Vietnamese Fisherwoman

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by Soo Li (address withheld)


A Vietnamese man and his sexy girlfriend have some fun
with a horny G.I. in war torn Vietnam. (MF, intr,
asian, nc, v, tor, cast, sn)


The men and women sympathizers of the Viet Cong and
North Vietnamese army never failed to find new and
inventive ways to inflict pain and mutilate
unsuspecting GIs roaming the streets of Saigon looking
for sex.

One such couple was a Vietnamese fisherman and his
attractive Southeast Asian girlfriend. The man would
act as a pimp for his girlfriend. He would approach GIs
alone and try and set them up for sex. The horny
soldier would be told a lovely woman was waiting for
him at a whorehouse.

After being led to an isolated section of town and into
an abandoned building, the GI would be introduced to a
stunning, scantly clad young woman. She had strong
thick thighs and shapely legs, a small waist and large
breasts and decked out in high heels and dark
stockings. As the excited soldier gazed at her
anticipating his future fuck, the man pulled a gun on
him and the woman ordered the GI to strip naked or die!

Fear spurring him on, the solider quickly complied.
Then after removing his clothing, the naked soldier is
ordered to a wall fitted with eyehooks and handcuffs.
The sexy oriental woman handcuffed his wrists and
ankles spread eagle. In addition, she used thick
leather straps to wrap around his stomach and thighs
and secured them firmly to the wall. He will be
enduring a lot of pain and she wants him firmly bound.

The frightened young man begged them, take my money but
please let me go. The woman approached with her large
breasts swaying, and said, “We take money and much more
from you tonight. Do you think I let GI pig fuck me? No
you no fuck me or anybody else. Yes I take your money
your watch and your wedding ring. Does your wife know
you fuck Vietnamese women? No matter, after tonight you
no fuck Vietnamese, wife, nobody ever, Ha Ha Ha!!” She
then does a sexy dance and strips in front of her bound

Even through his fear he gets a hard-on. Several weeks
in the jungle fighting, builds up a lot of
testosterone. She kneels down and massages his balls
and prick. After he is rock hard, she binds his penis
at the base with thin wet leather lacing. The engorged
cock and balls stand out proudly as no blood can exit
it due to the drying and shrinking leather constricting
the blood chambers and vessels.

The well built woman then walks over to a table with a
tackle box on it. The GI could hear the nylon fabric of
her stockings rub together as she walked. When she
returned, she placed the box in front of him on the
floor and opened it up. Inside were three fish heads
and fishing supplies, line, hooks and a large fillet

She said, “Open your fucking mouth and I put these fish
heads inside.”

He refused and she became angry. She took out the razor
sharp knife and put it to his engorged sex organ now
turning blue. “Open your fucking mouth or I will cut
your prick off and stick it in your mouth as you

He opened wide and she shoved all three large fish
heads into his mouth and taped his mouth shut causing
him to breath only through his nose. She draped the
fishing line and hooks over her shoulder and they
rested on her exposed breasts.

The GI glanced across the room and saw the man who led
him to this torture chamber now naked and masturbating.
The Vietnamese mans excitement rose almost to orgasm as
his woman took two fish hooks and stuck them, one in
each earlobe of her bound prisoner.

What she did next was the most exciting for both the
female torturing the young soldier and her naked
boyfriend. She took the knife and ran it down his body
from neck to groin leaving a thin red line as it cut
the outer layer of skin. As the blade approached his
crotch the pressure increased. She sliced down through
the middle of his penis splitting it in half.

The blood burst out as the skin and spongy tissue
separated. Once the initial spurt of blood came out it
was stopped by the tight tourniquet around the base of
his cock and nut sack. She kept cutting all the way
down through his scrotal sack separating his two doomed

The bitch then put fish hooks into both sides of the
man’s split penis. Drawing fish line through all the
hooks, she pulled on the line until his cock now split
wide apart was secured to the hooks on his ears, as he
shook his head in pain. The two sections of cock danced
like a marionette puppet. His testicles fell out of his
ball sack and they hung down on his thighs by their
sperm cords. The tortured prisoner’s screams were
muffled by the mouthful of fish heads secured by tape.

The blood trickled slowly due to the leather tightly
bound around his manhood. As the sexually mutilated man
writhed in pain, the Viet Cong couple fucked on the
floor in front of him. The man screwed his woman doggie
style spreading her shapely legs and moving in long
pleasure filled strokes.

The poor prisoner looked on in horror regretting trying
to cheat on his wife by attempting to bed down the
beautiful but deadly sadistic Asian woman fucking in
front of him. She laughed out loud as she looked at his
mutilated sex organ.

As her lover came inside of her, she reached up and
with her knife cut the leather now dried and really
tight around his cock root. The Vietnamese man came on
the floor mixed with the gushing blood from the bound
man as his life drained out of his groin.

Before her prisoner lost consciousness she reached up
again and sliced through his sperm cords and severed
his balls now hanging down by his knees. She placed
them in her mouth and with her lover rolled around on
the floor in the mixture of blood and cum.

As her victim’s life faded her lovers cock became hard
again and they engaged in another round of lust and
sex. The GI hung limply from the rack, “See numba one
GI? I told you that you’ll never cheat on wife again.
The rest of you go home but your balls and split cock
stay in Saigon with me, Ha, Ha, Haaaaa!!!!!