Tamiko’s Adventures

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by Tamiko (gunthersmithy@gmail.com)


A girl fresh out of high school works to discover what
she truly desires in life. (MFF, MF, reluc, inc,


Hello, I’m Tamiko, and this is my story about how I
became a prostitute. Mind you, it’s all voluntary, so
don’t jump to conclusions about any underground sex
trade. Wouldn’t want anyone getting in trouble over my
simple story. Once I turned 18, I didn’t feel the need
to go to college. I was just done with school; after
all, I had been going to school for my entire life.
After a few heated arguments with my parents, I moved
in with my sister, Mariko, and her boyfriend, Brian.

I’m of mixed Japanese and white heritage, but I got my
body mostly from my Japanese side. I’m quite short,
five feet to be exact, and have very little in terms
of chest. Sad for a girl, but at least I keep myself
quite slim and fit through basketball, and fortunately
I inherited what some would say White features. I have
round, brown eyes which are complimented by nicely
trimmed eyebrows and double eyelids. My long, dark
brown hair goes straight down to my waist. What else,
I have a well-defined nose and decently full lips set
on a narrow face with high cheekbones.

Anyways, I moved in with my sister when I was 18,
during the summer after my graduation. She bought a
house in some town in the middle of nowhere only
because she wanted some distance from the parents
without having to pay too much for housing. One night,
I came home from playing basketball at the town
recreation center.

I felt my way through the dark house and upstairs into
my room. I undressed, wrapped a towel around myself,
and made my way down the hall to the bathroom. Right
before the bathroom was my sister’s bedroom, and I was
able to hear muffled moans coming from inside. I
instantly knew Mariko and Brian must have been making
some sweet love from the sounds I heard.

I still remember Mariko’s moaning: “Ohhhhh, yeah,
yeah, yeah,” her voice kept rising with each creak of
the bed springs.

I felt myself moistening just listening to them
fucking. An idea shot into mind and I bit my lip
considering whether or not I should do it. Figuring
the consequences weren’t too bad, I approached the
door and turned the knob as slowly as possible. I
attempted to push the door open slowly when the hinges
gave off a loud creak.

Just then, Brian raised his head and stopped

“What’re you doing?” Mariko had asked, gently moving
her hips around.

Brian called out, “Is someone there?”

I turned hot in the face realizing that they might see
me, but it was too late. Mariko had sat up and saw me
in the doorway. “Tamiko!” She yelled and threw Brian
off of her. I shut the door and ran to my room as fast
as I could. It was all useless, Mariko stepped into my
room, turned on the lights, and grabbed me, saying,
“How dare you intrude on me!”

“I-I just wanted to make sure you were ok,” I
attempted to lie.

“I’m going to have to punish you for this… this
intrusion on my privacy, little sister,” Mariko said
with a grin.

Confused, I backed up a little and saw Brian stepping
into the room with his full erection. That was my
first time seeing a penis and I was quite shocked at
how big one could be, and how could guys walk around
with that thing sticking out? The package was at least
8 inches, and he noted my bewildered expression. He
kind of just stood there, leaning against the door
frame, stroking himself slowly.

“I think it’s time for a sex talk, lil’ sis,” Mariko
said. She grabbed the towel that was around me and
yanked it away, leaving me completely nude. I grew
even redder knowing that Brian was there.

“Hey! Stop that,” I yelled at Mariko.

“Oh shut up,” Mariko quipped. While she examined my
childish body, I was able to actually look at her in
the nude. We aren’t too different physically, although
her face is broader and her body naturally wider
because she doesn’t exercise as much as I do. Her
breasts weren’t that big, perhaps just barely making B
cups, and she was completely shaven. Her nipples were
still erect from earlier and there was a sort of
wetness in her inner thighs.

She ignored my protests and grabbed my legs. “Finish
me off, dickhead, while I teach my sister.” Brian just
laughed and moved further into the room. Mariko pushed
me against the top of my bed and pulled my legs apart.

I kicked as much as I could, but Mariko somehow just
knew how to pin down my legs. “Stop it, sis, you’re
just ruining the moment.”

I held my breath as I watched what my older sister was
about to do.

Mariko brushed her brown hair to one side and stuck
out her tongue, then licked my entire womanhood, from
vagina to clit. The wave of pleasure that flooded me
made me involuntarily yelp. Mariko proceeded to flick
her tongue on my clit and suck it while prodding my
vagina with her finger. The ecstasy that soon followed
was overwhelming; I relaxed and settled into quite the
sex lesson. Soon enough, I began to moan just as how
Mariko had when Brian was fucking her. “Ahhhhhh,
Mariko, what’re you doing? Oh my gosh!” I gasped hard
as my big sister began to prod my pussy with her

All the while, Brian was jerking off behind Mariko. He
saw his chance and grabbed my sister’s waist then
plunged deep into her pussy.

“Oh, shit!” Mariko screamed at being penetrated so
deeply and began to moan as Brian fucked her doggy-
style, enjoying the live porn show in front of him.
Somehow Mariko punctured my virginity without any
pain, but I didn’t really care. All I could say is
that I enjoyed that threesome.

I remember my sister moaning with each thrust Brian
gave to her, “Mmmf, nnnrrrrf, mmmf, nnnrrrf,” and her
face being shoved into my cunt in rhythm to the skin
slapping. Completely engulfed in the pleasure, my
sight switched between watching Mariko eat me out and
Brian humping my sister senseless. My hands were
clenching the sheets in response to a tension building
in my lower regions.

In time, we all orgasmed so hard that I’m sure our
neighbors heard us. I was the first, with my sister
flicking her tongue furiously over my clit and rubbing
my g-spot on the inside. The wave of pleasure that
came over me was too good to describe. All I can
remember was my pussy clenching with spasms and me
yelling at the top of my lungs, “Ahhhhh, what the

It was too much to handle for Brian and Mariko. Brian
grabbed Mariko by the breasts and raised her up. He
senselessly beat her ass with his humping until they
came with each other, screaming in pleasure.

The two separated, gasping for air. Mariko turned
around and began to make out with Brian, but gently
pushed him away, saying, “Oh, I almost forgot.”

She untied my hands, whispering in my ear, “Tomorrow
will be lesson two.”

Brian just smiled then picked her up and out of my
room. They didn’t even bother to close the door as
they continued to fuck all night.

So after that, I continued to have threesomes with
them as I learned about my sexuality. They taught me
so much, including how to give head to both men and
women, positioning, how to use my hands. Including the
lessons, they also gave me a vibrating dildo, which I
have made love to almost every night since.

Fast forwarding to only a few months ago, it was my
20th birthday. We went out to eat dinner and then
returned home to have a few drinks. The doorbell rang,
and Brian answered it. In came a huge white man, big
enough to be a basketball player. His head almost
touched the low ceiling. He was probably 6′ 5″, if not
taller. He had a buzz-cut and sported huge muscles
which he showed off through his tank-top and shorts.

“Tamiko, here is your present!” Brian exclaimed. A
little buzzed and confused, I looked at him and asked,
“What am I going to do with him?”

“Don’t worry,” Mariko reassured me, “He’s yours for
tonight. Whatever you want him to do, plus what he’s
gonna do to you.” She added a slight wink at the end.

A feeling of excitement started to boil in my lower

“Hello, sweetheart,” the man said in his deep voice,
“You may call me Butler. If I may take you up to your
room, we may begin your birthday gift.”

Nervously, I answered, “Uh… yeah, sure.”

He came over and picked me up like a ragdoll. Butler
carried me in his muscular arms all the way into my
room. I was shocked to find it candle-lit with a
massage table in the middle. Thankfully I had a
decently sized room or else it would’ve been cramped.
“Wait what? How?” I blurted out incredulously.

“Don’t worry, those you live with allowed me to come
in and set this up while you were out eating dinner.”

He set me down on the massage table and began to
undress me. I didn’t protest; my heart was racing with
excitement and I was already moist from all the
anticipation. The fantasies I was reciting in my head.

He laid me down and gave me the most relaxing oil
massage I had ever had. Each stroke seemed to release
tension hidden deep in my small body. Soon enough
after taking care of every other part of my body, he
began to target my sensitive areas, starting first
with my inner thighs. He worked his way up to my outer
vulvas and inwards. Gently, he flipped me over and
began to work on my clit with his thumb while rubbing
me with his other fingers. Oh the pleasure, completely
indescribable. The circle movements he made and the
soft touches.

I moaned softly with every movement, occasionally
twitching at the tendrils of pleasure spreading
throughout my body. I partially opened my eyes to make
sure I wasn’t sleeping, but quickly opened them wide
in shock. There, floating above my head, was his
massive ball sack and equally impressive penis. I
don’t even know how he managed to take off his clothes
so silently! It must’ve been during his preparation
when I was turned facing downwards.

His penis was even bigger than my vibrating dildo, and
that was a considerable 8 inches. By now I was so hot
with lust, my face redder than a lobster and my breath
so raggedy, that I was just mesmerized by the penis. I
slowly reached up and grabbed it, stroking it with my
oiled hands. Butler let out a small sigh and then
dipped his head into my thighs. He began to eat me
out, furiously sucking and flicking his tongue,
moaning as if he were eating a delicious meal. I came
almost immediately after he started, arching my back
up and squeezing him a bit, yelling out, “Oh FUCK!”

After calming down, I pulled his penis down towards my
mouth. Once in position, I licked my lips and wrapped
them around his bulbous head. My tongue flicked over
the slit and I tasted his salty pre-cum as I sucked as
much as I could out. All the while stroking with one
hand, barely able to wrap my fingers around him, I
used my other hand to pull at his thigh, urging him to
come closer.

Butler’s tongue never stopped his furious work as he
switched between messing with my clit and penetrating
me. I soon felt another orgasm build up, but not
before I felt Butler inching his way into my mouth.
No, I remember thinking, I refuse to orgasm again
before he does.

I used my free hand to push him away from my cunt. He
stood to his full height and looked down, waiting for
more orders. I got off of the table, grabbed a pillow
from my bed, set it down in front of him, and kneeled
so that my head was right in front of his member. “I
will make you cum,” I said to him.

My hands grabbed his shaft and directed his head to my
mouth. I shoved as much of him into my mouth as I
furiously bobbed my head up and down, using all that I
learned from Brian to make this guy orgasm. Butler
didn’t so much as moan a single bit. I flicked my
tongue over his head, sucked as I pulled my head away,
stroking what I could. The sucking noises I made were
quite audible but I couldn’t care less, I needed to
accomplish this.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of hard labor,
Butler suddenly grabbed my the back of my head and
began to fuck my face… hard. His breathing became
faster and soon he twitched; his penis hit the roof of
my mouth and hot liquid poured from his dick. Butler
pushed all the way down my throat, shot another load,
then pulled out to spill the rest of his seed onto my
face. I swallowed what he gave me, then laughed and
cheered at my accomplishment. My face was slathered
with his seed, some of it was even drizzling down my
neck from my chin.

Butler sat down on the bed and turned me around so
that I was facing away from him. He picked me up and
sat me on his lap. I felt his fingers working in my
lower regions, check if I were still properly lubed.
Once satisfied, he lifted me by the waist and
positioned himself at my womanhood. He sank me slowly
onto him, I still remember feeling each inch creep
into me, filling me with satisfaction. I sadly
bottomed out at around 7 inches, but the ride was
still fun. He set me squatting on his thighs, bouncing
like a sex toy. He expertly tickled my clit and

“Ah, ahhhh, oh yes, yes, please, ohhhhhh!” I moaned.

He got up, shoved me against the massage table, and
began to fuck me like a dog. My legs couldn’t even
reach the ground; I raised my head and tried to look
back at him, my mouth hanging open at the ravaging I
was taking. I breathed as hard as I could to stifle
the orgasm building up. I yelped with every other
thrust, this man was just so big! “OH! Ah… Ugh….
Mmmm… fuck me, yeah, yeah, oh God damn”

I scrunched my face as I could no longer hold it in,
my hands clenched in tight fists in anticipation of
the explosion.

“AHHHHHHH FUCK!” I yelled as it all came at once. But
this one was different, it kept going and going. Even
after Butler pulled out and spilled more seed onto my
ass, my orgasm kept going. As it slowly passed away, I
was thoroughly exhausted and completely covered in his
spunk. I dozed off to sleep soon thereafter.

I woke up the next day on the massage table still
covered in sperm. Butler had left, as per his
contract, and a business card laid on the table
saying, “For more, call this number.” I crawled off of
the table and wobbled into the bathroom, a little sore
from all the fucking last night. All of the
pleasurable memories came back as I stood in the warm
shower. Afterwards, I went down to find my sister and
her boyfriend already having breakfast.

“There’s my little whore!” Mariko said with a wide
smile. “If you’re worrying about getting pregnant,
don’t. He told me he had a vasectomy, but I didn’t
know he could still cum like that. Anyways, look at
these pictures! I never knew you loved cum on you.”

Mariko slid the camera over and I looked on the
digital screen. There was me, someone had wrapped my
hand around Butler’s cock which was pointed at my
face, covered in his sperm. Also, there was me,
sprawled on the table, ass in the air. There were a
few others with Brian’s cock in my mouth or even
Mariko shoving my dildo in me. Oddly, I don’t remember
those happening at all. Must’ve been so tired.

“Say, how much did you pay Butler?” I asked.

“Oh… around a thousand, why?” Brian replied.

A thousand dollars… for only one night? That’s some
crazy money right there. Then the thought occurred to
me… perhaps I can get into this and make that much

I continued, “Where did you find Butler exactly?”

Brian replied, “Oh, I know this one pimp… why? You
want him to fuck you senseless again?”

I just laughed and said, “No… but what do you think
if I really did become a whore? It seems like good

Mariko shrugged, “I don’t care, sis. As long as if
it’s what you want to do. You can find the pimp here.”
Mariko handed me a napkin she had just written the
address on.

Later that day I went exactly to the address. My heart
was pounding with excitement. A lady answered the door
to the apartment. She let me in and sat me on a couch
in front of her computer. “So, what would you like,
young lady?”

“I uh… want to be employed.”

“Oh really? Well… you certainly don’t seem to have
what it takes. But I’ll give you a chance, undress for

I took off my clothes and showed her my body as best
as I could. “Oh, here,” I said, and handed her the
camera with my pictures. “Maybe that could help.”

The woman pursed her lips as she browsed the photos.
“Would you be willing to fulfill fetishes? You’re good
for posing as a child…”

“Sure! I can do whatever, as long as the pay is good.”

The lady smiled, “Oh, don’t worry, fetishes pay very
well. All right, when can you start?”

I shrugged, “Tonight, I guess.”

“Good, then consider yourself hired. Tonight, you’ll
be fulfilling a long time client who’s into
pedophilia… and if you do well, you’ll even get to
fuck his dog.”

Author Note: First, I would like to thank you for your
interest in my story! This is my very first story and
I have put in a lot of effort to make it as good as
possible. At the end, feel free to email me at
gunthersmithy@gmail.com with any comments you may
possibly have. This is based on my own experiences so
anything in this story should not be taken as an
example for the general populous.