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(FFM, rom, asian, 1st-bi, tights)
by Tightsplus (tightsplus@yahoo.com)


Tina is an Asian dance student at a well-known West
Coast University. One day she sets off to shop for some
tights and invites Mike to come along.


Chapter 1: Shopping

“Hey, Mike, do you want to go shopping with me?” The
question came from Tina, a freshman girl who lived in
the same student housing as me at a famous University on
the West Coast.

I was a grad student but had gotten to know Tina during
her first days on campus when she had stopped me to ask
directions to registration. We often chatted together
and discovered many interests in common. She was from
the Philippines, but of Chinese descent with some
Spanish priest’s blood somewhere in her lineage. It was
perhaps that little bit of Spanish blood that gave her
quite good sized breasts for an Asian woman.

Once or twice already we had had some serious late-into-
the-night type discussions as college students are apt
to do. Once it was about economic development in the
Philippines (I told you it was serious), and once about
her earlier ambition to be a ballet dancer and how she
had made the painful decision to go to College instead.
I can’t remember all the other long drawn out
discussions we had but soon we become good friends. I
was attracted by her youthful exuberance and good looks,
and I think she liked an older confidant.

That Saturday afternoon, when she asked me the question,
I had just finished a major bit of work and was taking a
break in front of the housing complex, basking in the
late October sun. Tina had just come around the corner
on her bike when she spotted me. A bike ride to the
shops with Tina would be the perfect break.

As we rode on our way, I asked her where she wanted to
go shopping. She said she wanted to buy some tights for
the winter and was heading to a dance supply shop on
University Avenue.

In the dance shop, Tina went around her business looking
for tights. In the meantime, I stood by the check-out
counter and took in the activity. There were a couple of
mannequins in the shop window showing off, I suppose,
the latest fashions in leotards and tights. The clerk, a
blonde woman of about 30 years, was helping a young
girl, accompanied by her mother, try on ballet shoes.
Against one wall there were a couple of changing rooms
and a full-length mirror.

A young woman was standing in front of the mirror
(another student from the University I guessed) and was
checking out how she looked in a long-sleeved black
leotard and pink tights. On the door of the changing
cabins was a crudely-drawn picture of a woman’s torso
wearing panties and a text which said: “please keep on
your panties when trying on the tights.” I thought about
that for a moment. Did that mean that girls didn’t wear
panties under their tights? Somehow the thought was
quite arousing.

My reverie was interrupted by Tina saying to me: “Mike,
come and help me select some colors.” She was looking
into a catalogue which had pictures of different models
of tights and little patches of color to help select.
She was pointing to a Danskin tight and asked me which
colors I liked.

I helped her select a burgundy color, a navy blue and a
black. I also suggested pink but she said she already
loads of pink tights left over from her dancing days. As
I was helping her select the colors I noticed some of
the other styles: stirrup tights, fishnets, professional
weight tights with seams. We went to aisle where the
tights were neatly stacked up and I helped Tina select
the tights of the right color and size for her.

Standing close to Tina and surrounded by all those
tights and other dance wear, I was getting thoroughly
aroused and was getting quite a noticeable erection
which I tried my best to hide. We paid for the tights
and left the store. We didn’t say a thing as we biked
back to the housing complex, but after we had parked our
bikes, Tina reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the
check, said “Mike, that was fun, thanks for coming
along,” and run up the stairs to her room.

That night I had a vivid dream of Tina in the changing
room of a ballet studio. She was standing dressed only
in a pair of pink tights. Another girl, also Asian and
also just wearing pink tights, was standing behind her
and helping her fix her hair into a bun for dancing. The
erect nipples of the other girl’s naked breasts would
occasionally brush up against Tina’s back. Tina was
getting obviously aroused by the attention and when she
turned around I could see that her nipples too were
erect. As she turned around her nipples brushed against
those of the other Asian girl. Tina put her arms around
her, and stroked her back. She reached down and held the
girls buns – encased in pink tights – as the girl did
the same to her.

Slowly they kissed with Tina’s tongue darting into the
other girl’s mouth and one of her hands coming around to
the front and slipping down to stroke the girl’s cunt
through her tights. Before long they were lying on the
floor in a 69 position with Tina on top and kissing the
girl’s clit through her tights.

Meanwhile the other girl was busy with Tina and soon
both girls were moaning with pleasure. The crotches of
their tights were soaking wet and plastered to their
cunts liked a second skin. Tina slipped one hand under
the elastic waist of the girl’s tights and gave her clit
a series of strokes which brought the girl close to
cumming. Meanwhile her own clit was being gently
stimulated by the other girl’s lapping of the tongue…

At that point I woke up with a start and needless to say
I didn’t fall back to sleep without first masturbating.

I didn’t see Tina for a couple of weeks after that – I
had to make some trips for my research – but one day I
was standing in line at the post office when I heard
Tina’s voice behind me say “Hi, Mike, where have you
been?” I explained and she then asked me if I wanted to
come over to her place later on as she had something she
wanted to show me. We agreed that I would go to her room
just after dinner. As she walked away, I noticed she was
wearing short shorts over black tights – were they the
ones I helped her buy? – and what looked like a black
leotard which showed off her breasts to perfection.
Damm! I was getting aroused again and wondered what the
evening would bring.

At about 8 that evening I knocked on her door and she
let me in. I was glad to see that her roommate was out
and that she was alone. I looked at her half of the room
and smiled to myself: everything was neat and tidy,
unlike the other side of the room which was a mess of
books, clothes and leftover snacks strewn all over the

“Oh, Mike I’m so glad you came. Mary (her roommate) is
out at the Irish bar with her boy-friend, so we can have
some quite time on our own.”

We settled down, she sitting at the head of her bed
resting her back against the pillow, with her legs
pulled up to her chest, me at the foot of the bed,
keeping a certain distance between us. After all, apart
from that one quick kiss, we were not on touching terms.
She had kicked off her shoes, but apart from that she
was still wearing the same outfit as earlier in the day.
We chatted away some and I was about to ask her what she
wanted to show me, when she up a photo album that was
lying on her desk next to the bed.

“Look. My mom sent me the album of my photos when I was
a ballet student. I noticed how interested you were in
all the outfits when we were at the shop the other day
and thought you might be interested to see some of my

Had I been so obvious in the shop? We moved closer
together and she opened the album at the beginning.
There must have been about 50 pages. The first were of
photos of her when she was maybe 5 or 6 wearing pink
tights and pink leotards. The following pages had
pictures of her at stage of her development into as a
ballerina and of course as a girl and young woman. She
pointed out special pictures of performances she had
been in, and of teachers and friends posing with her.

My favorite was of her one leg standing ‘en-pointe’ with
the other leg pointing straight up and being held by one
arm. She must have been about 16 at the time. I also
liked the photos of her wearing an almost transparent
unitard and standing in a line of girls on stage.

“There was a lot of controversy over those outfits,” she
said. I could see why. There was also some nice ones of
her warming up in leg-warmers. And a few of her wearing
in fishnet tights. I was amazed at how supple Tina had
been and joked that I bet she could not hold one leg
above her head now. “You want to bet?”

And sure enough she jumped up took off her shorts and
stood in front of me in her blacks tights and leotard.
And very gracefully took the heel of one foot in her
hand and slowly lifted it over her head.

“Now, Mike, I’ve got to catch up on some of my reading.
You can stay if you want and look some more at the

So she got back to her position at the head of the bed
(without, I was pleased to see, bothering to put her
shorts back on)and I took the foot of the bed with her
album which I proceeded to study carefully. I was
immersed in the album when I noticed that Tina had
stretched her legs out and her feet were practically on
my lap. Without asking, I put one hand out and began
giving her a massage. First her feet and then her ankles
and calves. “Don’t stop. That feels so good.”

Encouraged, I knelt between her feet and used both hands
to massage her legs, right up to her thighs. I loved the
feel of her legs still clad in her black tights. Tina
put her book down and was leaning back with her eyes
closed enjoying the massage. She had spread her legs a
little and I could see that Tina at any rate didn’t wear
any panties under her tights and leotard. Slowly but
surely I massaged higher and higher up her legs and as I
squeezed the flesh of her inner thigh the back of my
hand brushed against her leotard covering her pussy. As
I did so, she let out a small moan.

My trembling hands beat a little retreat, but soon they
were back at the top of her thighs and again brushing
against her leotard. “Mike this massage is feeling so
good. Would you mind doing my back? Look the other way
and I’ll slip out of this leotard.” When she gave me the
all clear, I turned around and saw that she was lying
face down. Her back was bare, ad all she had on were her
black tights. This time I started at the top, with her
shoulders, and worked my way down.

Before long my hands were straying over the top of her
tights and then kneading her buns. Through her tights, I
could see the crack of her bum and the lips of her spot
and I could see that she was moist with desire. My lips
and tongue replaced my hands as I gently sucked and
licked her through her tights. When I turned her over,
rolled down her tights and started kissing her clit, she
shuddered. I inserted a finger inside her and continued
to work on her clit until I felt the throbbing of her
cumming on my finger inside her.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Mary’s
voice: “Hey, guys I’m back can I come in?” I made my way
back to my room – happy but frustrated – and clinging to
Tina’s black tights that I had picked up as we had
quickly tidied up before letting Mary in. That night I
slept with her tights next to my pillow and enjoyed
Tina’s smell.

Chapter 2: In Part Two Tina is the narrator.

When I woke the next morning, my pussy was still flush
from Mike touching, licking and kissing me. It was the
first orgasm I’d had in such a long time, too long a
time. Lying in bed, I thought of the last time I’d had
one: I was filling the bath with water and I got in
while the tub was still practically empty. Don’t ask me
where I got the idea from, but I slid onto my back,
raised and opened my knees and positioned myself so that
the stream of water from the tap fell onto my clitoris.

I thought too of Mike. He was someone I could get really
fond of. Apart from enjoying his company, he seemed like
a really sensitive guy: someone who was more interested
in giving me a good orgasm than in just shoving himself
into me quickly and being done with it. I felt a warm
glow of gratitude and wondered how I could repay him.

When my roommate, Mary, woke up and started rummaging
around, I wrapped a towel around my waist and scurried
off to the showers. I guess the fresh water must have
wakened me up to reality and I laughed at myself: what
did I know of Mike and his fantasies? Mike probably
wasn’t even that interested in me. He was clearly a real
intellectual type – doing research into Microbiology
wasn’t it? As he had said during one of our chats, he
didn’t have a girlfriend because he was too busy with
his research. I was in a different league and probably
only got accepted into the University because they
needed some good dancers for their ballet program which
they were trying to get off the ground.

When I got back to my room after my shower, Mary said:
“Your Prince in Shining Armour just called and said he
had something to drop off for you. I told him that we
leave our door unlocked so he could drop it off any time
he wanted.” I blushed and protested: “He is not my
Knight in Shining Armour. He’s just a friend.”

It was going to be a busy day. I had classes the whole
day, with a ballet class at 11. It looked chilly outside
so I wore jeans and a sweater over my tights and
leotard. I shoved my ballet slippers and an extra pair
of stirrup tights in my book bag and grabbed and rushed
off to my first class. All thoughts of Mike and the last
evening’s “massage” were banished as I concentrated on
the lectures. By the time my dance class came around at
11 I was ready for a break. As I slipped out of my
sweater and jeans, I thought of Mike again.

I looked at myself in the mirrors of the dance studio: I
did have great legs, breasts which if anything were a
bit too large for a ballet dancer, and a face from which
shone alert eyes and which was said to be beautiful: a
mix of Chinese and a little Spanish, typical of the
aristocracy of Manila from which I came. The teacher
walked into the studio. She was a French woman called
Valerie. About 35 years old with a lean taut body.

“It’s cold today, so I want you all to wear an extra
layer.” She was wearing pink leg warmers over her
tights. I took my extra pair of black stirrup tights out
of my book bag and wore them over my pink tights and
black leotard. Some of the other girls were wearing leg
warmers like the teacher. I slipped into my ballet

As I danced, my thoughts kept wandering and I imagined I
was dancing for Mike. I wondered about his fantasies. A
lot of guys seem attracted by us Asian women. And he was
so cute at the dance wear shop. It was obvious that he
was a little embarrassed in such a feminine environment,
but he also seemed more than a little interested in all
those tights and leotards, leg warmers and other stuff.

It made me think of the time when I was 14 years old. I
had come home early from my ballet classes. I thought I
was alone but as I climbed the stairs, I heard some
noise in my room. I was afraid of whom it might be so I
very quietly finished climbing the stairs and peered
into the room. The door was not quite closed.

My heart jumped: there was my brother (16 at the time)
standing in front of my full length mirror wearing
nothing else except for a pair of my pink ballet tights.
His member stood fully erect and was clearly visible
though the pink material. One hand was stroking it. I
stared more fascinated than indignant. I hadn’t seen my
brother naked since we took baths together years ago.
And why was he wearing my tights? What was I to do?
Barge in? No, I was too embarrassed for that. Beat a
retreat downstairs? No, I was too fascinated by the
scene in front of me.

So I just stayed and watched until he moaned and shot a
load of cum into my tights and collapsed onto my bed. I
hadn’t thought of that scene with my brother for a long
time, but thinking about it made me fantasize about Mike
wearing a pair of my pink tights and me running my
finger nails up and down his erect member which strained
under the tight material. And then kissing it and
running my tongue where my nails had been…

My fantasizing was disturbed as I had one leg up on the
barre and the dance teacher put her hand on my leg, gave
my thigh a gentle squeeze and said: “you seem in a
different world today, but you’re dancing beautifully.”
The squeeze sent a tingle through me, a little erotic
thrill. My teacher’s hand was so close to where Mike had
brought me so much pleasure last evening. I was shocked
that another woman’s touch could affect me so much.

When I got back to my room, I saw a pair of black tights
neatly folded on my bed. There was little note folded on
top of them “Dear Tina, I didn’t mean to run off with
your tights last night – and I’m sorry to miss you but
I’m leaving for a week of research in Boston…”

Chapter 3: In part three, the story is continued by
Valerie the French ballet teacher.

When I touched Tina’s leg as it was stretched on the
bar, and squeezed very gently her thigh, I sensed a
response. You have to understand that as a dance teacher
I am often touching my students to correct a position,
to help them with their balance, or sometimes just to
give them a little pat of encouragement. And of course
that’s usually all there is to it. Sometimes, a student
will develop a crush on me – an older woman of authority
– and, yes I admit it, with those students I sometimes
allow my touches to linger a little longer than
necessary or to be in more intimate places than would be
required. I confess that I enjoyed the thrill of power
over these young women, with their girlish crushes.

My touches during class would both increase my sense of
control and suggest to them that yes their affections
were noticed and appreciated. But don’t get the wrong
idea or let your fantasies run wild: basically I
remained strictly professional and I never allowed
myself to have a sexual relationship with any of my
students. Well, hardly ever. Back in France, where
relationships between teachers and students were not
frowned on in the same way as they are in this country,
it is true that I had taken advantage of more than one
young girl’s crush on me.

Once even, and you may find this shocking, the mother of
one girl had more or less encouraged me. I think the
mother wanted to make sure that her daughter’s first
experience would be with someone who would take care to
give her daughter an experience she would look back on
the rest of her life with pleasure. As she put it: “my
daughter has a crush on you. I don’t know how you feel
about her. But if you want to sleep with her, I won’t
say no. I just say be gentle with her.”

But I am straying from my story. I was surprised by
Tina’s response, and maybe I was deluding myself,
because I was quite sure that Tina was not one of the
young women in my class who had a crush on me. Too bad
because I felt very attracted to her: she was certainly
the most beautiful woman in the class besides being the
best dancer.

But perhaps she had a boyfriend and just wasn’t
interested in women. I resolved to find out. Next day’s
class was in the late afternoon. During class, I did not
have time to give any special attention to Tina until
just the end of the class because a couple of the other
students required more than the usual help with their
positions. But at the end of the class, I had all the
students lined up at the barre for the cool-down period.
Tina’s right leg was extended on the barre and she was
leaning forward reaching out with her fingers just
beyond her toes.

I admired her gracefulness and the line of back, and the
way her leotard was stretched over her rear. As I often
do to help a student stretch, I put one hand on her back
and one hand on her front but this time I made sure my
hand on front was just slightly overlapping the bottom
half of her right breast. Her breast felt so soft yet so
firm and I was very tempted to leave my hand there
longer. But next I had all my students raise themselves
from the barre and stretch up, still leaving their right
legs on the barre. As she did so, Tina looked at me.

Her beautiful Oriental eyes said everything: “You
touched my breast, you did it on purpose. I am shocked
but thrilled.” That was all the encouragement I needed.
I placed my hand on her right leg and felt the muscles
of her inner thigh stretched in extension over the
barre. I briefly massaged her thigh and moved my hand
until it was close to where her tights disappeared under
her leotard.

I was so tempted to allow my hand to follow the tights
under the crotch of her leotard, but I resisted the
temptation and turned to dismiss the class: “OK that’s
all for today. Be sure to dress warmly as it is cold out
there. Tina, I want you to stay on after class please.”
As I said this, I noticed one of the girls look
enviously at Tina. No doubt she wished that she was the
one asked to stay behind. The students thanked me for
the class and went into the changing room, leaving me
alone with Tina.

“Tina, you are doing very well but there are a couple of
movements I want you to practice. We have to give up
this room now, but I live nearby. Can you come to my
place now? You can stay on for dinner afterwards.”

Chapter 4: in which Tina is the narrator.

When we arrived at Valerie’s place, I was a bit uneasy
because I felt the sexual tension between us. Where
would this lead? I thought of Mike. What would he think?
What did I think of these new feelings that Valerie was
arousing in me?

And what did I think of Valerie?

She had the taut well toned body of a ballerina and a
face which spelt a strength of character, someone who
knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. Did she
want me?

“Tina, we will practice in here. Stand in front of this
full length mirror. What I want you to practice is your
pied-a-la-main. First your left leg.” I used the back of
a chair for balance and with the heel of my left foot in
my hand, extended by leg vertically up until it was over
my head. In this position, the lips of my pussy were
spread open wide and my clitoris rubbed against the
material of my tights. If it weren’t for my leotard, my
open pussy would be clearly visible through my pink
tights. Valerie stood behind me, looking over my
shoulder at my reflection in the mirror, but not
touching me. “Very good, Tina, now your right leg.”

With my right leg, I was almost as good as with my left,
but not quite.

Valerie, still standing behind me, helped me achieve a
more vertical position, and then put her hand on my
thigh and felt the stretched tendon which connected my
leg to my crotch. “This tendon needs work, Tina.” As she
touched me there so close to my wide open pussy, I felt
a flood of desire. Her hand felt so good. I wished she
would slip it under my leotard and touch me through my
tights. I felt myself getting moist and sure enough I
was embarrassed to see tell-tale signs of wetness.

“Tina, put your leg down. I want you so to stretch your
arms over your head. You are also a little tense here.”

At that she put her hands under my armpits, touching the
side of my breasts. As usual I was not wearing a bra. I
felt myself completely vulnerable and at the mercy of
Valerie. My pussy was soaking my tights with its
wetness, my nipples were erect under my leotard. Valerie
moved her hands to cradle my breasts and finger my
nipples through the material of my leotard. I lowered my
arms and put my hands over hers to keep them on my
breasts. But Valerie held one of my hands in hers and
led me by the hand to her bedroom. Powerless to resist I
followed her.

In her bedroom, she stood before me, and reached behind
me to free my hair from the net which ballet dancers use
to hold their hair in a tight bun. As my long black hair
fell free, she ran her fingers through it, told me how
beautiful I was and kissed me. My lips opened and our
tongues met.

She pushed the shoulders of my leotard down and I freed
my arms. Then she began rolling my leotard own until my
breasts were fully exposed. She paused undressing me to
feel my breasts with her hands and soon her lips were
around my nipples which she flicked with the tip of her
tongue. She continued rolling my leotard down until I
could step out of it. Now I was naked in front of her,
except for my pink tights.

As Valerie knelt down to help me step out of my leotard,
her face was at the same level as the crotch of my
tights. My glistening wet pussy must have been clearly
visible to her through the pink material. She led me to
her bed and lay me on my back. She used her arms to
slightly lift and open my legs wide. My pussy lips were
wide open and the material of my tights tickled my
clitoris. Valerie looked for a moment at this scene and
then gently began kissing my pussy and especially my
clit through my tights.

I bucked my hips up and down desperate for some release.
She lowered my tights and her lips, tongue and fingers
soon brought me to a much needed climax. I drew Valerie
to me and held her. What a sight we must have been: she
still clothed with her jeans over her ballet outfit, me
completely nude embracing her. But soon I was helping
her out of her clothes and her our naked breasts were
touching and our legs were intertwined.

I felt the heat rise from between her legs and reached
down to feel her wetness. As I did so, she groaned with
pleasure and I lowered my head to allow my tongue to
take over from my hand…. Afterwards, we lay in bliss
in each other’s arms under her blankets. In the warmth
and security of her cuddling arms, she asked if I had
any boyfriend.

I told her about Mike. How sensitive he was, how I
really liked him, about the massage and orgasm he had
given me, but also about how little I knew about his
feelings, about his likes and desires. I told her about
our visit to the dance wear shop and of my fantasy of
his wearing my tights. Valerie said:

“Perhaps that is his fantasy also. Let’s see. I have an

Chapter 5: in which Mike continues the story.

My week of research in Boston was actually quite
interesting but I longed to get back to the West coast
to see Tina again. I had to discipline myself not to
think of her all the time. As it was, I found myself
staring lecherously at every woman with long black hair
and an Asian look, especially if she was dressed in a
short skirt or shorts with tights.

When I got back to the West coast, I found a note from
Tina slipped under my door:

“Dear Mike, please give me a call when you get in…
kisses, Tina” Needless to say I called her right away
and Tina asked me: “Mike, I’m sorry I can’t see tonight
but my ballet teacher needs some help on a project and I
need a ride to her place in the mountains. Could you
possibly drive me tomorrow morning? Yes? good then I’ll
come by your place early tomorrow. And Mike… I’ve
missed you” The next morning, Tina came over early, gave
me a quick kiss on the check and we set off for the
mountains to a place near Lake Tahoe.

As we drove, Tina explained: “My teacher, Valerie, is
choreographing a new ballet. When she needs to be
creative she likes to get away to a place she rents in
the mountains. She went up a couple of days ago already
but then called me to see if I could meet join her there
to give her a hand on the project. She has some idea she
wants to try out with me. I’ll get a ride back to the
University with her.” I won’t bore the reader with a
detailed account of all the things we talked about as we
drove up into the mountains. Suffice it to say that the
time passed quickly and I enjoyed stroking Tina’s thighs
as I drove.

It turned out to be a three hour drive and the last hour
it snowed. By the time we got to Valerie’s place the car
was covered in snow and we were lucky to make it without
too much trouble.

Valerie was much relieved to see us and after giving us
a quick coffee, put me to work digging her car out of
the snow. By the time I was finished I was soaked
through with sweat and melted snow. When I got back into
the house (where Tina and Valerie had sensibly said
while I was outside), I was drenched, and Valerie led me
through her bedroom to her bathroom and let me use her
shower. Just as I was stepping into the shower and
turning on the water, Tina knocked on the bathroom,
entered and picked up all my clothes:

“I’ll get these died off for you. In the meantime. I’ll
put out some dry clothes for you on Valerie’s bed.”

I warmed myself in the shower and thought of Tina and
Valerie: two beautiful women staying in this remote
house in the mountains. I wondered where Tina would be
sleeping, probably on the couch in the living room.
Valerie was certainly very attractive. I continued my
reveries as I showered….

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

The room was full of steam so I cracked open the door.
With the door cracked open I could just hear Valerie
talking, but I couldn’t make out Tina’s replies. “I say,
Tina, you told me what a nice sensitive guy Mike was,
but you didn’t tell me how handsome he was.” Tina
mumbled something which I couldn’t make out. Valerie
continued: “I bet he is going to look really good in
your tights.” Again, I didn’t hear Tina’s reply, but
what was that all about my looking good in her tights? I
was trying to figure it out as I finished dying myself
and stepped into the bedroom.

The door to the living area was open, so I quickly
closed it and looked around for the clothes which Tina
said she would leave for me. They were neatly folded on
the bed. On top was a turtleneck. I picked it up. It was
a black, made out of a luxurious silky stretch material,
probably Lycra. As I examined the turtleneck I was taken
back by the snaps on the tail and front. It looked like
the turtleneck was a bodysuit.

But I was most surprised of all by what was under the
bodysuit: two pairs of tights: a black pair with feet
and a pink pair with stirrups. I couldn’t believe my
eyes. Was Tina expecting me to wear her tights? As if in
answer to my unspoken question, Tina called through the
door: “Mike, did you find the clothes I left for you on
the bed?” I was too shocked to reply other than to call
back “yes.”

Shocked as I was, I didn’t really have any choice in the
matter, and to be honest, I was also intrigued. So, I
first put on the black tights with feet. As I put my
feet in first, the tights didn’t feel like anything too
special but as I worked them up over my knees and up to
my hips, I appreciated the way they encased and held my
legs and hips, and yes, my erection.

My erection was a bit of a problem: it was clearly
visible through the tights. I hoped I was going to
embarrass myself in front of Tina and her teacher
Valerie. Next I pulled on the bodysuit and snapped the
crotch between my legs. Like the tights, I loved the
feel of the bodysuit clinging to me. Fortunately it also
did a god job covering but not entirely hiding my
throbbing erection. Next I put on the pink tights with
stirrups. I liked the way the stirrup fit under the arch
of my foot and I loved the way the second pair of tights
increased the pressure on my legs.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was pleased to
see that in fact I looked quite good, even sexy in a
slick sort of way. The pink of the stirrup tights was
muted by the black tights underneath. The bulge in my
crotch was well covered by the bodysuit and two pairs of
tights. My appearance was quite respectful even if
somewhat unconventional. So it was with more confidence
than I would initially have imagined that I stepped out
into Valerie’s living room.

Tina and Valerie were spread out on the couch and deep
into some conversation. Tina was the first to notice me:
“Oh Valerie, look at Mike. Doesn’t he look good? Mike,
I’m sorry I didn’t have any pants your size but I’m glad
that my tights and bodysuit fit you so well. Don’t they
feel good? ” I assured her that they did. Valerie said:
“Mike, now that you are more comfortable, come sit next
me and let me get to know you” I sat between her and
Tina on the couch.

Chapter 6: in which Tina is the narrator again.

When I saw Mike walk out of the bedroom wearing my
tights, I knew right then that I had to have him.
Standing in front of Valerie and me, he remained very
masculine but looked somehow vulnerable. His legs, his
thighs, his body were encased in my tights and bodysuit
and I knew he had to be mine! When he sat between
Valerie and me on the couch, I quickly slipped one hand
under his arm next to his warm armpit and squeezed his
strong bicep muscle and put my other hand on his thigh
and began softly stroking it.

Meanwhile Mike and Valerie chatted away. Valerie was
asking him about his research and she told him about her
teaching work and her prior life in France. Soon I
noticed that she placed one of her arms on the back of
the couch so her hand was touching Mike’s neck and
started fondling it. Her other hand made its way to his
thigh so that while I was working on one, she was
working on the other.

She continued talking: “In French, we have an expression
‘etre bien dans sa peau’ which means be comfortable in
one’s skin. I like to think of my job as a dance teacher
as helping my students be comfortable in their tights,
in other words with their bodies. It is of course easier
when I can start working with people when they are young

By the time they are adults, they already have so many
complexes about their bodies. Especially men are very
shy to join a dance class, to wear tights and display
their bodies. It is a great pity because they should
have nothing to be ashamed about, and besides doesn’t it
feel good to wearing tights?” As if to make her point,
Valerie moved her hand up Mike’s leg to his crotch. Mike
sighed, spread his legs and closed his eyes as Valerie
slipped her hand under Mike’s outer layer of tights and
under the bodysuit covering his erection.

Now only the under layer of tights was between her
grasping hand and Mike’s erection. She glanced up at me
and smiled. She nodded her head as an unspoken signal
that Mike was now ready for us. We lowered Mike onto the
carpet on the floor. Valerie sat with his head resting
on her cross legs. With her hands she began to play with
Mike’s erect nipples which were clearly visible through
the black Lycra material of his body suit.

Meanwhile I stationed myself between his open legs and
for the first time put a tentative hand onto his
erection. I leaned forward and gently kissed him. First
on his lips and then, to claim it as mine, his erection.
I lowered the outer layer of tights – the pink stirrup
tights – and took them off Mike. Next I unsnapped the
crotch of his body suit and so his only the under layer
of black tights covered his cock which strained against
the nylon/Lycra material. I helped it find a comfortable
position pointing straight up and stroked it with the
tips of my fingers.

Meanwhile Valerie pulled Mike’s arms above his head and
held them securely with one hand while continuing to
work his erect nipples with the other. Truly Mike was
mine. The thought filled me with warmth and tenderness
and I felt a wetness between my legs. I knew that my
stroking his cock would be driving him wild – I
especially attended to all the interesting ridges around
its tip. Again I lowered my lips to his cock and ran my
tongue up and down it wetting his tights. Valerie
stroked my hair.

I looked up at her. We smiled and changed places. I
kissed Mike deeply on the lips while Valerie undressed
and lowered Mike’s tights to around his thighs. Valerie
got ready to straddle Mike. I took his cock in one hand
and guided it into Valerie as she lowered herself onto
Mike. She was already moist and Mike slid into her
without too much trouble. She leaned forward slightly
and then started rubbing herself against Mike.

“Look Tina” she whispered, “how I rub my clitoris
against Mike’s body.” We kissed deeply and she then
concentrated on the interplay of Mike’s cock deep inside
her and clitoris rubbing against him. I held Mike’s head
in my arms and stroked his beautiful face. His eyes were
open. I kissed him again. Without needing to talk his
eyes expressed his love for me and his wonder at the
feelings that Valerie and I were awakening in him. My
eyes no doubt told him that I loved him and he was mine
but that I was happy to share him with my teacher
Valerie. Valerie moaned and moaned again, “I’m going to
come.” Mike closed his eyes as he felt the spasms and
throbbing of Valerie’s orgasm….

It was my turn. We left Mike lying on his back on the
floor, his body suit unsnapped, his tights lowered and
his erect cock glistening with Valerie’s wetness.
Valerie helped me out of my clothes. We hugged our naked
bodies together and kissed deeply. When I took Mike into
my mouth I loved the taste of Valerie. As I was sucking
Mike, Valerie kissed the lips of my vagina and nibbled
on my clitoris. I was well and truly wet by the time
Valerie guided Mike into me. Like her before me, I was
straddling Mike.

Valerie helped me find the best angle to rub my clitoris
against Mike and reached between us to make sure that my
clit was against his body. Meanwhile I was pumping
myself up and down on his cock. When Valerie was
satisfied with my position she positioned her face next
to Mike’s. “Mike, you are doing well. Stay still and let
Tina do all the moving. That will help keep you from
coming until Tina is ready for you.”

I savored every feeling of having Mike at last inside me
and took my time to come. When I was ready, my hips took
on a life off their own and jerked me back and forth in
rapid movements as I reached my orgasm. Valerie said
“now, Mike” and as my vagina contracted in pulses around
Mike’s cock I felt his spasms. I collapsed onto him.

Afterwards, I pulled Mike’s tights back up and resnapped
the crotch of his body-suit. I put on the pink stirrup
tights and the sweater I had been wearing. The two of
snuggled together on the couch while Valerie sat at the
other end of couch and look at us with a satisfied air.

Always the teacher, she couldn’t help but ask: “so what
have we learned today? First I think that Tina has
learned how much fun it can be when the woman takes the
more active role. Secondly Mike has learned that it is
ok for the man to be led by the woman and even be the
more vulnerable one. And Mike has discovered that he
feels comfortable wearing Tina’s tights and bodysuit.
And Mike and Tina have learned that even when deeply in
love with each other they can still have pleasure in
sharing themselves with a third person.”

Outside the snow was falling heavily. It looked like
Mike would have to stay overnight. As if reading my
thoughts Valerie said. “Sometimes the best way to learn
a lesson is to repeat it…”


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