Teaching English In Yokohama

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by Desert Bandit (address withheld)


The Peter Parker-esque protagonist of this story could
not get with the girl he liked at first. But later,
through an unexpected twist on a job hunt, lands a gig
that hooks him up with a college flame. (MF, reluc,
rom, asian)


It had been 4 years since I had last seen Mizuki. We
were college friends and I helped her out a lot with
her homework by making corrections on all the research
papers she type. Often though, she would get close to
me and wrap her arms around my neck as I did
corrections. Being awkward as I was with girls, even
though I had sexual experiences with them before I had
no idea how to deal with them or talk to them.

Funny thing; when it comes to pleasuring a woman, I am
easily one of the best lovers in the world. However,
when it comes to talking to them and getting them in my
bed, I am easily one of the most awkward guys on this
planet. Amazing as it sounds, I did not pick up on
Mizuki putting her arms around my neck as she stood
behind me every time I corrected he work. True story; I
really was so awkward I could not pick up on that
obvious signal.

One night as when I finished correcting her work, I
simply said “alright, all done” walked out of her dorm
room and went back to my own room. Then, two days
later, it hit me; she was trying to put the moves on
me! I felt really embarrassed; she was dating my other
Japanese friend Yassu. Great guy; he really liked her
and treated her with respect. He was also an old-
fashioned gentleman. Given this, when I realized Mizuki
liked me and not him, I became a little anxious around
them and avoided her from then on. At least, when she
was alone.

Now, this girl was smarter than your typical Japanese
girl (and most Japanese girls are pretty smart), and
she quickly picked up on what I was doing. One night,
she called my room and told me to watch a movie with
her and Yassu, and that she needed help correcting her
work. In a rather na�ve and innocent manner I marched
on over there and walked into her room, finding it very
strange that she was wearing a dress instead of her
usual T-Shirt and jeans. It was a plain dress, the type
a girl will wear for fun for no good reason.

She smiled and invited me in, and not wanting to be
rude I went inside. Now, guys, she is one of those
Japanese girls that are very hard to refuse; she had a
very feminine version of what the Japanese call a “fox”
face. Her eyes were large, and her mouth and nose were
perfectly proportioned to the rest of her face. Her
face is somewhat diamond shaped, but more rounded,
almost oval-like. She had a slender build, but her
breasts were surprisingly full (C-cup bordering on D),
and her ass was bubbly and well-defined. She stands at
around 5’3 �, and has a very hot temper. Underneath it
all though, she is also very kind. Naturally enough
when she smiled at me I couldn’t resist her invitation,
but then I noticed that Yassu was nowhere in sight…

I actually called his cell-phone number, and it turns
out he was on a road-trip to Seattle with a bunch of
his buddies that were visiting him from Japan. Then it
hit me; Mizuki had this planned! I nervously sat down
on one of the dorm-room’s desk chairs as she picked up
a movie. I was even more nervous than the night I lost
my virginity. My heart was pounding like crazy, and did
not know what to do. I couldn’t just get up and walk
out, and I certainly couldn’t slam her down on the
floor and screw her!

Call me old-fashioned, but friends are more valuable to
me than girls (unless I’m married to the girl in
question), and in my opinion only a total loser would
parasite off a friend to get girls. I guess then, it
was more pride than honor that kept me from enjoying
her that night because, I will admit, I could feel my
dick slowly begin to bulge in my pants…

She popped the DVD in and the movie turned out to be a
skin flick or, as I like to call them, “porn for people
who don’t have the balls to rent the real thing.” Also,
and yes she was that devious, the skin flick in
question featured a Jewish guy and an Asian chick! No
sooner had the first sex-scene started that, as she
stood behind me, she put her arms around my neck the
way she usually does when I corrected her papers. God
it felt good! I actually didn’t want her to stop as she
became bolder this time, and started stroking my chest
and my abs. Her hand then went south of the equator…

I jumped out of the seat in a startled shock and she
gave me a puzzled look. But then she gave me the most
evil, perverted smile I had ever seen in a girl and, as
she smiled, she reached under her dress and pulled down
her panties, bending forward in a teasing manner as she
did so. My dick was now iron-hard as she demurely
stepped out of them, smiling wickedly at me the whole
time. I felt blood rush to my head, and my face felt
really hot.

She walked towards me, pulled my head towards hers and
kissed me, all the while stroking and squeezing the
outline of my cock on my pants. When she finished doing
that, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy
lips. She felt really stiff, and I could feel her clit
protruding out of its hiding place. I stroked her pussy
and she moaned as she kissed me. I could smell her
juices as I did so; the air was rank with it, and I was
drunk with her feminine scent. But then I thought of my
friend Yassu and how much this girl meant to him.

I told her that I was sorry, that I couldn’t do it, and
walked out of the room. When I went back to my own room
I masturbated 8 times in 2 hours. At least that is how
it seemed. In reality I kept masturbating until all
that came out was a half-drop. In other words, to
prevent myself from betraying a good friend, I
literally wanked myself dry. The school year went on,
and we all finished with our classes. Mizuki and Yassu,
being only exchange students, had to return to Japan.
Yassu went back to Okinawa and as far as I knew
continued his Karate and finished his Business studies.
Mizuki went back to Yokohama. Incidentally, speaking of
Mizuki, for the rest of the year after that night she
wouldn’t speak to me. I actually felt somewhat
heartbroken, but it couldn’t be helped.

Two years later I finished school, and for two years
after that wound up working two shit jobs. Here I was,
a computer science major, waiting tables and working as
a garbage man. I was almost 26, and my career plans
weren’t going anywhere. Nevertheless, despite it all I
managed to finally earn my 3rd degree black belt in
Karate at the dojo where Yassu trained in America, and
where I met him incidentally. Someone in that same
school told me how I should try for an English teaching
stint in Japan.

I thought to myself that it sounded like a great
opportunity so I went to the office building where a
chapter of the English teaching corporation happened to
be. I filled out an application, and barely a day later
I was contacted for an interview. They were very
impressed with my interview performance, and also by my
test results. I landed the job, and even though it was
barely 26k per year, it was still more than what I was
making. That and my parents actually offered to foot
the bill for both the trip and my apartment, figuring
the work experience is what mattered.

So, I flew over to where the company had assigned me a
classroom; Yokohama. I couldn’t believe my luck; it was
Mizuki’s home city! How would she react though? Would
she still be resentful? Would she have another
boyfriend or be married by now? I started filling my
head with all kinds of outlandish ideas, but eventually
though the stress of flying over the Pacific had to put
them at ease. I landed in Honolulu were my flight was
delayed, and I was forced to spend the night there. The
next morning I catch the next airplane to Tokyo, and
from Tokyo I take a bullet train to Yokohama.

Let me tell you, from the moment I landed in Japan, I
experienced some serious culture shock. Everyone was
actually… nice. America is full of assholes, turds,
bitches and the like. Most of them not very attractive
even though they think they are. In Japan I saw
something completely the opposite of that; I saw the
most beautiful girls I’d ever seen in my life, scores
of them, and nearly all of them with low self-esteem.

Now, I do not wish to generalize; the teenage girls
seemed pretty sure of themselves, but college girls and
older all seemed sad and stressed out. I suppose the
reality of real-life is shocking anywhere in the world,
with girls being the most affected. Whatever the case I
turned my head back and forth so many times I thought
my head would fall off.

As I looked around I thought to myself, “No wonder the
Japanese government states in the CIA World Fact Book
Japanese men outnumber women; with women this hot, if
they told the truth this country would never be left

Seriously here; Asian American girls may not be that
attractive for those of you who go to Asian-dominated
Universities in the West coast, but, in their native
country…DAMN MAN! Mizuki was just one out of a great
many. Oh yeah a great many. When I went to Yokohama my
jaw dropped as I saw even more hot women. In Tokyo the
proportion was that, out of 10 girls, 4 were drop-dead
gorgeous. In Yokohama it was somewhere around 8. Then
someone confided in me that many men in Yokohama hold
high paying jobs…

I was like, “Ah… Okay, I see…”

Then it hit me; maybe I should not generalize to much
about Japan. I mean, thus far I had only seen small
portions of Tokyo and Yokohama. Maybe these two cities
are just like L.A.; just because you find many hot
chicks there, that does not mean that the rest of
American girls are that hot, it just so happens that
the hottest ones happen to GATHER in L.A. Perhaps it
was the same situation with Tokyo and Yokohama; Japan’s
hottest girls just happen to gather in those places to
“bag themselves a rich one” as it were. Whatever the
case… who the hell cares. I was just thinking these
things because the bullet train ride was fucking

“Haummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Haummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

Shit man, for 30 minutes, that is all you heard. The
Japanese are not exactly the chattering type; everyone
on the train was deathly quiet, with the occasional
executives talking some bullshit here and there. And of
course there were the attendants who spoke to me in a
rather flirtatious manner. With everyone else they kept
the trade-mark “polite smile” of the working Japanese
woman, that smile that is annoyingly neutral and cute
at the same time, but more annoying than cute.

Whatever the case, I seemed to be very popular with the
attendants for some reason. I found it a bit
disconcerting; I had never gotten that kind of
attention from American girls… even though my
mannerisms, speech, even dress had not changed a bit
since college. I was told though that I had to change
from my T-shirt and jeans to a formal “shirt-and-tie”
outfit for my first day in the classroom. Regarding the
attention I got from the Japanese women, I figured they
were just trying to bag themselves an American husband;
life in Japan is not easy after all, despite the

I arrived at my designated apartment, and when I walked
in I was in for another shock; the apartment was not
small at all. Actually, it was quite huge, and very
spacious. It also only cost 400 bucks a month. I told
my guide;

“But I thought Japanese apartments were tiny! Why is
this one so big? Not that I’m complaining but… Still
why is it so big?”

He then confided in me how the residents of the area
were a superstitious bunch, and stated that the reason
the apartment was as cheap as it was, was because it
was numbered in a “very bad way.” What that means is,
the apartment number was the same number as some room
in Buddhist hell, or something along those lines. The
Japanese equivalent of “666” if you will. Feeling
uncomfortable with such a living arrangement, despite
its size and view of the city, the apartment rarely
gets tenants. Therefore, it is rented out to foreigners
for a cheap price.

“Gee thanks,” I said cynically.

Resigning myself, out superstitious precaution on my
part, I asked if the guide could arrange for a priest
to bless the premises so that nothing bad could happen.
It turns out my guide just so happened to be a priest,
and promptly began chanting a sutra. When he was
finished he placed a sticker on the door with kanji

“Do you always carry those around with you?”

“With matters of the spirit world it is always best not
to be caught unprepared.” He retorted. I stared blankly
at him finding him a little eccentric, but nevertheless
I listened attentively as he moved along the

Finishing up explaining to me a few things and tying up
some loose ends, he bid farewell. I rolled out the
sleeping bag on one of the tatami mats, and no sooner
had I closed my eyes that I was out like a light.


The next morning I woke up early; 5 a.m. to be exact.
Also, despite its size, Yokohama is a surprisingly
quiet city at night. At least, I would later found out,
during the work week. On weekends it was a completely
different story. Funny thing, but on my way to work I
started thinking about Mizuki, actually hoping I would
run into her. However, needing to focus on my job I put
the thoughts aside and concentrated on the class
syllabus. Over and over I reviewed the lesson plan in
my head, rehearsing how I would lecture time and again,
anticipating all kinds of situations.

I was welcomed to my new job and I felt surprisingly
relieved to see westerners there. I was also relieved
that most of the Japanese staff spoke perfect English;
either they had no accent, or it was very light. The
other new teachers and I were taken to a meeting room
where they explained a few ground rules;

1)No fraternizing with the students. “Fair enough” I
thought, since dating your own students immediately
creates unfair grading policies on the part of the


3)It was expected that we were to obey any and all
requests from the director, who it just so happened,
was a very demanding young woman. That meant, that we
had to do extra work, WITHOUT PAY, or risk losing our

He went on to explain about 23 other rules that seemed
like needless details, some of which expressed rules 1
and 2 with different words. Obviously the company had
problems with that before, since, as I looked around
the new teachers were all overwhelmingly male. Some
were obviously turds who were seeking to score some
ass, others, the attentive ones, were guys like me in a
similarly desperate work situation back in America and
were only here for work. Nothing more.

Okay, I’ll admit; deep down I wanted the same thing,
but I was thinking more of seeing a specific Japanese
girl, namely Mizuki. I had lost contact with Yassu, and
I realized that the night Mizuki put the moves on me I
had made a big mistake. I should have let her down easy
and informed her that I only considered her, at the
time, a friend. Instead I just stormed out of her room,
leaving her wet, hot, and frustrated.

The senior instructor of the school, who happened to be
a physically fit white guy from Australia, droned on
about how to observe every single Japanese custom to
the letter, and to try not to draw too much attention
to oneself. He then said that the rest of the lecture
would be given by the director himself. Then Mizuki
walked in; my Mizuki, the one I knew from college.

Our eyes immediately locked together and her expression
was one of shock and surprise. Shock and surprise that
is, that quickly turned to angry indifference. With an
ice-cold manner he addressed us all, and despite her
stature her ultra-sharp looking female business suit
accentuated her demeanor. Obviously me rejecting her
that night had pissed her off more than I thought, so,
not wanting to risk my new job I adopted a neutral,
expressionless manner. She was even more beautiful than
before, and had not aged at all. Most American girls,
by the time they reach their mid 20’s, generally don’t
age very well. To much “fast living” I guess. Not
Mizuki; like with many Asian girls time stood still for

She crossed her beautiful legs in the most lady-like
manner possible as she addressed us all. The entire
time she was talking my eyes could not stray from her
womanly goods and I had a horrible time concentrating.
Noticing this, she addressed me, in perfect English;

“Is there a problem Mr. Horowitz?”

“Ah, ah, no Ms. Chino, there isn’t.”

“Good, shall I move on then…”

FUCK!!! She felt my eyes devour her from head to foot
and she made it a point to embarrass me. Little did I
know though, it was only the beginning.


I started work and for reasons I do not understand, I
became a very popular teacher. My classes were always
the largest ones, and my supervisor even commented how
I made many of my student’s heavy accents disappear in
such a short time. I guess I worked a little harder
than the other teachers because I was so grateful for
my job. I also noticed that, 9 times out of 10, the
class was overwhelmingly female…

I know most guys would be happy to get such female
attention, but I was getting seriously creeped out.
Everywhere I went in Japan girls from High School
onward flirted with me left and right, and many of my
students even made passes at me. On my way to my
classroom on the elevator, one of them deliberately
rubbed her ass against my crotch. A nerve-racking
situation since as she did so my dick hardened quickly.

As I walked into the classroom I had to strategically
keep my suitcase covering my genital area, but without
making it seem obvious. Most of the students did not
care, but I heard the elevator girl and her friends
snicker quietly in the back of the room. Now, that very
day, Mizuki herself decided to supervise my class as
she had heard of my performance. When she saw the girls
snickering, she immediately knew what was going on and
gave me a telling glance.

“I know why you’re embarrassed” she told me, with a
simple, single look.

I felt myself flush red and the snickering turned into
outright laughter. One of the older adult male
students, a businessman, thought the girls were being
just plain rude on purpose and scolded them. He lowered
his voice in the manner Japanese businessmen often do
to exert authority over women, and a few seconds later
the girls were quiet. He then apologized for their

Mizuki just smiled an evil grin, but said nothing. She
seemed happy I was embarrassed! Without further female
interference, I went on with my lecture. The students
walked out, surprisingly happy and satisfied with the
job I had done. The girl who had given me a hard-on in
the elevator, the last to leave, looked at me
flirtatiously as she gave me her homework. Shortly
thereafter, Mizuki invited me to her office, where she
proceeded to rip my head off.

She was yelling and screaming, pointing out all kinds
of flaws in my teaching methods, threatening to fire
me, threatening to cut my pay and end my contract, and
basically every possible legal threat in the book. This
went on for a whole hour, and some of the
administrators showed concern as I walked out her
office. One of them became so concerned in fact that he
contacted corporate headquarters. The day after a very
angry corporate representative showed up and demanded
to know what was going on. They gave him my performance
evaluation, and then told him how Mizuki had treated

The corporate representative was furious, and
immediately disciplined Mizuki; he suspended her for a
week, and had the assistant director run the school in
her stead. Now, in Japan it is considered immature and
bad manners to show emotion, and in truth Mizuki was
lucky to keep her job. However, despite his efforts to
hide his displeasure, the corporate rep could not hide
his anger and embarrassment, much as he tried. He
apologized profusely, telling me that such a good
worker did not deserve that treatment, and actually
offered to extend my vacation time. I turned him down,
telling him that he had done enough in taking care of

Mizuki glared at me as she walked out, almost blaming
me for what happened. Despite the fact that the
situation was her fault, I felt kind of guilty. I knew
that her emotional outburst was a direct result of me
being there, but I could not reveal this to either the
rep or the assistant director because if I did both our
heads would roll. That same morning the girl from the
elevator started going to all my classes. She was there
in all the morning time-slot classes, and even all the
night time classes. The only time she did not show up
was on Friday, but then, attendance to the English
courses in this particular company is voluntary on

I went home that evening when, to my bewilderment, the
girl from the elevator was waiting for me outside the
apartment complex. I asked her what she was doing
there, and she told me;

“Looking for you.”

I warned her that I was not allowed to fraternize with
students, least of all 16 year old High School girls.
She then proceeded to tell me how even though
foreigners are repeatedly warned of that rule, that
none of the Japanese English teachers really listen.
She also said, rather deviously, that teachers may not
be allowed to fraternize, but the contract didn’t say
anything about students. Okay, the girl it seemed was
clearly trying to get me in the sack, and I didn’t
understand why; I have very large eyes, and my
appearance is somewhat comical.

In a lot of ways I look like a living cartoon. I was
told later on that year by a female student that
Japanese girls like their guys “cute and ‘skinny.'”
Because I fit the Japanese woman’s ideal of male beauty
so well the old lady told me, that is the reason the
girls never left me alone and why my classes always
seemed to be packed with female students. This girl was
no different; her name was Akiko.

She stood at the entrance to my apartment with the most
evil grin I had ever seen. This girl was out for my
cock, and she was not going to take no for an answer. I
told her it was inappropriate; I was nearly 26, and she
was 16. She told me that although legally she’s a
minor, that it is perfectly acceptable for a 16 year
old girl to have sexual relations with an older young
adult male. It is illegal, but no one in Japan cares;
it is a cultural thing. Basically, nothing I said was
going to deter her.

“Besides, if you brush me off I’ll scream and accuse
you of rape.”

At that point my nuts went up to my throat from fear. I
really did not want to lose my job, much less spend my
time in a Japanese prison.

“Besides” she cooed “most gaijin find Japanese pussy
very delicious, even better than what they get back
home… Why don’t you try me?” Oh God her grin was
devilishly coy!

I stared wide-eyed at this nymphet; I couldn’t believe
what I was hearing! Besides, if there was anyone I
wanted to be with it was Mizuki. This girl was just as
beautiful as she was, and also had a fox face, but she
was too young for me. Finally though, taking her threat
seriously, I resigned myself and invited her over to my

She grabbed my arm and up we went. No sooner had I
closed the door behind me that she slammed me against
it with amazing strength for a girl her size and began
kissing me. Now, I stand at 5’10. This girl was
actually a little bit taller than Mizuki, at around
5’4, so we were actually well matched. She also had
great curves; she was thin, but she had a flawless
waist-to-hip ratio, a bubble ass like Mizuki’s, and c
cup breasts. These girl’s breasts were obviously not
fully developed yet, but they were big enough and
comfortable to hold in my hands.

She kissed me furiously, painfully grabbing my genitals
as she did so. I pushed her off and told her that if we
were going to do it, that we may as well climb out of
our clothes. She enthusiastically ran over to where my
sleeping bag was and promptly removed her clothes. I
did the same, and no sooner did the last article fall
off that one could clearly see my mast standing at
attention. She grabbed my cock and pulled me towards
her. I fell on top of her and we began kissing. My man-
flesh was firmly pressed on top of her engorged vulva
as we kissed for long minutes. I began exploring her
with my mouth, tongue and hands from head to foot, and
her body responded; no sooner had I finished that her
clit came out of hiding.

Now running on primal instinct, I completely ignored
the fact that she was only 16 and pressed my tongue
against her clitoris. She began to squirm underneath
from the pleasure, and actually tried to push my head
off. I grabbed her wrists and trapped them firmly
against the sleeping bag as I continued mercilessly
licking her. As I glanced up at her as I licked her
clit all I could see was her neck and chin. I was
pitiless in licking her genitals, almost vengeful at
the fact that she threatened to accuse me of rape.

“You wanted this you bitch” I thought to myself “then
live with the torture of this pleasure!”

I inserted my tongue in her vaginal canal and she
yelped out loudly. Some of her pussy-juice got on my
nose and no sooner had the tangy, musky scent reached
it that my cock swelled to almost painful proportions
in its lustful fury. Not being able to take it anymore,
I moved up to her bellybutton and rubbed my nose in
circles around it, using her skin to clean off her
cunt-juice. I kissed the area around her belly-button
and lapped up the juices I smeared there, and as I
worked my way up I hungrily sucked on her youthfully
pliant breasts.

I then began kissing her neck, and as I did I grabbed
my man-meat and aimed it directly at her now swollen
and drooling slit. I pressed against her, and my cock-
head parted her outer lips, in a noisy, slimy manner.
No sooner had I done so, that her vaginal muscles
clenched me and sucked me into her. My large prick
slowly slid inside her, to the delicious sound of cunt-
juice. She gasped in shock as I did, and a few seconds
later she pulled up her knees and wrapped her legs
around mine, just bellow my ass-cheeks.

I sunk all the way into her, burying myself to the
balls. I was delirious from the heat of her pussy, but
then alarm bells went off in my head; I wasn’t wearing
a condom! Now, I had gotten tested before and I came
out clean, and by and large I know the majority of
Japanese girls are clean, but I did not want to risk
getting this girl pregnant. Almost as if she read my
mind she said;

“I have been planning this; don’t worry I’m on birth
control. You can come in me all you want. I am also

I stared at her in disbelief, shocked at both what she
said and the fact that I was firmly lodged inside the
pussy of a High School girl. Still delirious from her
heat and wetness, I felt compelled to kiss her. Akiko
wasn’t kidding; Japanese pussy was more delicious than
white pussy. A lot more delicious; in fact, I couldn’t
believe the intense pleasure I felt as I was buried in
this girl. She wrapped her arms around me and stroked
my torso, and with her legs she stroked mine. She then
began bucking her hips, spurring me on to do something.

“No, not yet,” I gasped “I want this moment to last,
lets just kiss.”

She complied, and lodged together as we were, with my
cock buried all the way in her, we kissed and rolled
around the matt for long hours, never separating from
our intimate union. Finally though, instincts took
over. I slid out of her and then shoved it back in, and
again just a few seconds later. Slowly, the tempo began
building up and I started thrusting in her faster and
faster. She had become even juicier since I first
penetrated her, to my great delight, and I started
pistoning in her with a near jackhammer tempo.

Her mouth gaped open and she shut her eyes tight as she
tightened her grip around my body with her arms and
legs. Shortly thereafter I began to feel her cunt begin
to milk me, almost painfully as I thrust in and out of
her. One, then two, then three…her deliciously hot
and slimy cunt squeezed my cock a total of nine times
before I finally went over the edge. Grunting loudly I
buried myself all the way in her with one final,
furious thrust, and I exploded.

Again and again I spurted in her as her cunt continued
squeezing around my cock a few more times. I couldn’t
believe how much I was cumming, or that my balls could
hold that much. Nevertheless I was cumming profusely,
the heat from my man-juice causing a pleasant sensation
as I released it in her, ending in one final, powerful
spurt as the most intense orgasm I had had up until
that point finally subsided. I collapsed on top of
Akiko, panting heavily. We were both very sweaty, and I
was too tired to pull myself out of her. I decided to
just let it grow soft and slide out on its own. She did
not seem to mind. We lay there together for long
moments, and finally she broke the silence.

“You like Ms. Chino don’t you?” she asked.

“How do you know that?” I retorted.

“While we were making love, you called me Mizuki. Right
before you came in me you also called me Mizuki. I know
that ‘Mizuki’ is Ms. Chino’s first name.”

Somewhat embarrassed I apologized “I’m sorry about
that…you’re right, I do like her.”

“Don’t worry about it” she reassured “I just wanted to
have sex with you for pleasure; from the moment I saw
you I knew you were going to make me feel good. You
don’t need to worry; I will not fall in love with you.
Part of the reason I picked someone a decade older than
me was because this is all we can really share.”

“True” I replied “in modern times all a teenage girl
and a young adult male like me have in common is sex.
That’s actually pretty smart… Although, I can’t help
but wish you were older. You are a wonderful person…
I felt it while I was inside you.”

Finding my last statement a little strange, she was
quiet for a moment but then replied;

“I feel the same about you; I wish you were younger and
going to my high school.”

More silence. Finally she asked;

“What did you mean when you said ‘you are a wonderful
person… I felt it while I was inside you?”

I told her that, from personal experience, the pussy of
a nice, kindhearted girl feels really pleasant while
the pussy of an evil, or cold-hearted girl doesn’t feel
pleasant at all. Since her pussy was as delicious as it
was, I said, she must be a very kind person. I am one
of those believers that during sex two people’s souls
join; because the union is that deep, if the person is
a good person then the union will be pleasant, if they
are a bad person then it will be unpleasant.

Could that be the reason, I wonder, why for the most
part though not always, Asian pussy feels better than
white pussy? In general I have noticed that most Asian
girls tend to be of a kinder, less mean-spirited
disposition than white girls. But I guess that’s just
me; some white girls I have been with also had an
exceptionally delicious pussy, but not like Akiko’s.
Her pussy was so delicious in fact I became somewhat
delirious and I guess that, subconsciously, I wanted to
be with Mizuki and unintentionally called out her name
without realizing.

Akiko did not feel jealous; she simply smiled to
herself and drifted off to sleep. Shortly thereafter,
exhausted, I fell asleep myself.


The next day in the classroom it was business as usual,
although Akiko had a very perverted grin when she
looked at me. Being that it was summer vacation in
Japan, I was teaching a lot of High School students who
needed brushing up on their English skills. Akiko was
by and far my best student, but I think she worked the
hardest in order to seduce me. Shortly after we fucked
she went from an “A” student to a “B+” student.

Her grades weren’t piss poor, but she seemed to have
lost respect for me as a teacher and looked at me in a
sexual manner. Indeed, she grabbed my crotch on her way
out of class numerous times and she was always the last
to leave, always smiling the perverse smile of the
“satisfied woman” the entire time. I was happy she was
sexually fulfilled thanks to me but worried to death
that I would get caught and lose my job.

Don’t get me wrong; like Mizuki, Akiko was smoking hot,
and only 16 to boot. Meaning she still did not carry a
lot of emotional baggage. Emptying my balls in that
girl was a very enjoyable experience, but it was not
worth my job. I told myself I shouldn’t be bitching; it
would take high status and millions of dollars to get a
girl that attractive in the United States, so I figured
I would enjoy while it lasted, or until I got caught. I
figure if I could keep up the work experience for one
year it wouldn’t matter if I got fired over this, so
long as I could keep it quiet.

So anyway, I stayed in the classroom for a while long
after everyone else in the building had left. Then
Akiko walked in, smiling very coyly. Not wasting time
she closed the door behind her and pulled down her
panties. The look on her face was identical to the one
Mizuki gave me that night in the dorm as she slid them
past her mini-skirt, and bent down to step out of them.
She slipped out of her shoes, walked towards me and
straddled herself on my lap, pressing her crotch
against mine. She wrapped her arms around my head and
began kissing me. My cock was pressing hard against my
pants, and I could see her pubic hair just under the
edge of her tight mini-skirt.

It was amazing; only with kissing the girl was starting
to leave a stain on my pants from her snatch drooling
her woman-juice. Her female scent became intoxicating,
and I couldn’t take it anymore. Almost as if reading my
mind she slid back a little to give her hands enough
room to undo my pants. She unzipped my fly, pulled out
my cock through my boxers, placed the tip on her pussy
lips and eased herself on it, sliding smoothly and
easily to the hilt. She grimaced a little as she slid
down, but the grimace was quickly replaced by a look of
perverse, delirious pleasure, as she stared into my
eyes. Once again my man-flesh was firmly lodged in this
girl and I was experiencing unparalleled ecstasy.

I began feeling her tits through her shirt, kneading
them as she began to ride me. She held me close and as
I kissed her neck I could taste beads of sweat slowly
begin to build up as she increased her tempo. You could
hear how juicy she was from the pistoning, and some of
it actually trickled down onto the seat. Thank goodness
pussy juice cleans easy and that the chair we were
fucking on was made of leather, otherwise I would have
a lot of explaining to do.

Whatever the case, I held her close as she rode me, and
in time I started meeting her rhythm. No sooner had I
started thrusting into her that once again I began to
feel her cunt almost painfully clamp down on my cock in
a sucking manner. Once, twice, then three times… She
was panting heavily and muttered something
incomprehensible in Japanese as she pressed her head
firmly against my neck.

She muttered “sensei” something or other under her
heavy panting as I felt her pussy milk my cock.
Eventually, as before, biology took over and not being
able to take it anymore I rammed it in her to the hilt,
making a jerking upward motion, exploding, and
injecting her with my hot, sticky fluid. Her body
responded and she milked me with even more fury, the
contractions becoming more rapid and stronger. She dug
her fingers in my back and pressed her head firmly
against my neck as she let out a moan that was a
mixture of agony and pleasure. As I exploded in her
with my final spurt I was pleased, sated, and satisfied
that this girl had once again gotten herself off with
my cock.

We sat there in that awkward position for a few
seconds, but then she looked at me tenderly, kissed me
and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I had just been
fucked by a smoldering hot teenage girl and I wasn’t
going to go jail for it. Thus far my trip to Japan had
turned out to be very pleasant, in large part thanks to


Only 3 more days before Mizuki came back to work.
Incidentally speaking that same Monday regular classes
would start and it would be the last I would see of
Akiko. I had been fucking her on a daily basis since
our first night and from the pillow talk I learned that
her parents put a lot of pressure on her to get good
grades. She also confided in me that prior to us
meeting she had been a virgin. I stared at her in
disbelief, but it was true; she did yelp out in shock
and ecstasy the first time I entered her, the way all
virginal young men and women do their first time. Even
the best actors and actresses can not fake that yelp.

Nevertheless, I thought nothing of it at first, and in
truth it felt awkward to be her “adult mentor” while we
both lay there, stark naked, with her pussy drooling
out my cum and her own juices. I asked her why she
picked me, and she said because I was “hot.” She also
liked me because she said I was nicer and less
demanding than either her parents or her High School
teachers. I must admit, being treated as “another
adult” in some ways by a High School girl made me feel
old; just barely a decade earlier I had been in High
School myself.

Nevertheless I consoled her and told her to just ignore
them and keep working hard. She complained that she
would work hard in school whether they demanded it of
her or not; she actually liked studying. English though
was a very hard subject for her; that is the reason she
was taking my class to start with. By the end of summer
however, her accent became very light.

I didn’t just “use” Akiko for my sexual pleasure; being
a teacher first and lover second, whenever she came to
my apartment we would go over the day’s lesson. She
whined and complained the way all teenage girls do but
eventually she saw things my way. Knowing I could give
her powerful orgasms, I used sex as an incentive to get
her to study harder. It felt a little weird because,
normally, it is an unscrupulous female tutor and a
horny teenage male in this situation, not the other way
around. Of course, Akiko having sex with me had more to
do with her father not showing her enough affection and
being too tough with her.

After we went over the lesson and we finished with the
pronunciation coaching, no sooner had the digital clock
on my wall hit the 7 p.m. mark that she peeled off her
clothes and literally jumped on me. This lasted for
about a month after school started as she took the time
to visit me every night, sneaking out without her
parents knowing. Then one night, after I came in her,
she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she
told me she could never see me again. She took an
English proficiency exam ahead of time (she had turned
17 and she was now a senior), and got a perfect score.
That same year she said, her parents had pressured her
to accept the invitation from Harvard. I was like;

“Wow Harvard! Not only are they a good school, but if
they personally invite you that means you can get a
full scholarship. You should go for it! Don’t waste the

“Now you’re sounding like my parents!” she pouted.

I reassured her I only wanted her to take a good
opportunity; free college is something you do not say
no to, and I told her so. However, she began crying
again and told me that she had actually fallen in love
with me, and that she couldn’t bear to separate herself
from me. I told her that I had similar feelings for
her, but it was more big-brotherly affection than love.

I also told her that there may be a boy her own age who
deserves a chance somewhere in Harvard, and that she
shouldn’t just settle for the first person she’s
intimate with. She turned on the mat and faced away
from me. Obviously she didn’t like what I said. I
kissed her shoulder reassuringly, and she turned back
around, towards me. She looked into my eyes; except for
Mizuki, I had never seen someone look at me with such
tenderness after making love.

After a short rest, we made love again for the last
time, and when I woke up in the morning she was gone. I
was sad that she didn’t say goodbye like she usually
did, but in agreeing to make love to me one last time
and stealing away in the middle of the night like that
told me she had listened to me, and I was happy that
she would not sacrifice her future for my sake.

However, I still thought of Mizuki who, for practically
the whole entire month I was fucking Akiko, gave me a
very cold stare. Akiko even once asked what I saw in
her, and I told her that she wasn’t always like that.
Thinking about it, I lay there, having woken up to
messy sheets. Already I was starting to miss Akiko and
felt lonely as hell. However, I had to put it aside, so
I got up, showered, and made my way to work.

As I arrived and taught the classes, it was “another
day at the office” as they say. Everything went as
usual, and now that school had started most of the
people learning English were all older adult students.
Many of the women were very beautiful, and some of them
looked at me flirtatiously. However, when they dealt
with me directly they showed a lot more restraint than
Akiko; they were women, not girls after all. Mizuki
though, became colder than ever. She began overloading
me with work, demanding outrageous hours, and amazingly
enough I handled it all without a hitch.

That same day in the teacher’s lounge one of them had
been complaining about how every single girl he had
asked out had rejected him. Practically every teacher
there complained about a certain Akiko, and how she
rejected all their advances. Apparently I was really
lucky… When they asked my opinion, I told them I make
it a point to remain “neutral and professional” at all
times. That way students respect you. I also reminded
them that this was Japan, not their home turf; that
meant that they had to watch themselves. A little
hypocritical on my part since I had been boning the
youngest and hottest student there, but it still needed
to be said. Besides, Akiko came to me; I didn’t go to

The day rolled along, and in a “what goes around comes
around” twist of fate, Mizuki was given extra work by
corporate HQ. I laughed inwardly but said nothing as I
went to do the extra work she had given me. Around 3
hours passed and I was finally finished. The whole time
I kept my eyes glued on Mizuki’s office, checking to
see if her lights where on and if she was there. Even
after 3 hours she was still working, but I pretended I
hadn’t finished with my own work as an excuse to stay

Finally, I heard her computer shut down, a clicking
noise, and the lights in her office went out. Not
wanting to waste an opportunity I got up from my desk
in the office and went straight to hers. As she closed
the door behind her I stood directly in front of her.
Tonight was the night; whether she wanted me to or not,
I was going to have her. I realized the reason she was
so mean to me was because she still had feelings for
me. Tonight I was going to make her acknowledge those
feelings, with, or against, her will. I had tasted
Japanese pussy, and she wasn’t going to deny me hers. I
was not going to let her.

Pinning her against the door I stood close to her, and
she looked at me in startled shock.

“Don’t you have work to do?” she stated in a typically
cold, “professional woman” tone of voice.

“Oh yes I do,” I replied in a perverted voice “a lot of
work from the looks of you…”

Her eyes widened and she tried to dart away from me. I
slammed her against the door, pinning her arms against
it. She had a very nervous look on her face, and she
looked shaken. I separated her legs with mine to ensure
she would not knee my groin, and began kissing her neck
while caressing her through her business suit.

She pretended not to respond, and denied feeling
pleasure, but her body told a completely different
story. Her nipples were hard, and I could feel them
even beneath her jacket, and like that night in the
dorm, I could smell her womanly juices. This time
though, she seemed nervous, confused, and shaken, but I
continued anyway.

As I kissed her neck, I moved up to her ear, played
with it a little with my tongue, and then whispered, “I
couldn’t spend the night with you that day. You meant a
lot to my friend Yassu, so I couldn’t bring myself to
sleep with you. However, I did want you, and a year ago
I started thinking about you. I came here, hoping I
would find you.”

“You had your chance and you blew it!” she said
bitterly “right now I don’t belong to anyone, least of
all to you, let me go!”

“But I know you don’t want me to let you go… I can
smell it in your sweat, taste it on your skin… I know
you want this…”

She did not respond, but she did physically resist and
squirm. In order to calm her down, I began fingering
her, the same way I had done that night in the dorms.

Her breasts had now gotten even bigger since then, and
they were now a small D cup. Also, they were starting
to swell from arousal…

To my surprise her body felt tighter and more fit than
before as I caressed her, and wanting to explore her
further I took off her jacket, and then I undid the
buttons of her blouse. Her face was turned away from
me, hands firmly pressed against the door, resigned to
her fate. Her blouse came off, and now she was wearing
only a bra and skirt. I undid her bra, and her breasts
with their dark brown nipples came into full view. I
didn’t get to see her breasts in college, and now I was
being treated to the upgraded versions.

I began kneading and sucking on them like a school boy
who was seeing naked tits for the first time and she
moaned in response. I reached under her business skirt,
and pulled down her panties. There was a dark, wet spot
on them, and I was very pleased. Finally, she yielded;
she wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me
passionately. The force by which she threw herself at
me knocked me on the floor, and we lay there kissing
for long moments. She straddled me for a bit and took
off her skirt. Mizuki was now straddling me, stark
naked, displaying a body far more beautiful than

“Take off your clothes” she gently hissed in my ear “I
want to feel all of you.”

Rolling on top of her, I got up and removed my garments
as she requested. I then laid down next to her, placing
my ferocious erection on her thigh as I began to kiss
her. As I kissed her I began masturbating her by
fondling one of her breasts and fingering her pussy,
paying no attention to her rapidly swelling clit. As
time passed I felt her cunt getting juicier and juicier
under my hands, and I was pleased she was enjoying
herself. There we were, stark naked, making out on the
floor of our office building, completely alone. Had
anyone walked in on us that person would have heard the
very audible churning of Mizuki’s juices beneath my
fingers, along with our kissing.

I knelt next to her and began exploring her body,
stroking my hands along her soft skin, running them
along all over her flesh. First the front, then her
back; I stroked and massaged every inch of her, keeping
a respectful distance from her anus, which thankfully
was well-buried underneath her luscious, firm, bubble-
ass. I kissed and licked along the length of her spine,
massaging her ass-cheeks as I did, working my way up to
the nape of her neck, where I finally decided to rest
on top of her. With my dripping cock placed firmly on
one of her glutes, I whispered, “I love you Mizuki.
Ever since that night I dreamed of this moment and I
couldn’t think of anything else. But please understand,
I couldn’t be with you, I just couldn’t. I could not
betray a friend for a girl, no matter how beautiful.”

My cock was painfully hard; the tip was inflated almost
to bursting, and the veins were ferociously swollen. I
had never been so hard in my life. Mizuki was driving
me crazy, and my every male instinct told me to flip
her over and ram into her with all my bestial fury. But
I couldn’t; I was in love with her, and I wanted her to
enjoy this.

“Put it in me” she whispered “please put it in, I like
the way you are touching me but my vagina is starting
to really ache. I need you inside me, please, put it

“Get on your stomach Mizuki, please, I want to lick
your pussy.”

She complied, and making good on my promise I began
licking. She breathed in deeply, in order to cope with
the shock, and as I pressed my tongue against her clit
I could feel her heartbeat through it; it was so
engorged. The hood was clearly visible, and I stroked
my tongue up and down its length. She clasped my hair
in appreciation, and moaned softly as I savored her
delectable cunt. Soon it began to drool
enthusiastically as I continued ministering partially
to its need, holding her ass-cheeks tightly as I did.

After what seemed like five minutes (in reality it was
close to an hour), I couldn’t take it anymore. My
tongue was starting to get tired, and my hard cock was
beginning to twitch and palpitate from sheer lust,
almost as if urging me to bury it in her pussy. I
crawled up to her mouth, and began to kiss her. My
mouth was covered in her juices, but she did not seem
to mind, and on instinct she began to open her legs for

I raised myself up a little to see what I was doing
under the soft lamplight that emanated from my office,
and fumbling a little, placed my cock-head right on her
labia, ready to open the moist, swollen folds and enter
her vagina. Nudging it a little I pressed into her, and
no sooner that my fireman’s cap entered a centimeter,
that her pussy began sucking me into her. Watching it
happen like it was a movie, I saw my cock noisily slide
into her, with a bit of a struggle she was so tight.
Even though her pussy was actively sucking me in, my
dick is so thick I had to press a little myself so that
it could slide in. Soon enough though, it found its
mark and it slid all the way to the balls.

Mizuki’s pussy was almost painfully tight and
deliriously hot, so hot in fact I was starting to
become a little bit dazed. I couldn’t believe how
delicious her pussy was! Her pussy was so hot, that had
it been only a few degrees higher she would have been
scalding my dick.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and I began my
love-rhythm. Ever so gently, so as not to hurt her, I
slid in and out of her, taking my dick almost all the
way out as far as the edge of my fireman’s cap, and
then slowly burying it back in. Slowly but steadily, I
began to build up my tempo, eventually reaching a
moderate speed. I kissed her tenderly on the lips as I
pistoned in and out of her, and she responded by
caressing me with her arms and legs, keeping her knees
high enough along then length of her body for me to
touch her legs. We made love like this for long,
delicious moments.

I stroked her legs and her breast with one hand and
held myself comfortably on top of her with the other
arm. She stroked my butt-cheeks with her calves,
keeping her knees as close as possible to my free hand.
I stroked and pistoned into her, eventually beginning
to feel the tell-tale contractions of her pussy on my
cock. As these began she wrapped her arms and legs
tightly around me, digging her fingers into my back as
that delicious cunt of hers began to milk me, beckoning
my man-rod to release the hot sticky fluid that would
massage her insides.

I pistoned and pistoned into her, taking advantage of
the opportunity to strengthen her orgasms. The faster I
pistoned, the more ferociously her pussy milked me. I
did not even bother to count her contractions there
were so many, and they were so ferocious. However, her
gaping mouth, tightly shut eyes and heavy panting
breaths combined with her silence spoke volumes. At
first she groaned from the sensation of me being buried
in her, but now she was completely silent except for
her panting.

I thrust harder and harder into her, now starting to
reach the point of no return. Her contractions became
less frequent now, but her pussy clamped down on me
almost viciously and it held me clamped down for
longer, and longer moments. She clamped down on me
particularly hard at one point, and that was all it
took to send me over the edge. I buried myself all the
way in her and exploded in the most delicious orgasm I
had ever had. My cum was burning out of my urethra as I
felt squirt after squirt pump out of my body. I groaned
in grateful ecstasy as I emptied load after load into
her pussy, my balls painfully pressing upwards into my
torso as I did. In one final spurt, I groaned loudly
and unloaded my most massive glob as I collapsed
panting on top of her.

I lay on top of her, panting heavily from the exertion
as she held her arms and legs limply wrapped around my
body, not wanting to let go, but too tired to hold on
firmly. I kissed her neck just bellow her jaw-line, and
told her I loved her. I felt a tear begin to roll down
one of her eyes, and she smiled at me. She pulled my
head towards hers and kissed me, telling me she never
wanted me to leave. We rolled and she was now on top of
me as we continued kissing. I fondled and kissed her
breasts, pulled her close to me and stroked her black

“I won’t leave Mizuki. I will stay right here with you,
in Japan.”

After a while my cock grew limp and naturally slid out
of her pussy, accompanied by large globs of sticky
white fluid. She collapsed on top of me and we fell
asleep. We were damn lucky it just so happened to be a
Japanese national holiday the next morning, and no one
worked. Had we been caught in the hallway in that
position both our asses would have been given the axe
and I would be without a job again.

Thankfully though, we woke up to an empty building
close to noon, got dressed and left to eat brunch at
her place. Mizuki was a very good cook! Unlike most of
the Japanese food I had in restaurants, her cooking had
the distinct flavor of this particular region of Japan,
and it was delicious. She seemed pleased that I liked
her cooking, and as we sat there eating we could not
keep from staring into each other’s eyes.

Mizuki and I took the time to get to know one another,
and in time our love deepened. Sometimes we fucked like
jackrabbits, other times we didn’t. Either way was fine
by us. If that is not love, I don’t know what is. Two
years passed and I asked her to marry me. She promptly
accepted and we actually got married that same week. It
has now been nearly a year since we married, and we
couldn’t be happier. I speak Japanese fluently now, and
teach English at Tokyo University. I make six figures,
which between the two of us puts us at nearly seven
figures, and we are expecting our first child.

Looking back I am glad I did not have to betray a
friend to get all this, and Yassu is fine with us. He
ended up marrying a blonde French girl he met on one of
his business trips to Europe, and they actually have
two kids now. Mizuki insists on a Japanese name for our
child, and I don’t really mind. I figure, women are
generally better at naming babies anyway.

All in all, my life had finally turned around. I deal
with the daily grind, every day stresses, but in all my
luck had finally changed.

And, one thing more; since we married our love making
has become even HOTTER than before, with Mizuki
practically raping me every once in a while… AND I

The End