Unfaithful Filipina Wife Give Sloppy Seconds

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by Starfire Mayo (tone994@yahoo.co.uk)


I marry a Filipina care-giver but soon find out she is
cheating on me. Things take on a new twist when my wife
is open about her attraction for a colleague and she
invites him home to fuck her. I watch my wife being
fucked then eat her out afterwards. She has a baby and
it turns out to be another man’s. (MMF, wife, husb-voy,
intr, size, cuck, preg, cream-pie, asian)


1. My Filipina Wife

I met Florida in local club with two other of her
Filipina care-giver friends. Florida is a stunningly
attractive girl. She is petite , 5’2″ and a very
attractive 23-year old Filipina girl. Her body is well-
proportioned with round breasts, a slim waist, girlish
hips and a tight firm little bottom. Her long waist
length black hair flowed down her back and her
expressive dark eyes reflected her good sense of humour.
She also has wide smiling lips that revealed her a
pierced tongue whenever she laughed.

She is a friendly and lively girl with a cheerful manner
and a quick attractive smile that can melt the coldest
of hearts. Florida had only come to the UK from the
Philippines 3 years ago but her English was excellent.
She told me that she was recently divorced from her
Filipino husband who also worked as a nurse at the
hospital after she had caught him cheating with her best
friend. She was certainly a bit of a flirt the way she
looked at me, laughed, flipped her hair and touched her
my arm and you could tell she was comfortable around

After chatting her up and buying her drink I asked her
to dance a little slow number with me and soon she was
wiggling her firm body against me. She was wearing tight
jeans that showed a black thong behind and a short
halter top cut high above the waist. I kissed her open
mouthed as we danced and felt her body and she willingly
returned my embrace. One thing led to another and after
a short period of dating and passionate loving we were
married and she moved in to live with me in my

Our relationship was good at first and we seemed to get
along fine. We had a normal sex life and enjoyed each
other’s company. I guess that towards the end of the
second year trust started to become a bigger issue for
me. It was little things at first, the increasing number
of late night shifts she seemed to be doing at the
hospital on last minute notice, the extra hours she put
in and the numerous texts she would receive in her
tagalong language which were gibberish to me.

They came at all hours and from women as well as
Filipino men. When I questioned her about it she
shrugged it off, said they were from Philippines or work
colleague she had always known. I guess jealousy is
always multiplied when you are living with a very
attractive super hot younger wife and it did not take
long for me to start questioning how and with who she
was spending that time and what she got up to when I
went away on business.

One day however I happen to notice a hickey on her boobs
while I was fucking her and I became terribly jealous
and angry but I did not say anything. I knew for sure I
had not put it there so I guessed that she had been
cheating on me and that sneaked her lover into our
apartment when I had been out. I kept thinking about
another man fucking my wife as I kissed her lovingly. I
wanted to forget it had ever happened but there was no
way I could. In the morning I discreetly checked her
panties and found patches of white dried sperm there.

My imagination ran wild. Did she have a lover or
several? Did I know them? I even wondered if she was
working as an oriental escort doing those outcalls from
London hotels at �200 an hour. I knew that Asian women
viewed prostitution different to us, thinking that a
call girl as dispenses happiness and should be
compensated like everyone else and that they do see sex
and love as the same.

After all she was not my property and had the right to
live her own life and satisfy her own needs without me
her husband getting in the way. I spent a sleepless
night thinking about my wife cheating on me but somehow
although I was angry and jealous and felt betrayed, I
was also very aroused by the whole idea of another man
cuckolding me and fucking my wife. Of a stranger making
her climax and filling her beloved lustful pussy with
his seed.

2. Florida decides to fuck another man

My wife returned home from her work shift at the
hospital the next day in a state of unusual excitement.
She seemed both troubled and aroused. As soon as she
came in she insisted on having sex straight away. She
attacked me, kissing me feverishly. Thoughts of my
wife’s infidelity still fresh in my mind, rather than
give in to her as I usually do, happy to oblige a horny
wife, I decided quite uncharacteristically to get to the
bottom of matters as my suspicions were telling me to.

I kept imagining my lovely wife getting a vigorous and
lengthy fucking, taking a stranger’s cock into her soft
wet cunt while being fucked by some well-hung stud.
Fighting her off – she seemed determined to do
everything she could to try to get my cock into her – I
tried to find out what had turned her on.

Reluctantly Florida admitted that she had had an
encounter with a new co-worker. His name was Charlie and
he was a Korean who was working as a nurse at the
hospital. She told me he was quite cute. He had come on
to her and tried to kiss her and asked her to feel his
cock, she admitted with a nervous smile, looking at my

I smiled in encouragement and told her to continue.
Becoming more bold and open, she told me that she had
tried to move away but that she had brushed up against
him. She couldn’t help but feel his erection through his
pants. As she told me this, she licked her lips
obviously troubled and admitted her was gigantic. She
had never imagined anything so big. I knew my hot
Filipinna bride was fantasing about the guys big long
cock. She nearly came immediately, he made her so hot.
My cock had grown very hard listening to her.

She admitted that Charlie had reached up under her skirt
and that she had done nothing to stop him from feeling
her up. As he had sent his finger into her damp sleeve,
he had told her that he wanted to fuck her and that she
would enjoy.

“My pussy was so wet I nearly came,” she gasped, her
face flushed.

“And?” I asked, caressing her pussy. It was wet again
just thinking about the episode.

“I refused, of course.” She replied with insincere

“But did you want that man’s cock in you?” I insisted.

She tried to jerk away and begged me to fuck her now.

“I don’t want to speak about it anymore…” Florida

“Answer me…” I insisted.

She laughed evilly and kissed me on the lips.

“Why, does it turn you on?” She asked.

“Yes….” I replied. “The idea of you fucking his big
dick turns me on.”

“Are you serious? You don’t mind me fucking another man?
Would you like that?” She asked, astonished.

In that moment I knew that I would be able to allow my
wife to have sex with her well-endowed co-worker. I knew
that I would definitely regret it though. Knowing that
my pretty wife has had sex with another man would always
be there between us. My wife would no longer respect me
after that but at the same time the whole idea of her
cuckolding me turned me on incredibly. I was angry,
jealous but horny at the same time.

“Do you want me to open my legs to him and let another
man fuck me? Do you want to watch him stretch your
wife’s tight pussy with his large cock? ” She said
blushing.”You fucking love me. You’ll do anything for
me, won’t you… Would you like to see that? Another
man’s cum in my pussy?”

“Yes… Especially if I could watch or failing that eat
your cum-filled pussy after you have been fucked…” I

Her face was flushed and I could see that my reply had
left her shocked. At the same time she appeared
tremendously aroused. My sexy faithful babe had turned
into cock hungry whore lusting for another man’s dark

“And it would not make you jealous or mad to watch
Charlie fucking me? You could never take away the fact
that he had stuck his cock into my pussy and cum there.
Would you really be able to cope with that?” She asked.
She could not believe that I her husband would let her
do that and experience another cocks in the marriage.

I had taken my cock out now. It was very hard. She
looked down and licked her lips, taking the instrument
in one hand and slowly stroking it up and down the full
length of the stem.

“It would turn me on watching you with another man…” I
stuttered. I was so horny.

“Would you like me to do that to you? If you want me to
get fucked. You have to be sure. You need to tell me
right now that you want to let a stranger fuck me. That
you won’t mind finding my freshly fucked pussy full of
his hot, wet and sticky cum.” Her little hand squeezed
my cock and holding it firmly, she ran the tip of my
hard cock over her wet pussy groove. Her juices smeared
my shinny shaft as I slipped inside her and groaned:

“Oh, yes…”

“Okay, then. But remember. Even if it makes you jealous,
you can’t change your mind anymore now.”

“No,” I said. “I want you to be happy. I really want
you to enjoy his cock no matter what.” I heard myself

“I’m going to be happy because I’m going to get a big
juicy cock in my pussy. I want his cock real bad too,
honey.” She purred. “I want to fuck him so bad I can’t
wait. I’m so horny for his cock, honey. I hope it does
not upset you that I want him to fuck me, ” She
whispered in my ear. “I want that big fucking cock in my
pussy. Does that turn you on?”

“Yes,” I managed in reply.

As she spoke her hips thrust at my pelvis sending in
small burst of pleasure through my loins. I could feel
her hips grinding hard on me. I was aroused beyond
belief by her wanton behaviour. She had decided to let
Charlie be the man who cuckolded me. I found myself
quickly agreeing that she would invite him back home the
next day and let him fuck her like a slut. I would hide
and watch from the next room.

She kissed me passionately and we fucked wildly like
animals that night. It was a memorable night as we
fucked first with her on top then doggie style. I was
not fucking her. She was fucking me. Finally she
collapsed in near exhaustion, her chest resting upon
mine, while my still hard dick was lodged in her cunt.

I knew I would soon be seeing my loving wife cumming on
Charlie’s massive cock like a bitch in heat if tonight
was anything to judge by. I was tremendously aroused
knowing she would soon be fucking a man better endowed
than myself. Watching his horny cock fucking her like a
slut while I watched.

3. Charlie fucks my wife Florida

The next day went very slowly for both of us. She spent
a lot of time getting ready for work. She was ages in
front of the mirror getting all tarted-up with her red
lipstick, blush and heavy make-up. I was feeling very
aroused watching my wife prepare for a visit from
another man. She was getting ready to be fucked. I
started to caress and kiss her. She kissed me back.

“Are you excited about Charlie coming over?” I asked

“Oh yes,” She replied kissing me passionately on the
lips. “I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me… He’s
so much bigger than your little pathetic little tiny
penis. Tell me you want to see me get fucked by a big
fucking cock?”

“I like watching you getting fucked by another man,” I

“I’m going to give him Viagra honey so his big cock can
fuck me harder. Wait till I get back honey,” she said.

Looking into her shining and excited eyes I realized she
ready for another man. She would soon be feeling another
man’s cock inside of her under the watchful and
approving eye of her faithful husband. I began to rub
her wet opening. She was ready for Charlie all right.
She pushed my hand gently but firmly away. She wanted
the other man in her pussy first.

“You must wait, honey. Please don’t spoil it for me,”
she said with a little frown. “Don’t worry you can sneak
in and watch him fuck me then if you are good I will let
you eat out my pussy afterwards.”

I pouted and went downstairs waiting for her to finish
dressing. She appeared dressed for work a in a real
cock-teaser slut outfit – a very short tight micro-mini,
stockings high heels and heavy make-up. Her tube top
that showed up her hard nipples underneath and her skirt
barely covered her pussy. She had no real excuses for
dressing like she I thought angrily, aroused in spite of

“How do I look?” She asked. She was absolutely stunning
and so sexy.

“Like a bargirl,” I replied as she spread her legs.

She laughed and said:

“It’s your fault I look like a whore. I hope you do not
complain afterwards…”

I knew that this was going to happen and there was
nothing I was going to do about it. She was preparing
her tight pussy for his big cock. Charlie would soon
have the of putting his dick in her hot pussy and mouth.
I knew my hot wife was in for some dirty wife swapping
action. She told me how much she loved me and gave me a
hug and passionate kiss. I was prepared to be passive
and just watch someone else pleasuring my wife.

I watched anxiously from the other room as she brought
Charlie into the living room. He was quite tall for a
Korean and well built.

“Aren’t you married?” I heard Charlie ask my wife.

“I am, but my husband is a cuckold. I do whatever I
like,” she replied with a wry smile.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, pressing
his body against hers. Her arms were around his neck,
his tongue deep in her mouth. She was overwhelmed with
desire and arousal. As he pulled her closer, she could
feel him hard against her thigh. She grasped his cock
through his pants and stroked him to full arousal. She
appeared a quite flushed and aroused. Her breathing was

Florida began to strip, pulling aside her tight top to
reveal a small firm breasts and pointed dark nipple. She
lent forwards and allowed Charlie to fondle both her
tits and lick her nipples. He began rapidly finger
fucking her with the middle finger of his right hand. I
watched as my unfaithful wife whimpered. After fondling
her breast and pussy he put his thumb in her mouth and
she eagerly sucked it. Florida wriggled out of her skirt
and began to undress Charlie. Straddling him, they
kissed and she sank down to undo his trousers.

A huge solid 10 inch erection popped out and she licked
her lips with lust. I sat there watching with my mouth

“I like a big cock,” she said touching it possessively.
“It’s so much better than my husband’s. It’s 10 inches

I want to have a baby with it. This is a real man’s
cock.” Then she added louder for my benefit turning
towards me: “You want to see him fuck your wife? See his
big fat cock inside my pussy making me pregnant?” She
called out.

His massive cock was hard and rigid as she began
teasing, licking and sucking it. I swallowed hard as she
grasped the hard cock with both hands and began to lick
and suck on the tip of it. I was nearly speechless at
this beautiful sight. My emotions were torn between
jealousy, embarrassment, and pure sexual lust for what I
was seeing. Her pierced tongue licked the crown and
teased him as she suck it.

It was apparent that she loved to suck cock like a good
little wife should. She worked on his massive cock with
her mouth, then began stroking his shaft. Charlie began
fucking her face, stuffing his thick cock in her mouth.
I watched as my slut wife dragged her tongue up and down
the length of his dick, looking into his eyes.

“Do I look pretty with a big cock in my mouth?” She
called out.

Florida’s eyes were locked on her lovers’ as half of his
cock was stuffed into her mouth. I was not sure what her
tongue was doing with it but it clearly drove Charlie
crazy. She pulled back, stroked it some more, then
licked his balls and resumed sucking the big dark cock.
I watched her working his cock with her mouth and
tongue, rotating from side to side as she also moved up
and down the shaft.

She gagged from the mouth fucking, but her lips were
open wide and she got most all of it inside. He stood
there, with his cock pointing straight out, hands on his
hips, as this Asian wife on her knees eagerly sucked
him. He closed his eyes as her head bobbed up and down
faster now. She spent several minutes expertly sucking
and licking his big saliva coated cock and loving every
inch of it.

My cock was rock hard by now watching my wife. I wanted
to watch and listen as her lover fucked her until she
came. She wiggled while she pulled down her thong
revealing her smoothly shaven pussy. Florida suggested
that they move the wife fucking into the bedroom so
taking the man by the hand she lead him upstairs. I bit
my lip. I could not follow know as the stairs were
creaky and he would hear me.

I had to miss part of this and wait until they were
going at it. I began had my cock in my hand and I was
stroking it desperate to keep up the erection. I
listened to muffled kissing. There is nothing dirtier
than your wife getting fucked by another guy. After a
few minutes I could hear the bed squeak and grunts and
groans. I was aroused beyond belief as I snuck upstairs
to peep at the couple having sex.

As I watched as she swung her legs over his head and
straddled him. She sank down on his big dark cock. She
was astride of him facing away and already taking all
his manhood into her pussy. Soon she was bouncing up and
down, riding his shaft her boobs bouncing as she slid up
and down. His cock was entering fully into her little
tight soaked pussy, pumping away this hot, horny woman’s
pussy. Her eyes were fixed on his, her legs pushed way
back as he pounded her married pussy. His cock filled as
she squeezed her thighs against his legs and fucked him
right back, humping against the cock inside her.

Seeing me out of the corner of her eye Florida turned
around facing me so she could watch me and ensure I had
a better view of her hot fucking. He placed his hands
under my horny wife’s thighs to regulate the up and down
motion of her wet cunt on his hard cock. His shaft was
glistening with their juices.

She moaned: “Doesn’t that cock look sexy inside me? You
like watching me get fucked by his big fucking cock?
He’s fucking me so much better than you could. His cock
is so much bigger than your little dick. He’s stretching
my little pussy wide open. His big fucking cock feels so

She slid up and down his shaft, riding it wildly,
supporting herself by resting her hands on his thighs
and looking down to see my cock disappearing into her
tight cunt. She was groaning and moaning as she rode him
faster and faster, pleasuring herself on his giant cock.
I watched her adoringly enjoying her expression when the
thick long cock of her new lover widened and stretched
her cunt.

I had an excellent view of the deep penetration for my
cheating wife as she slamming her butt down on his
shaft. She was loving it. As she lifted off I saw that
the love juice was literally flowing now from her and
the cock. It was obscene. My wife was making sounds and
moaning more than I had never seen:

“Yes! Fucking give me that cock! Oh yes I like that!
Make that fucking cock cum inside my pussy. Make me cum
all over your big cock. I want to cum all over your big
fucking dick. Oh my God! It’s so fucking good. Fill that
fucking cunt up…” She groaned.

She was definitely enjoying this more than any sex that
we ever had. She was getting fucked harder and deeper
than ever. My sexy young wife was a little out of
control and I guess I had got more than I bargained for.
The site of a dark cock making my beloved wife scream
and beg for it like cheap whores made me aroused and
grateful to my hot wife for fulfilling her fantasy.
Instead of feeling anger and betrayed, I felt was a
surge of lust and passion and a desire to allow my
beloved wife to experience intense sexual pleasures.

She gasped and yelped with his powerful thrusts as she
dropped down his thick rod. She fucked him with
shameless and wanton abandon until she climaxed
repeatedly on a massive throbbing cock her beautiful
body twisting in passion as she came nearly constantly
like a bitch. He fucked her sweet little pussy into more
than one loud screaming orgasm. My wife was being shared
with another man right in front of me, her husband. Even
though I admit I was more than a little bit jealous, I
enjoyed it and I knew I would not stop her if she asked
him to come back and do it all over again.

After a while I watched my whore wife move onto her
hands and knees. She grabbed a pillow, and put it under
her stomach and then flopped down on it, her ass pointed
upwards ready for another hard interracial fucking.
Charlie moved up from behind and grabbed her hips with
both hands and inserted his big Korean cock. Doggie –
style, on her hands and knees was Florida’s favourite

I watched as Charlie’s big cock entered by its full
length into her repeatedly as he began fucking her hot
married wet cunt again. He began giving her a hard, deep
slut fuck, slamming into her. He was fucking her fast
and furiously as she had to hang onto the sheets for
dear life. My hot bitch loved the fucking so much that
she bucked her hips into his cock whenever he paused for
a moment. His neck and shoulders glistening with
perspiration, he continues his vigorous fucking.

She was begging him like a bitch for more cock. My cock
was jumping and I knew that I couldn’t hold it much
longer. He began to pump my wife again. She moaned and
groaned with loud pleasure the whole time he was
screwing her, pushing in and pulling out of this horny
woman’s pussy while she grasped the sheets for

“Oh yeah fuck my tight little pussy! Oh I love that big
fucking hard cock. It feels so good. Oh Yeah. Oh yeah
fuck me. Make me cum all over your fucking dick deep
inside my pussy in front of my husband. Oh yeah, fuck me
harder with that big fucking cock. He fucks me so much
better than you. I’m going to fuck him whenever I want
to.” She moaned continuously.

I watched as he pumped my hot slut furiously for several
minutes. I could see Charlie sweating as he slammed his
big rod deep into that hot married pussy. He was fucking
my cheating wife very hard and fast, eliciting squeals
of delight and yelps each time he shoved it up her cunt.
Charlie was giving her the most vigorous pussy fucking I
had ever seen and she was loving it. He filled her
hungry hole to bursting.

I suddenly realised with a sinking feeling that Charlie
was unprotected as I saw sperm leak out from her cunt.
She covered her mouth with the bed sheet to muffle the
sound as she screamed in a tremendous orgasm. Her eyes
were rolling back into her head as Charlie repeatedly
brought her off to a climax. I had been masturbating as
I watched them and I nearly ejaculated too as the Korean
filled her slut cunt with sperm in an attempt to
inseminate her womb with an enormous quantity of
vigourous sperm.

I watched quietly wearing a slight smile, enjoying
watching this well hung stud fuck my hot, dark-haired
Filipina wife. She was whimpering in her continued
orgasm as the big guy blew his big load deep in her
pussy and left cum all over her slit.

Oh shit!” he cried out.

He ejaculated again, blowing a second enormous load into
her cunt. After a moment he pulled out, goo still
dripping from his big cum covered dick. Florida dipped a
finger into the mess and brought it to her lips with a
smile. I could clearly see the wedding band on her
finger. Florida lay back naked on the sprawling out on
the bed with a content grin on her face. She looked
amazingly sexy and I wanted her so bad.

I quietly went into the spare bedroom to relieve myself.
I heard a noise and I looked surprised up to see my
naked wife slip into the bedroom. Her eyes were tired,
her make-up a mess. She seemed promiscuously attractive.
She looked at me in the eyes. I caught a malicious
provocative and haughty gleam in them. She had behaved
like a whore and seemed to have no regrets.

“I’m going to fuck your face with my ass and pussy,” she

As she came closer to me, I noticed the hickeys on her
tits. She had cum over her hair, her breast and between
her legs. She stood by the bed with her right hand held
down in front of her, her pussy lips held closed between
her fingers.

She stood by the bed looking down at me and then bent
over and kissed me. As she did, she pushed a mouthful of
cum into my mouth with her tongue. I choked for a moment
with surprise and a thrill of disgust and delight then
swallowed. She smiled maliciously and let out a scornful
little laugh. She made me lie on my back and then she
straddled my head.

The scent of sex was heavy all over her naked body and
especially around the inside of her thighs. Her pubis
was wet with sweat and spunk. She reached down and
grabbed my hair with her right hand and pulled my head
into her vagina. Spreading her pussy lips wide she
leaned forward over my face, opened her legs wide and
released her vaginal lips at the same time lowering her
wet pussy onto my face.

When she opened her legs I found that Florida’s dirty,
nasty little wet cunt had been stretched open by the
Korean man’s cock. Her pussy was red, the pussy lips
puffy and swollen and looked recently fucked. Charlie’s
cum began to drip from her snatch onto my mouth and
lips. Some fell aside wetting the bed.

“That’s so nasty. Eat his cum out of there. I want you
to lick it all out,” she said.

I had let another man fuck my girl. Her cunt was still
full of his nasty, sticky cum! Florida now despised my
weakness and wanted to humiliate me for allowing her to
fuck another man in front of me. She wanted to punish me
by making me to suck his sperm out of her pussy and lick
her clean. She wanted to degrade me, to force me to
submissively eat his manly hormones from her abused
pussy so as to recognise the asian man’s dominance and
superiority over me and gain some strength from his

She was also telling me that from now on she could do
whatever she wished with her body with whomever she
pleased. She could take pleasure where she wanted and
that I would have to accept it and obey her wishes.
Until then she had been secretly unfaithful to me,
cheating with other men behind my back. She had had a
several affairs and two dozen one night stands up to now
as she was very good looking and sexy.

This had begun the week after our wedding by her fucking
her Filipino supervisor at the hospital to get more
shift hours. She still continued fucking him on a
regular basis together with three other men. Now she
could take her lovers in her pussy openly without any
concern. She would make sure she always had a cock to
please and pleasure her.

She straddled my face and now wanted me to lick her
clean as a birth control measure since I knew that she
was not on the pill. Her pussy lips pressed against my
mouth and the Korean’s cum mingled with her female
juices now flowed out and into my grateful open mouth. I
licked and tasted the salty spunk from another cock.

It tasted of both of her and her lover mixed together.
It was musky and bitter sweet. He had filled her
sluttish married pussy to the brim with his cum and her
belly felt bloated. She winced in pain as I began to
lick and suck her sore pussy. The sperm began to leak
faster from her open pussy. Florida bent down and took
my penis into her mouth. I felt her tongue flick over it

“Get your tongue up there and suck it all out. Can you
taste it? Tell me how much you love it… I want to see
every drop gone.” She moaned.

My probing tongue reached inside her deeper to try and
reach more cum. I pushed it as far as I could go. I
plunged forward, burying my face into her beautiful
thick slick cum-frothing and leaking cunt. I had never
eaten such a big juicy and dilated exotic fruit.

I could see that her nipples were clearly erect as I
licked and sucked at her pussy. I was licking up and
sucking and swallowing the sperm out of her stretched
out cunt hole while she sucked at my cock. I was tongue-
fucking her hole as she finger fucked herself and rubbed
her clit with a circular motion.

She wrapped her legs tighter around my head, forcing me
against her used pussy and rubbed her pussy frantically
against my face, suffocating me in her flesh. Meanwhile
I tried to bury myself deep into her promiscuous
womanhood, eating away at the semen as it ran from her
freshly fucked pussy. To my delight, she continued to
ooze him from deep inside her womb. Her cunt was so full
of cum.

“Suck me where I was fucked. I’ve been a nasty bitch
tonight, baby… I let him stick his big cock my little
pussy and my ass. He was fucking me and cumming in my
pussy. He left my filthy pussy for you to eat sloppy
seconds- I’m dripping… Eat the cum from my well fucked
cunt. ” She moaned.

My tongue was licking and cleaning a cunt where another
man had discharged his sperm. It was the thought of what
I was doing that was so exciting. The fact was that I
was sucking and feasting my wife’s freshly fucked pussy
after she had been screwed by another male.

She began squirming and pushing her pussy against my
mouth, pasting my face hard against it. My mouth was
locked onto her slit. I felt her rub her pussy up and
down my face as my tongues licked from side to side,
slowly from left to right and then back again. She
continued to rub her pussy on my face, smearing my face
with cum, marking me and making me realise how superior
the female was and how enslaved to her that I was
blindly ready to humiliate and debase myself for her
unclean and corrupt pussy. Maybe if I cleaned her up
real good I could keep her from getting knocked up, I
thought desperately.

“Lick it out and eat up all that that cum. Get it good
and ready for my stud again. I’m going to cum all over
your face…” She groaned.

I licked her, my tongue moving in and out of her, making
her squirm and wiggle as the frothy white seed in her
pussy was lapped up. I was licking and sucking my
cheating wife’s pussy, pulling on her vaginal lips,
flicking her clit with my tongue. She was moaning again,
getting off on my tongue. My face was covered with cum,
getting her more and more excited.

My face was buried in her wet pussy as she stroked me
and I came in her mouth. She contracted her pussy
muscles and caused big globs of sperm to be ejected from
her used hole. I had no choice but to gulp them down as
she forced them into my mouth.

After we had finished I had lapped up all I could and
she sensed this and stood up. She kissed me on and said
“goodnight baby” before returning back to her lover for
second helpings. All the work I had just done was
wasted. He would be unloading another burst of sperm
inside her tubes.

4. Happily Ever After

I had watched them in action, fucking like dogs in heat
right in front of me. When Charlie left, Florida
admitted that the feeling she experienced when he
penetrated her was absolutely beyond description. He had
left her feeling so full, so satisfied and really
stretched out by his huge cock.

A couple of days later Florida did not come home from
work. I called her up and she told me that she was busy
and that she would be spending the night at Charlie’s. I
felt tremendously jealous and upset. After a couple of
hours I got a call. It was Charlie. He simply said, “I’m
fucking your wife with my big dick.”

Charlie had already started sliding his massive cock
into her. With the phone pressed to her ear she began
groaning. She set the phone on the bed as Charlie fucked
her. I listened with horror, disbelief and arousal to
her gasps, whimpers and groans in the receiver. Then
reached over, picked up the receiver, and hold it
directly in front of her face as she yelped, whimpered
and groaned while he continued his hot, wild, wife
fucking. He was power fucking her as she held on
desperately to the receiver.

My naughty wife soon really loved our new lifestyle. She
has no intention or remaining faithful to me or going
back to being a monogamous wife. She enjoyed her new
sexual freedom and I knew that my lovely wanton wife was
continuing to see and to fuck other men. At the same
time she asked of me that I keep my cock exclusively for
her. I gladly agreed as I love my wife and enjoy her
cuckolding me.

Unsurprisingly, Florida soon got knocked up. I watched
with wonder and pleasure as her belly grew. She kept her
lover Charlie nearby at all times and I know that he at
least continued to fuck her throughout she was pregnant.
After all he was strong, handsome and virile stud and he
could give her what she wanted and needed. When she
popped all would see that it contained her lover’s baby
and that it would not look at all like me or any of my
other children.

Although she argued the child was mine, I took blood
sample when the baby was 11 months old and sent them off
for a DNA test. My suspicions were correct: I was
definitely not the father. She has never been certain
precisely who the father is as I later found out that
Charlie had been but one of many other lovers she had
experienced sexual intercourse with while she cheated on

I guess I should have suspected this as she was rarely
ever home and her pussy was always so stretched out and
so full of other guys’ spunk whenever I went down on
her. It took several cocks to fill it so much.