Three Days In Bangkok

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by UR Null (address withheld)


I was trying to forget my girlfriend who dumped me on
New Year’s Eve. One of my friends told me that
prostitutes are cheap and plenty in Thailand, I took no
time to plan a trip to Thailand. (MFF, prost, asian)


Day 1

Maybe it sounds like a stupid idea to try forget a
woman by tramping around an Asian country, but if you
ever try it, you’ll find out: it’s REALLY a very stupid

I arrived in Bangkok around 3 o’clock in the afternoon
– a hot day as expected. As I left the airport a sign
‘Taxi to Central: Bath 400’. Much too expensive I
thought. I won’t “invest” my money in the taxi
business. So I asked for a bus map since I was told
that the airport is around 20 km from downtown. I had a
look at the bus map and a beautiful female student
helped me in her broken English to find the right bus.
I fucked her for one minute in my mind.

After taking a bus I left it at a station, which was
announced as ‘central’, but it wasn’t. So I had a look
around in the shops and finally took a cab to Sukumvit
Road, which a friend who lived two years in Bangkok had
suggested. The cab dropped me at a hotel called
‘Holiday Plaza’ which proved out to be quiet cheap. My
room was at 8th floor but the hotel was without lift
that is why it was cheap.

After dumping my luggage in my room, I walked down
Sukumvit Road to look for some girls. There were many
street markets selling food, fruit, weapons, handcuffs,
T-shirts, Buddha statues… but not a single girl to be
seen on the street. I went back to my hotel to have
some rest before going all out for the pussy.

After a small dinner I took a cab to Pat Pong, which is
the ‘red light district’ of Bangkok. There were lots of
people – everyone is asking you to come in. I was most
impressed of the razor blade show, so I went to one of
the upstairs bars that offered the show. But: the show
was just at the end.

Next one was starting in one hour. OK, I had a beer and
looked at the nude dancing girls: old, fat, boring, no
smile. Just one was there I liked a little bit. I had
to change my place to see her since the four or five
girls never change their position neither did they turn
around. I left very soon.

Than there was a really heavy rain shower and I still
hadn’t seen the razor blades coming out of the pussy. I
went to another upstairs bar that had a ‘King’ sign at
the door. I was told only to go to the bars that belong
to the king group. I was upstairs and out of the rain.
I sat down and asked for a beer. Immediately there were
two girls around me. I had not even time to dry my wet
glasses and they asked me to for a drink.

I said OK to the girl on the right and sorry to the
left and she got a small coke. While drying my glasses
I saw the girl on the stage having a razorblade string
in her hand: here it was, the razorblade show. I
hurried to put my glasses on the nose and to move the
people standing between the stage and me to the side.
She moved the string very fast outside the pussy,
standing there with the legs almost closed. The show
was over before it began. I asked the girl to my left
if this is a trick and she said ‘sure’.

The girl on my right did not stop asking me for a
drink. And this is what I really hate. The show went on
but was really boring. I don’t know why everyone writes
about those fantastic shows? Where are they? Every sex
show I’ve seen in my life was better than this. Are
these reports are written by prudish Americans who have
never gone to Europe (Amsterdam)? I had enough and
wanted to go home, asked for the bill and was shocked:
700 Bath: 400 for the show (which is usually free if
you drink beer), 2×100 for two lady drinks (I only
accepted one) and 100 Bath for my beer.

Back in my hotel I was watching some porn on the
television when suddenly there was a knock on the door.
I opened the door and the MOST stunning Thai girl I
ever saw was standing there. She was quite slim and
tall, and could be a model. She had very slender legs,
and they were balanced on 4inch stiletto heels, and her
sheer black panty-hosed toes disappeared into the
pointiest tips I ever seen. Those slender legs went up
to a small black dress that began about mid-calf, and
she had a very tight waist, not large breasts but big
enough to fill my hands. She had a slim sexy neck,
pouty lips and large almond shaped eyes. She smiled at

She stood at the door, while I examined her up and
down. “Mister Bracken, I’m here to make you happy,” she
said in a cute Thai voice and accent. My name actually
wasn’t Mr. Bracken. There must have been a mix up, but
I wasn’t gonna let this little beauty get away. So I
nodded and let her in.

I sat her down on the bed, and she crossed her legs,
the skirt rode higher and I could see her sheer
pantyhosed thigh. Her legs were thin and long and I
stroked up and down them with my eyes drinking it all
in, up her thighs along her hips and her small breasts.
I tried pouring her drink but my hands were shaky, I
spilt vodka over my hand, and slurped it up like an
embarrassed idiot.

I have never had such gorgeous beautiful prostitute, I
was nervous. I sat down next to her on the bed and gave
her the glass of vodka. I normally would have got
straight down to business. I looked into her beautiful
eyes, her long lashes fluttered at me and she smiled.
My hand wandered nervously onto her thigh and the feel
of her nylon thigh gave me an instant boner. I kissed
her, and she smiled at me. She fell back onto the bed.
I kissed her shoes and wrapped my hands around her soft
pantyhosed ankles, and ran my hand up and down her
legs, stroking her pantyhosed toe cleavage with my

She giggled. “You like my legs Mr. Bracken?” I didn’t
reply. I removed her sexy shoes, and pressed her
nyloned feet against my face, they smelt so good. I
quickly unbuttoned my fly and pressed her nylon feet on
my cock, I got both her feet and she wrapped her toes
around my cock and it felt warm and soft. She started
to move her feet up and down.

I was getting really hot with this most beautiful Thai
girl; I released my cock from her feet, and began
stroking it along her legs paying particular attention
to let it rest under her knee and along her Achilles
tendon. She kept smiling at me; I think she found it
kind of funny. I was so in heaven, I took my clothes
off completely and asked her to wrap her legs around me
so every inch of my skin could feel it, she did as I

After an hour or so I decided I wanted to fuck her. So
I boldly made a grope for her pussy. I ran my hands up
those smooth soft legs I had become so acquainted with
over the hour and towards her snatch. I was kissing her
mouth and our tongues were dancing, my hand moved
higher and higher and she started to breath heavier. My
hand was there, but to my utter astonishment, there was
no pussy there but a hard COCK.

This prostitute was a katoey.. A transsexual. But it
was too late, I was so turned on, I could not stop, I
could feel that her cock was hard and throbbing, I
started to stroke it. Her cock felt so good in the
pantyhose. Our cocks touched, I tore off her bra and
sucked on her nipples feverishly massaging her breasts
into my face, I felt her cock grow harder.

I could not stop. I bit a hole inside her pantyhose,
and stuck my cock in her ass, her pantyhosed cock
brushed against my stomach as I moved in and out. She
moaned, she was beautiful, a beautiful woman with a
cock. I turned her around and she was on her knees on
her bed like me, and I fucked her ass hard while I
stroked her cock, the wall was mirrored, and I watched
me fuck a transsexual whore, I was disgusted but turned
on at the same time.

I came inside her, felt a moment of ecstasy then I
collapsed with guilt on the bed. The katoey whore had
cum oozing out of her cock and her ass, her body was
sexy and I loved her. We bathed together, I felt like a
queer fuck, but I didn’t care.

Day 2

Since one of my information sources mentioned that the
coffee shop of the Grace Hotel has girls even on
daytime I decided to have breakfast there. Only 30
meter from my hotel was the Grace Hotel. And the
information was right: Even at noon there are a few
girls, I counted 6 or 7 — all of them not very nice or
too old. A couple asked me to sit at their table when I

One of the older girls sat down next to me and talked
to me for five minutes until she offered a massage. I
declined politely because I had another place in my
mind for that purpose called CP2.

The place was huge as the building was broad and five
stories high. I walked across the lot, and saw three or
four doors. I went in one at random, entering an empty
room, low ceiling but the size of a ballroom. I went
out and picked another door, which opened to a wide set
of stairs.

Up the stairs was a deserted cocktail lounge, there
were three or four people at the service bar, setting
up. I went over and asked them what time they opened.
They talked among themselves in Thai and then the
busboy took me by the wrist and walked me down a flight
of back steps back to the large ballroom I’d already
been in.

It wasn’t empty, as I’d thought, it was just that the
few people in the room itself were clustered near the
back, and the dimness of the room, after the bright
sunshine, had made them invisible. Taking up one long
wall was a window into the fishbowl. It was a set of
padded bleachers, with rows of women, wearing numbered
badges, sitting patiently.

Let me put this as kindly as I can: if you had some
sort of problem with your mother or your second-grade
teacher or some other female authority figure and it
would make you feel better to fuck a middle-aged woman,
then CP2 is the place for you. And, hey, if you like
heavily plucked eyebrows, big hair, and thick makeup
over bad skin, an Asian girl mysteriously raised in an
Alabama trailer park, again, CP2 should be on your

Some of us, however, prefer a woman who looks more like
a fashion model or an airline stewardess than a clerk
at Wal-Mart or a Baptist’s minister’s wife. We’re
shallow, I guess, and at CP2 we have mighty slim
pickings. I was about to leave.

Slim pickings, but not none. I spotted 69, my new
favorite number. Slender without being skinny.
Beautiful face, short pixie haircut. I was very happy
to see that when the mama-san called her number for me,
69 actually brightened up. Up close she was even
prettier, but I didn’t want her to get too close, as I
had a theory that a hooker would give you better
service if she didn’t find you repugnant. She had a
nice smile and insisted on holding my hand.

We went upstairs to what looked like a hotel hallway.
She opened a door and brought me into the room. The
front of the room was tiled like a bathroom but had no
bathroom-like facilities except a large whirlpool tub.
The back had a circular bed, a small TV, and a mirror
on the ceiling. There was also a mirror mounted, not
hung, on the wall and much later, Miss 69 made a joke
about there being a video camera behind the mirror.

Her English was a little rocky, but thinking back on
it, I am sure it was a two-way mirror so the management
could keep an eye on activities. I doubt they tape it,
but if you are any grade of celebrity, or even worth
blackmailing (I am not), you should probably think
twice before going to CP2. Or at least drape a towel
over the mirror.

She flicked on the TV and I was surprised that it
wasn’t porn, just regular TV. Oh, well, when your real
life was becoming something like porn, you don’t need
porn. She indicated for me to get undressed. I was a
little slow in doing do, and was glad for that when a
moment later, when a chambermaid walked in unannounced
and dropped off a little bag for 69. Soap, condoms,
some other stuff.

I stripped down and hopped into the water, feeling both
self-conscious at being naked in front of a stranger
and stupid for being self-conscious in front of a woman
who sees, and has sex with, dozens of naked men a week.
But she seemed more self-conscious than me. She took
off her clothes in a corner and when I peeked at her,
she giggled nervously and gestured for me to turn my
back. Which I did, again part of my whole better-sex-
if-you-treat-her-nice theory.

First she washed herself. And, man, did she wash
herself thoroughly. She could have performed surgery
with her pussy after she was done washing it. Then she
prepared some bath foam in a bin, put it onto an airbed
in front of the bathtub, and invited me to lie down.
Than she applied the legendary massage without hands:
She massaged me with her body: her breast and very much
with her pubic bone. But after 10 minutes it was over.

She tried to give me a blowjob, but she was that bad
that I did not even get an erection. I thought about
helping her with thinking at something really nice, but
then I thought “what for do I pay?” After five minutes
success-less blowing I asked her to postpone that.

We dried each other and went to the bed. She expected
to get fucked immediately but I thought if I could stay
for up to two hours, than I want a real massage. I laid
down on my front and she was astonished that I expect a
back massage. She started and it was really painful,
because she did not use any lubricant. I asked her for
oil. Again she was astonished: “You want an oil
massage?” She picked up a little oil bottle from her
bag. Than the massage was much better – even though I
have had a lot of better massages.

She did not even know that muscles are massaged not
bones. After 15 minutes I was much more relaxed and
thought about the number of the girl. And she was worth
that number. Then I asked for a condom and fucked her
for another 30 minutes. Her face looked like she was
feeling a lot of pain, even when I licked her softly.
She blocked my way when I wanted to leave the room and
asked for a tip. I gave her 800bath. All together not a
good experience.

After that I took some rest in my room. My problem was
that the days only had 24 hours. If you want sex – and
lots of it- and enough sleep as well, it was nearly
impossible to fit it all in 24 hours. In the evening I
went to a bar, had a few drinks, and then went over to
Pat Pong. I had a vague plan about spending an hour or
so there, then maybe checking out some other fleshpit,
like Nana or even a hands-free restaurant. It didn’t
work out that way.

I went upstairs to Queen’s Corner, which is the
standard Pat Pong arrangement, two rows of padded
benches surrounding a bar surrounding a large square
stage. There were topless girls sort of waddling around
on stage. What the hell is that supposed to be? The
mama-san sat me down and put a girl on either side of
me, one in a bikini the other just in a bikini bottom.
Each girl instantly cuddled close and slid a hand onto
my crotch. “Get these girls some drinks,” I told the

The two girls told me they were from the same village
in, surprise, surprise, Isaan and they were cousins. I
looked closely at their features; they could have been
cousins, but a lot of Thai girls look similar. “I can’t
tell.” The two girls laughed and simultaneously, like a
dance move, pulled down their bikini bottoms. I felt
both of them up. “Oh, yeah, you two’re cousins.” And
they were. I mean, if twats were anything to go by,
they were twins.

The topless cousin was prettier, high cheekbones and a
flat stomach, but nature has a way of leveling these
things out: the other cousin, who went by the unlikely
name of Red, was a little pudgier, but much more
aggressive, tucking my hand into her bikini bottom,
wiggling around to get my finger up her, occasionally
leaning over to kiss my prick through my jeans.

I slipped them each 500 baht, twelve bucks. What the
hell? This was the best date I’d ever had and it was
costing me less than a movie. They had to go on stage
and while they were up, I moved to another table at the
back, partly to get away from the front door and partly
to see if they’d follow.

At the new table, I struck up a conversation with
another girl, Ban. Poor Ban seemed exhausted, and
talking to me not so much to hustle a drink but just to
dodge going back on stage for a few minutes. Ban was a
little older than the cousins, a woman more than a
girl, and she seemed both wiser and sadder: what the
cousins will be in a few more years.

The music changed and Ban went up on stage and the
cousins came down. They found me instantly and sat back
down on either side of me, just as they had before, the
topless girl, Oh, between me and the DJ booth, Red on
the other side. Red had the entire bench and she would
frequently lie back on it to masturbate for me to
watch. Oh was a little more constricted, both by the DJ
booth and by her own personality. She pulled her bikini
bottom down to her knees and, whenever I touched her
breasts or her clit, would feign such theatrical excess
of passion that we would both burst out laughing.

Ban was up on stage. Her responsibility apparently was
the pussy show. You know, pussy open bottle, pussy
shoot dart, pussy crack egg. Actually, she would just
supposit the egg in her canal and then throw her whole
body down wham on the stage, which would crack the egg.
No wonder she was tired.

I told the cousins what “pussy” meant: a little cat.
They liked that. The cousins’ 40-year-old aunt came
over, gave me a massage. Nice lady, but two cousins is
hot, two cousins and their middle-aged aunt are freaky,
too freaky for me, bordering on creepy, so I gave her
100 Baht and shooed her away.

Another girl, who called herself Pooky (really), came
over. Pooky was a little different. She was wearing a
bikini top, but her breasts were pulled out of it, and
a skirt, which was up around her waist. She talked to
me and while she talked, she vigorously rubbed her clit
against the corner of the table.

I told her laughingly that that was no way to treat a
nice pussy and petted it gently. Red petted it too and
Pooky obviously liked that a lot more. Pooky told me
that she was a lesbian, and pointed out her girlfriend,
a chubby girl across the room giving a handjob to a
sunburned German man. Ban, coming off the stage, and
pulling on a leopard-print fur bikini, volunteered that
she was a lesbian too.

On that encouragement, I sponsored a cunnilingus
contest. Lovely Oh was to be the judge and whichever
girl could eat her out the best would win 200 baht.
Pooky went first and seemed to do an excellent job. She
started with pussy licking but continued with just
ordinary making out; Oh looked to be enjoying it and
Pooky was truly getting off. I wondered if she’d had
been waiting a chance to get on Oh. Ban decided she
didn’t want to play, so I didn’t push her but awarded
the prize to Pooky and gave Oh a 100 Baht judge’s fee.

For a while, it went on like that. Usually, two girls,
either the cousins or Pooky and Ban, would be on stage
or attending to other duties, and the other two would
be with me. I’d buy the occasional round to keep the
mama-san happy (I later calculated that I spent 2000
baht, more that fifty dollars, over the entire course
of the evening, buying drinks and food for five to
seven people — Thailand can still be a bargain).

The cousins would always cuddle up right next to me,
each with one hand on my package. Once or twice I
leaned down to kiss each of them on the clit. Ban would
usually sit in Red’s spot while Red was dancing, but
she was so tired, I’d let her drowse on my shoulder.

Pooky wouldn’t sit next to me, she would usually sit on
a stool across the table and she and I would
alternately reach across the space to rub each other —
she would cup my nuts or I would catch her clit between
the knuckles of my index and middle fingers — or else
she would smoke, using both her mouth and, in a bit of
Pat Pong bravado, her cunt to take in the smoke.

At one point, I took the cigarette out of the
impressively puffing cunt and sucked a lungful of smoke
for myself, blew it out my nose. Ban liked that, but
Pooky just thoughtfully spread her pussy lips with her
fingers. I put the cigarette back.

The evening wore on like that: drinking, occasionally
having something to eat (the girls had brought their
dinner, spicy hot noodles, and they shared it with me),
making out. Pooky and Ban would do kind of a phony
lesbian show on stage and then come back to our corner
and do a much better one just for me.

It all had a lazy, sleepy rhythm to it, and more than
once I turned my head to notice that the clit I was
tickling belonged to a different girl than I had
thought. They were all very nice girls, even Pooky,
despite her best efforts to be a tough dyke. I was
worried about Pooky — her aggressive sexuality seemed
to spring not from lust but a deep-ingrained self-
contempt. “Buddha loves you,” I tried, but she didn’t
have a clue what I was talking about.

Suddenly, a white light started to flash above the
stage. Pandemonium. All the naked girls on the stage
streamed off and were simultaneously replaced by girls
in white bathing suit. My girls quickly rearranged
their outfits to cover all my favorite places — except
for Oh: she didn’t have a top for her bikini. She
cowered endearingly behind a half-wall until somebody
tossed her a tube top. The decency police had arrived.

They were two Thai boys, barely out of their teens,
wearing windbreakers with “Police” stenciled in English
on the back. They sat at the bar, drank Cokes, and
watched the girls in their bathing suits wiggle
demurely on the stage. Everyone else in the place
feigned patience and tried to pretend we weren’t
watching the police and itching for them to leave.

In a strange reversal, it was difficult for us, my
girls and me, to talk while fully dressed and with our
hands on the tables instead of pawing at each other’s
erogenous zones. I tried to remind myself this was the
way most people spent their time, the way I usually
spent my time — dressed and not making out with
strangers — but it seemed unnatural.

Eventually, the cops wandered out and the slow-motion
bacchanalia continued. Probably, the high point was
when a farang girl got on the stage. The Thai girls
loved this, they got her to strip down to her
underpants, but that was as far as she would go. As a
devious measure, the dancers sent in one of their
prettiest to seduce her. This girl also stripped to her
underwear and then slow-danced on stage with the farang
(white) girl. She embraced her sensually, kissed her
mouth, her neck, and her breasts. The farang girl was
almost hypnotized with lust, but not enough to lose her
panties onstage.

After dinner I got back to Nana 0 at Sukumvit, how I
will call this area. Nobody reported about it before. I
walked down the entire street to browse the pubs first.
Many beautiful young women were smiling at me and
giving me a sign to come closer. I made my final
decision – even it was hard – and had a beer. I talked
to a very nice girl, which spoke excellent English and
said she is 24. Like all of them she looked much

We talked about 15 minutes and she did not ask for a
drink. This is what I like very much about this place,
it is very relaxed, nobody forces you to anything. The
beer is cheap (around 50 bath) and the music was good.
I offered her a drink and after another 30 minutes I
invited her for overnight. She was shy and she looked
as if she had never done something like this before.
Just when we were about to go I mentioned a very young
girl in the bar, very beautiful, I asked my company how
old she is and she answered ’18’. I really want to see
this girl again.

The hotel has two entrances, so I could get the key
without having anyone see her. And it is only an 8 min
walk from this area. It took a lot of arguing until she
agreed to shower together. She was very tender and
offered excellent relaxed service. We made a lot of
jokes and had a lot of fun together.

After I reached climax she asked me to continue to fuck
her, and it seemed to me that she needed a few more
seconds to come herself. Is it really true that these
girls have fun with a client? It seems yes. She was
really good. The next morning a last time intercourse
until I kissed her good bye. She did not ask for money.
When I asked her how much, she said it depends on you
what you give me. I gave her 1100 bath.

Day 3

I woke late and decided not to waste my time in the
heat: I saved my energy for the night. I heard a lot of
good things about Annie’s massage parlor on Soi 2, so I
decided to try it out. As I came in the mama san made
an offer to me. She said: ” would you help me, if you
want, there are two girls who didn’t have any business
today and I would like to keep them happy”, “so I will
make you an offer: 2000 baht for two hours with two
girls in the V.I.P. room”.

They were nice enough looking, perhaps not the most
beautiful, but all I was interested in was good
service. So I took the offer (it sounded too good to be
true). They obviously were delighted to earn some money
in the end and they proved they were worth it. They
were in great form and one of them was even gently
humming songs during the whole session.

They undressed me slowly, joking about the movement in
my underpants, while taking off my shirt. I had to sit
down in one of the chairs and the two of them kneeled
down and put oil on my dick and started gently
massaging it, while 4 cute and naughty eyes were
looking me in the face. Even though my cock was shining
with oil they started blowjobs, the two of them.. They
did this very gently for about 10 minutes and then one
of them decided to finish me off, which she did taking
my whole load in her mouth, while the other had her arm
around my neck, while giggling. This was heaven.

Then we went in to the tub and had lots of laughs and
fun. I loved to stay in the bath because it was nice
and warm. We stayed in there for half an hour and they
were playing with me in every way. Then the other one
gave me an equally good blow job and again taking it
all in her mouth. I still had about an hour to go so we
dried up and went on the bed.

I had come twice, so I said no fucking, I want to
relax. But that wasn’t good enough for them. I eat both
their pussys and the one started to even sing louder.
Unbelievable. I was too tired to fuck so the two of
them lay their heads on top of my legs and massaged my
cock with oil till I came for the third time. I didn’t
have much cum at this stage, but I’m sure they wouldn’t
mind taking it over their face.

They cheered loudly when I came as if they just won a
gold medal. The last twenty minutes we laid down and
watched a bit of porno on the television (I was in VIPs
room), holding them tight against me, one in each arm.
I tipped them both 500 bath. I should have given them
more. I’m telling you, you simply can’t get this
service in Europe.

Because my plane would leave very early the next day I
decided not to sleep at night. This I can do on my
flight back home. It is right that everything closes at
2.00 a.m. But I don’t see the problem, as all the bars
do close, the girls come out of the bars, go out on the
street and along Sukhumvit they hang around for 1 to 2
hours till 4 o’ clock while eating, drinking, laughing,
joking and looking for business.

The atmosphere is just great and it is very pleasant
just hanging around, have jokes and eat and talk with
all (well, not all). I went back to my Nana 0 to meet
that 18-year-old girl. Her English was not very good so
I did not talk to her for a long time and asked her
soon to come with me to my hotel for a short time.

This girl was very, very shy. I could not manage this
time to shower with her. After shower she went to my
king size bed and put the blanket over her head. I
touched and kissed her for a long time before I removed
her slip. I took really a long time and it seems she
has not done this very often before – she had not even
condoms with her (but she wanted to use some).

Neither did she have a bag for her personal things. Not
very common. Even though she was inexperienced it was
my best experience in Bangkok. I really had the feeling
I loved her and I lost a tear. For heaven sake this did
not last long. She left me her name and phone number
and told me to call her again when I was in town. I may
next time I’m there, but variety is the spice of life.
After my stay of only three days in Bangkok I can say
Thai girls are usually hit or miss, you get some real
stunners but also some real dogs.