Wang Chung-ing With Connie

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by Geminiguy (


A stranger helps a very drunk and “very horny” Connie
Chung celebrate her wedding anniversary. (MF, anal,
asian, intr, celeb-parody)


Another week behind me, TGIF, and all that. I headed
down to my favorite Friday night hangout. I had
finished work late and traffic was a bitch. By the
time I got down to the bar I’d missed my friends.

Fuck! They must’ve have picked up some ladies already
and hightailed it out of there. I sighed. It was no
fun having a beer if it wasn’t while shooting a game
of pool with my buddies.

I didn’t see anyone I knew in the smoky interior [one
of the last few places that still lets you smoke] and
really didn’t feel like hanging around. I had no other
place to go so I decided to wait a bit and see if
anybody showed up.

I wasn’t really looking to pick up any ladies, my luck
had been bad that way the past few weeks, and it
really had me depressed. And not being with my friends
only brought me down more… I still didn’t want a
beer but I headed over to the bar anyway. I made small
talk with the bartender whom I knew. He confirmed all
my buddies left long before with some hot ladies. All
I could do was sigh.

Somebody had put some money in the old jukebox and
some hot 8Os rock came on. It did little to improve. I
was really ready to call it quits when I saw her at
the bar; not one of its usual patrons. For two
reasons; one, she was Asian. You either see white
girls or black girls in here [and in some cases I do
mean girls, the owner is lax on checking IDs if they
don’t drink]. Two, most of the girls are hookers and
what I consider underweight.

This lady had curves to spare. And this was a lady I
knew. She was downing one drink after another in quick
succession. I couldn’t picture her being a mean drunk
so I decided to approach her to confirm my suspicions.
Hey, I had nothing better to do anyhow.

I sat two barstools down from her. Yup, I even more
sure it was her. And type of outfit she always wore,
this time a grey blazer and tight above-the-knee skirt
and a beige blouse underneath that hugged the implants
she’d had put in a few years back. But still, I had to
ask. “Excuse me, but aren’t you Connie Chung?”

She swiveled on her barstool in my direction, a
drunken grin on her face and her legs wide open [if it
wasn’t so gloomy in here I’d probably be able to see
her white cotton panties, and maybe she had on
stockings and a garter belt… Hey, I could dream].

“Why, yesh I am!” Connie slurred loudly. Fortunately
no one else was nearby to hear except the bartender.
“And who might you be?”

I told her my name.

“WOOHOO, nice to meet you, Jim!” She seemed to cheer
as she took another drink. Until now I couldn’t have
pictured her drunk like this.

“Thank you,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you, too, Ms.
Chung. I’m surprised to see you here…”

“Why ish that?” She giggled [something I couldn’t
picture Connie doing].

“Well, this isn’t the kind a sophisticated lady like
you normally comes to.”

“Oh, like what’s like this doing in a girl like me?”
Connie cackled, her legs opening wider, pushing her
skirt up a bit more.

“Yeah, something like that,” I smiled. “I would
picture you at home with your husband.”

Connie made a face and turned back to the bar. “Don’t
even mention that bashtard,” she said, down another
drink. Connie turned back to me. “Today was our
annivershary. I had everything planned. But when I got
home I found out he was away. This is the third year
in a row he let work get between us…” She turned
back to the bar and stared glumly into space.

I moved over and sat next to Connie. Putting my hand
on her shoulder I said, “Ms. Chung, if I was married
to a beautiful woman like you I’d make sure I
remembered every important date and never let work get
in the way.”

Connie turned to me again, our knees touching.
“Really?” Connie asked.

I nodded.

She smiled. “Call me Connie.”

Before I could reply, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by
Wang Chung came on the jukebox. Connie face lit up.
“WOOHOO, I love thish song!” She downed another drink
then slid off the barstool. “Come on, let’s dance!”
Connie grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the

Turns out what Connie considers ‘dancing’ [at least in
her drunken state] consisted of either grinding her
huge tits against my chest or her ass against my cock
while she ‘sang’ along. My cock stayed hard the whole

Once the song was over Connie kissed me on the lips
and said, “Take me home.”

We grabbed our coats and left the bar. “Where’sh your
car?” She asked. “What about yours?” Connie shook her
head. “I took a cab here.” I led her to my car and let
her in. Then I got in and asked where to. Connie
looked at me and smiled. Rubbing my inner thigh she
said, “Your place.”

My cock was in agreement and my brain wasn’t about to
argue with it. I headed to my place as fast as law
would legally allow. I parked in the underground
garage and led Connie up to my floor. She immediately
zeroed in my stereo system, making a beeline for it.
She found my copy of Wang Chung’s Greatest Hits and
even though drunk was able to put it in the CD player
without wrecking it and program “Everybody Have Fun
Tonight” to auto-repeat.

“WOOHOOHOO!!!!!!!!” Connie shrieked as she began to
strip. I grabbed a few hangers from my room knowing
the sober Connie wouldn’t want her clothes wrinkled
up. Soon she was down to [I had guessed right] her
stockings and garter belt under white cotton panties
and a massive black bra. Soon said bra was on the
floor as Connie writhed to the music. Next came the
panties revealing her thick black bush of pubes.

I licked my lips. Connie threw her panties at me and
laughed. She began to undress me and I let her. When
she saw the bulge in my boxers, Connie whistled. When
she pushed them down her eyes bugged out. “Damn,
that’s the biggest cock I ever seen!” She shrieked.
Connie pulled me down on the hardwood floor on top of
her yelling for me to fuck her.

I found Connie’s dripping wet hole and slammed my cock
in. Connie shrieked and threw her arms and legs around
me, her body thrashing underneath me. Connie’s pussy
was so tight and the wettest I’d ever fucked. I only
latest about fifteen minutes the first time.

Connie flipped me onto my back and began fucking me
hard. She wailed through at least two dozen orgasms
before I blew another load in her thirty-five minutes
later. I bent Connie over the couch and penetrated her
deeper [which made her cum louder].

After I came in her, I noticed Connie had sobered up a
bit but didn’t seem to feel guilty. Would had some
juice and decided to take a shower. Connie soaped up
my body then turned her back to me as I soaped her
backside then reached around and did her front. I
spent a long time on her huge tits as I ground my cock
in her ass crack. Connie moaned and ground back.
“Baby…” She finally moaned. “Stick your huge cock up
my tiny ass!” Connie bent over and rubbed her ass
against my revived cock.

My cock was covered in suds as was Connie’s butt, and
it slid easily up her tight anal chute. Connie
shrieked. I cupped her huge, soapy titties as I sawed
in and out of her back door. Connie gasped and groaned
as I rammed my cock into her rectum, making her multi-
orgasm at times.

When I finally came in her ass almost thirty minutes
later we were exhausted. We rinsed off and got out of
the shower. After we dried off Connie said, “Take me
to bed…”

All the fucking we’d done I realized took place
everywhere but the bedroom… I grinned as I stopped
by the stereo to shut it off and led her to my
bedroom. We slid under the covers naked and Connie
pressed her hot little Asian ass against me and
sighed, pulling my arms around her. “How do you feel?”
I asked.

Connie looked back at me and winked. “Best anniversary