys would simply be off with
a girl.

And when planes would come in, someone would go to the
shacks to round them up. Back then, going off to shag a
filipina (or LBFM — Little Brown Fucking Machine) was
as casual as getting a cup of coffee.

All the while, girls are going past us into the night
club and we are entertained intermittently by being
joined by a few of them. My few words of Thai come in
handy as most every Lao can also understand it. We
occasionally get a pretty one (Laos look much like
Thais) but none will budge below 1000 baht for an all
night, and I have no intention of supporting a grossly
overpriced economy.

My friend suspects there’s strong peer pressure among
the girls not to cheapen themselves, in addition to a
network of snitches keeping an eye on everyone,
recalling that Laos is a communist country. I give up
about 1am, the area’s mostly shut down by now, and head
up alone to bed.

The next morning after breakfast (watched part of “Repo
Man” on video dubbed in Lao), I pack, check out, and
take a taxi to the airport. Earlier the previous evening
I was hit on by a very young ladyboy in the street, and
had also heard rumor of a massage parlor, though only
open from 4pm to 8pm. Plus, I knew I certainly, if I
cared to pay their price, could get one of the hotel’s
night club girls.

So, over all, you can, and I did, get laid in Laos,
though from what I’ve found, I question whether it’s
worth the expense or effort, maybe only if you’re really
desperate and/or horny. Much of Laos is rural mountains
and country side or farm land, some villages so remote,
barter is used instead of money. And as I leave this
place, I consider returning only to explore that, and
with my own bedmate in tow. Hmmm, I wonder how much
pussy a carton of Marlboros will get?

The flight from Vientiane to Phnom Penh is only an hour
or so. Lao Aviation didn’t think to pass out arrival
cards on the plane, so I’m having to do all my paperwork
on the spot, including a Cambodia visa application. It’s
only $20 to get in and I pay up and pass through
immigration quickly, they not minding I can’t find a
photo of myself to go with my visa. I grab a taxi and
head into town, to the Hong Kong Hotel.

Another day, another third world rat hole. Actually,
Phnom Penh isn’t too bad the first drive through. The
place is certainly quite a bit more built up, with a
somewhat aged but solid looking infrastructure, unlike
the almost absurd decrepitude found in the capital of

Phnom Penh also bustles with a good deal of traffic,
although the majority is still motorcycles, bicycles,
and cyclos — foot pedalled three wheeled taxis. I’m
told by my mercenary friend in Laos, it’s much like
Bangkok was 20 years ago or more, and in fact, it’s very
easy to see the evolutionary steps needed to go from one
to the other.

After check in I’m offered a room for $20 a night with
aircon, TV, refrigerator, and hot shower. I pass though,
because it doesn’t have a window and I don’t care to
feel like I’m sleeping in a closet. I opt instead for
similar, windowed one, for $25.

I soon find out that Cambodia is largely a dollar
economy. Their unstable currency, the riel, is currently
about 2800 to the dollar and is given out in a confusing
array of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000,
50,000, and 100,000 denominations. Rather than keep a
large wad of odd sized bills in my pocket, I go with
what prices are quoted in anyway, and convert my baht
back to dollars, mostly 1’s and 5’s.

I spend the afternoon walking around the neighborhood
some. My hotel is on Monivong Street, a main drag, but
by just going one block over, behind my hotel, I
encounter unpaved urban squalor. Eventually, I get over
to Street 63, which parallels Monivong on the other
side, and start checking out the brothels.

Downtown these look like any other shop except that the
metal security curtain that would be drawn and locked at
night is closed together with about a two foot opening.
When you walk in, it’s unlit and you start talking to
the mamasan and some of the girls. Others may be
upstairs on the overlooking second level loft.

I find mostly Vietnamese girls for sale, and after a
couple of stops, settle on one to take back to my hotel
a couple of hours for $10. She’s 18 and has a beautiful
smooth face, but she’s a little fat when I undress her,
and has acne marks and scars all over her body. I have
her a couple of times, nothing spectacular, before
sending her off, showering, dressing and grabbing dinner
across the street.

At night I prowl the streets for free lancers but don’t
have any luck. I stop in a barbershop for a $4 massage.
The girl wants an additional $20 to let me screw her,
but I pass, thinking I can do better. I find the streets
of Phnom Penh mostly pretty safe at night.

I’m unbothered where ever I go except for the occasional
beggar, one without any arms being particularly
persistent, at one point ramming his stumps into my
chest, but I walk away. I do try to stay on the main
more well lit streets, though, staying wary of shadowed
side areas I felt so free to pass through during
daylight. I head back to my hotel alone for the night
and consider whether Phnom Penh is going to be a
strictly “short time” town for me.

The next day I go over to the Allson Hotel up the street
for a $7 buffet lunch. Food okay, nothing to get excited
about. I then take care of converting the remainder of
my Thai baht to U.S. dollars, and then grab a $1
motorbike taxi and head over to Tuol Kauk (appropriately
pronounced TOOL COCK).

Tuol Kauk is a large village of wooden shacks on the
northern edge of town. The roads are mostly dirt, or mud
if it’s rained, and except for providing residence and
the occasional shop selling soda and cigarettes, the
shanties built beside them apparently serve only to
house prostitution.

There are a great many of these small places, I stopped
counting after a dozen, and in front of each, the girls
sit offering themselves to you. Some are quiet and cold
and you must approach them and smile before they’ll
acknowledge you. Others, particularly the Vietnamese
girls (as opposed to the Khmer), are quite aggressive,
waving you over, grabbing you when you’re within arm’s
reach, and literally dragging you inside.

After a few stops on the Khmer side of the railroad
tracks, I sat down on the front porch of one place and
was offered my choice of a half dozen Khmer girls, or
the mamasan herself. They ranged in age from perhaps
late teens to early thirties, my attempts to communicate
rather frustrating. Not being in a hurry, it still being
early afternoon, I sat with them, allowing myself to be
touched, prodded, and fondled by each.

Aside from the hair on my forearms, the most constant
point of fascination and admiration from these, and all
other Southeast Asian girls I’ve been with, seems to be
my nose. Almost without exception, it seems, they
dislike their own flattened bridge and somewhat flared
nostrils, no matter how small and cute they are, and
instead seem to feel my straight, narrow nose to be some
kind of ideal.

After a few minutes of this, I give in to their offers
and choose one of the younger girls to go inside for a
$3 screw, the cheapest by far I’ve ever paid for sex.

Her face was cute, her eyes round, and her skin brown. I
undressed her and her skin was perfectly smooth all
over. She had only a few fine hairs on her pussy, and
you had to get close to notice them. We were in a
partition not much larger than the bed, and beyond
undoing my pants, chose not to get undressed. I had her
on the bed, and when I finished, withdrew, and she
removed my condom, dropping it to the open ground
between the floor planks. I buttoned up, paid my $3, and
headed farther up the road.

A couple of more stops later and I let myself get pulled
into another shack. This time I’m not quite as
particular, but choose another Khmer girl. She’s a
little older, maybe mid twenties, and has had a baby,
but is still reasonably attractive. I get her short time
for only $2, breaking my previous record of just a few
minutes earlier.

Once naked, her brown skin is as smooth and hairless as
the other’s, this time having only a half dozen light
hairs around her pussy lips. I do nothing more than
unzip my fly, don a condom, and have her on the bed, the
condition of these places not being very conducive to
foreplay. Another 10 minutes of penetration and
thrusting, and I ejaculate semen into my condom’s
receptacle tip. The whole experience is about as base as
it gets, and maybe because of that, I get off rather

Although I still have a couple of condoms left, I’ve run
out of one dollar bills, and brothels aren’t exactly the
kind of places not to have exact change for. So I hop on
back of another motorbike and head back to my hotel, the
sky threatening rain.

~ ~ ~

Rest, shower, later dinner. Around 11 I head over to
Street 63 and pick an extremely cute 19 year old
Vietnamese girl for $15 all night. Her face is adorable,
her body thin with smooth flawless skin, unlike the
first Vietnamese girl I had. She also has large
hemisphere like breasts that if this wasn’t Cambodia,
you’d swear were implants; they feel very real and
natural, though.

As unfortunately seems too often be the case with young,
stunningly beautiful girls (that know that they are so)
they get very conditional and particular. In this one’s
case, although she didn’t mind taking off her clothes or
having the lights on, she didn’t want to be kissed, or
have her nipples sucked, or just generally be handled.
And had a tendency to pout and turn away when you tried.

In the end, I had her a couple of times, at night and
the next morning. But the longer we were together the
more she wanted to leave, and rather than hold her
captive (the agreement with her mamasan was I could have
her until noon), I let her go at 9:30, by then not
caring much for her company either.

I have lunch at the Allison Hotel for the last time, the
bitchy French woman who runs the buffet making a big
deal that I want change for a $10 bill, and hop on back
of a motorbike to check out Svay Pak.

I unfortunately did not choose my driver well, allowing
us both to get lost, him stopping for directions several
times. And an 11 kilometer trip out of town becomes
about 40 (I should have halted him long before). I end
up seeing a lot more of the Cambodian country side than
I planned, at times riding with a river on one side,
rice paddies on the other and thatched roof huts lining
the roads, the scenic wonder of it all mitigated by my
soar rear stuck on a motorbike and dust flying into my

We do finally circle back and make it to Svay Pak, and
after such a long ride, I’m rather disappointed. Overall
there seems to be considerably fewer brothels than Tuol
Kauk, maybe only a dozen or so, although I didn’t
thoroughly survey the entire village, and every one I
checked out only had Vietnamese girls, which by now I
didn’t particularly care for.

I end up getting nothing more than a beer and instead
head back to Phnom Penh with a stop at Tuol Kauk, on the
north edge of town. We go to the Khmer side and, like
the day before, I make my rounds, this time shagging
three different girls, each for $3.

Two of them were youngish, maybe late teens, with small
round bodies and firm breasts. The other was taller and
bigger, but all curves like a Khmer version of Anna
Nicole Smith, and with huge torpedo like breasts that
hanged forward but were still also quite firm. All three
were very affectionate and the big one loved thrusting
her tits at me and shaking them up and down, laughing
all the while.

She would have made a great strip club dancer. If this
place were a bit closer to my hotel, I’d love to bring
one of these back, and may still try. They were a lot of

I get back to my hotel and rest some, my eyes still
burning from the road, catch a late dinner at an Indian
restaurant, and record these events.

~ ~ ~

Another stroll down Street 63 and the first brothel I
hit was the one from the previous night. I tell the
mamasan the chick I had last night was no good and ask
for another. The one offered, and accepted, was not
quite the looker as last night’s girl, so I get her all
night for only $12.

She’s a big girl, not like the one at Tuol Kauk who was
all curves, but just fat, with small but firm breasts.
Her skin is smooth and light brown. She’s apparently
half Vietnamese and half something else, maybe Cambodian
or American, and has fairly round eyes. She definitely
enjoys being with me and is way more affectionate than
the other one.

I have her a couple of times. The first is a quickie as
soon as we get back to my room, without showering first
since we’ll just shower again after, and then another
screw early the next morning. This girl wants to stay
with me, but I have a big day planned and push her out
about 8:30.

That day I fly to Seam Reap to see the temples. I’d
considered possibly doing it in a single day, flying
back to Phnom Penh in the evening, but miss the 9am
flight, and spend the morning in the airport waiting for
the next one at 1:20pm. My day of culture will now span
two and I’m without anything for the overnight. Nothing
on me but an umbrella.

I opt for roughing it a bit, and finally board the plane
about 1:30. We then just sit there in the plane for half
an hour, and then go back to the departure gate and sit
some more. Some three hours later we finally take off,
aboard a Royal Air Cambodge twin engine ATR72. The
propellers were manufactured by Hamilton Standard and
the inflight meal was a cupcake and cup of coca cola.

35 minutes later we touch down at Seam Reap Airport and
I find myself quickly led to a taxi for a one dollar
ride to Mom’s Guest House. A room with aircon and
bathroom (cold shower) costs $15 a night. This I pay,
along with a $20 temple admission fee and another $20 to
hire a taxi for the day.

It’s nearly dark when I check in, and after a cook your
own meal of beef strips (a small wood burning hot plate
and soap tureen is placed on your table) at the Bayon
Restaurant next door, I check out the neighborhood a bit
in the dark and mud (it had rained earlier that day).
Not much going on where I’m staying, but I run into some
girls on a street corner not far away selling sugar cane
or something, and make time with them for a little

I don’t get any takers and go back to the hotel. It’s
only about 7:30pm but I’m totally clueless about the
available Seam Reap night action, which I know exists. I
also don’t bother asking a taxi, Bangkok having
conditioned me against that, and instead kill a few
hours watching a Thai soap opera, dubbed in Khmer, on
the downstairs TV.

8:30 the next morning my taxi picks me up and I spend
most of the day at Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. Lots of
carved stone. Throughout the morning I’m accompanied by
three little Khmer girls, maybe 6 or 7 years old each,
who I allow to attach themselves to me, finding them
adorable. They can’t speak a word of English and never
make their intentions clear, but simply tag along,
giggling frequently and providing me amusement.

I make it back to the airport about 3:30 and three hours
later am back in my Phnom Penh hotel room, feeling dirty
and exhausted, or so I thought. After a shower and
shave, I relax a little watching CNN and over time find
I no longer have the strength to stand.

Not much longer after, I realize I have a fever and am
in no condition to spend an evening out. I suspect a
recent meal as I also have diarrhea. I take some of the
bacterium I brought along for it and go to bed early.

By mid morning the next day, I’m mostly recovered and
have three cans of a strawberry juice drink along with a
meal of fried rice. Then I’m on the back of a motorbike,
purchase 60 M-16 rounds for $22, and head to the
shooting range. There I trade 30 of them for AK-47
bullets (at the range, I’m told, you pay $1 for each
one), and get in some target shooting, with full auto
on. I pay $10 to rent each gun and another $10 for a
hand grenade. As a bonus, they let me fire a few rounds
from a tripod mounted, belt fed, M-57 machine gun.

In the afternoon, my last full day in Phnom Penh, I make
one last visit to Tuol Kauk, and screw 4 girls for $2
apiece. All were Khmer and very friendly, but by the
time the fourth one pulled me in (her pussy was very
nearly hairless), it was enough for me to be able to
perform at all. I had brought along 4 condoms and used
them all, paying less for the experience than the cost
of a Bangkok taxi ride to the airport.

~ ~ ~

My last evening in Phnom Penh and I finally taste a bit
of the night life, such as I know it to exist. First
stop is a casino aboard a docked ocean cruiser. Mostly
video slot machines and a few other games, including
roulette in the upstairs hall. Admittance is to foreign
passport holders only, and the crowd appears mostly

Next is a brief stop to check out Martini’s. I arrive
with very low expectations but don’t find the place all
that bad. Mostly just your basic bar and disco combo,
but with many unattached girls, most expressing interest
and a few worth a second look.

I go in for a quick beer and soon find my hand in the
grasp of a pretty Khmer girl in a red party dress. She
tells me she’s mine ’til the next day for $20 and I’d
seriously consider it except later on I’m going to try
to meet a Tuol Kauk girl I met. Overall, I can see
Martini’s serving as something of a substitute for
Thermae when in Phnom Penh.

From my brief experience, it appears the approach to
getting a free lance girl for the night is just as
direct, the girls roughly have parity in looks, and the
price may be as little as half what’s asked for now at
Thermae. A big advantage Thermae has for me, though, is
that it can easily be walked to from my hotel, whereas a
taxi is required to get from downtown to Martini’s
(unless I can find a cheap nearby hotel that isn’t out
in the boonies).

After Martini’s, I’m off to the nearby Cash Box night
club. This place is the only bar with nude dancing girls
I know of in Phnom Penh (the desk clerk at my hotel said
he knew of another with a Chinese name but didn’t know
where it was). The Cash Box is certainly a poor
substitute for Patpong or Nana Plaza, but it does offer
some advantages. Although there’s just one circular
stage with three nude girls, the girls are quite a bit
more friendly on stage than anything I’ve found in

For a one dollar tip, completely nude girls in the
middle of their dance shift, jump off stage into your
lap, allowing you to fondle them anywhere, while also
engaging in some serious lap dancing. With a mostly
Japanese/Chinese crowd, though, the expected tip tends
to get bid up.

At one point I deposited my girl on the lap of the drunk
Japanese guy next to me, who already had one, and he
ended up tipping them both. Others nearby were also
offering me free feels of their lap girls, and I obliged

After Cash Box, I go back to my hotel to wait for the
Tuol Kauk girl whom I know will almost certainly be a no
show. You can hardly expect a commitment like that to be
kept by a girl who lets you screw her for $2. After
giving her the benefit of the doubt for half an hour, I
withdraw it and walk over to Street 63, my now standard
alternative for all night company.

I find a brothel or “coffee shop” with one Khmer girl
(most in that neighborhood seem to stock exclusively
Vietnamese) and settle with the mamasan for $15, getting
the girl until 11am or noon the next day.

My last girl in Southeast Asia this trip and I luck out
with an adorable one. Though she doesn’t speak a word of
English (I don’t think I’ve had a single girl in
Cambodia I could speak three words to), she has a
cheerful and very affectionate disposition, giggling
frequently and wrapping her tiny 4’10” body around mine
whenever we lay together. Her name is Ot, I think I
gathered, she’s 19 and soon reminds me of what one of
those Seam Reap temple girls who tagged along with me
might be like in 10 years or so.

I end of getting my money’s worth with her, having her
once that night and another three times through the next
morning. Not a lot of sleep, but with the grueling
amount of time I expect to soon be spending in airports
waiting for connecting flights home, I’ll have plenty of
time to make up for it.

As seems to be a general distinction between Khmer and
Vietnamese girls, Ot is quite shy about her beautiful,
tiny brown body. At the same time, though, she peels in
laughter every time I sneak up and steal her towel, a
recurring source of amusement for me during the night
and morning.

Her attachment seems genuine as she takes every relaxed
moment to entwine herself around me, and come noon, I’m
sorry to see her go, wishing to bring her back with me.
But Ot is a brothel girl not a Thermae freelancer in
charge of her own life. And when we go downstairs to the
lobby, a “pappasan” is waiting to take her back.

He greets her with a big smile, she’s also happy to see
him, and it becomes clear to me where her loyalties lie.
Her brothel seems to provide a home of sorts. Her
mamasan perhaps actually serving a kind of mother role
also, looking out for her, taking care of her. But what
family relationships exist for her there, I can only
guess at, the language and cultural barriers presently

After seeing Ot off, I check out, do a little souvenir
shopping at the Central Market, and take a taxi to
Pochentong International Airport. As I fly over and say
goodbye to the city and country, the fourth and last in
this brief tour, I decide Phnom Penh and Cambodia
definitely merit another visit.

Next time, I think, I’ll give it its due — if I can
stay away from Tuol Kauk.