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by Mredfox (mredfox@comcast.net)


I meet a Korean woman who makes my pussy so wet, it
runs down my leg. (MFF, asian, bi, reluc, obsession)


I’m a married bi-sexual woman who has been eating pussy
since I was thirteen and tasted my best friend’s pussy
for the first time. I met my husband in college and his
only stipulations for my bi-sexuality are that I share
the pussy I eat with him and that I don’t go near
another mans cock. Not going near another mans cock is
not a problem as I love pussy more then a big cock and
my husbands cock using sexy mens underwear is as much as I can handle.

We have been married eight years and have shared a lot
of pussy together, the lady down the street, who we
still fuck about once a month, a woman my husband works
with, who stays with us every time her husband goes
away on a business trip, every two months or so and
quite a few married ladies we picked up grocery
shopping or in night clubs and all in all, we have
shared nineteen hot pussies.

I have had three other encounters alone, a pregnant
lady who wanted her pussy eaten real bad, I did her for
about four months, once a week until she had the baby,
a single mom who lives near us and a young, hot as
hell, teacher, who taught at the school I am the
dietitian for.

The pregnant lady I met while shopping, we had coffee,
she told me her husband hadn’t fucked her since he
found out she was expecting and since I had always
wondered if a pregnant pussy tasted different, I
volunteered to eat her pussy for her and she jumped at
the offer and yes, she had the best tasting pussy my
mouth ever got to taste.

That lady would come like a faucet had broken and loved
for me to sit on her face and come all over her face,
she was a great fuck. The single mom I met at school
and she was sex starved too, so I seduced her and
fucked her almost every day for about four weeks and
then her husband wanted to reconcile and I lost the
best fuck slave I ever had.

She would do whatever I told her too, including getting
naked in the car in a parking garage and letting me
fuck her brains out and I trained her to never wear
underwear and always wear short skirts or dresses. The
teacher came right out of college to teach at my
school, she was Korean and made me droll when I first
saw her at the school in-service before school opened
to the kids.

She had on a short gray skirt, black stockings, a white
button down the front blouse that couldn’t hide the
size of her tits and I noticed right away that she was
checking out all the females and none of the males. I
introduced myself to her and her voice made me get wet,
also made me want to tear her clothes off right there.

I told her what I did there and that if she ever needed
a snack or something to drink, come see me anytime. I
was glad that I had taken the time to get dolled up for
the in-service, because she checked me out real good
and I was wearing a dark blue mini with blue stockings
and a light blue blouse that showed my tits off.

When she was leaving at the end of the in-service, she
came over to me to tell me she was glad to have met me
and she will most certainly come to see me when she was
hungry or thirsty. This little cunt was so fucking hot
that when I went home, I sat at the computer watching
lesbo porn with Oriental woman and finger fucked myself
until I came three times.

I found out the next days she was a special ed teacher
and had two free periods a day and she came to see me
two periods after lunch was over and I was the only
person in the cafeteria. I was in my office finishing
the paper work when she came in looking for a cold
drink, wearing a green mini, white stockings and best
of all, a white blouse that was now unbuttoned down to
her bra, so that the top half of her tits were showing.

As I looked at her my pussy flooded, I licked my lips
and so did she, I asked her how she was going to pay
for the drink and in the sexiest voice I ever heard,
she said, “Anyway you would like me to, I’m all yours,”
and she licked her lips again.

I got up, locked the door, took her into my arms and
when we kissed, I swear there was sparks shooting from
our lips. She melted into my arms and when we stopped
kissing to come up for air, she told me that I had
forty minutes to make her mine. I took her blouse and
half bra off to uncover thirty four D tits with nipples
that stuck out about an inch and a half and I sucked
one of her nipples into my mouth.

She was breathing hard, moaning, oh yes baby, oh yes as
I lifted her skirt up and discovered she was naked
under the skirt. I had pants on and the wet spot was so
big now, it looked like I peed myself. I went right to
my knees and sucked her whole cunt into my mouth, she
moaned so loud I was afraid somebody might hear her and
then filled my mouth with her sweet love juice.

I buried my tongue in her pussy then, I felt her arch
her back, she made a kind of gurgling sound and her
pussy exploded, shooting hot sweet come into my mouth
again. I took her skirt off of her and I almost
couldn’t believe my eyes that this gift from pussy
heaven was standing stark naked in my office. She put
her arms over her head, twirled around and with a big
sexy smile, asked if I liked what she had to offer and
what she had to offer was absolutely incredible.

I love hairy cunts and she had a bush that made my
mouth water, she probably had the hairiest cunt I ever
fucked, she had an ass that came straight out of
playboy, a tiny waist and of course, her tits. I held
my arms out, she came right to me and I touched every
inch of her body, then grabbed both cheeks of her
perfect ass and stuck my tongue down her throat.

She was holding on to me, whimpering kind of, so I put
her on the desk, kissed every square inch of her
delicious body, worked my way back to her pussy and her
whole body was shaking as I put my tongue in her cunt
hole, making her come for me again. She was the my
first Asian pussy and I just couldn’t get enough of her
hot fucking cunt.

She asked me to take my clothes off and she watched me
like a hawk while I stripped, rubbing her pussy. She
was sprawled out on the desk and she asked me to lay my
naked body on hers, which I was very happy to do. When
I laid on her, she put her tongue in my mouth, while
wrapping her legs around me and was rubbing her pussy
against me as she explored my mouth with her tongue.

She worked her hand down to my cunt, kept her legs
wrapped around me while still kissing me and made me
come all over her pussy. She took her tongue out of my
mouth, told me how hot my come was on her cunt, put her
tongue back in my mouth and finger fucked me until I
came all over her pussy again.

She said she had to go to class after she made me come
again, I got up, watched her dress, she kissed me again
and asked if I would wait for her after school was out.
I told her I couldn’t because I had to meet my husband,
she got very petulant but perked up when I said I would
be there the next day for her. When I met my husband I
told him what happened, how fucking hot she was and he
told me to stay with her and get her into our bed. I
saw her the next morning and she came right over to
tell me to be naked when she came down after lunch.

I did as she asked, was naked when she got there, she
whistled applicatively, did a strip tease for me, then
pushed me onto the desk, dove between my legs and
started eating my soaking wet pussy like it was her
last meal.

She kept me on that desk for a good thirty minutes,
sucking licking and finger fucking both my ass and
pussy. She had turned my pussy into a raging inferno,
making me come so many times I didn’t think there was a
drop of cunt fluid left in my body and since I am a
squirter, we were both covered in my come.

She had my cum all over her face, shoulders and tits,
while my crotch, ass and thighs were covered in my
come. When she finally came up for air, she had two
fingers in my asshole, four fingers in my cunt and a
mouthful of my come, which she shared with me when she
kissed me.

I was totally fucked out, that little cunt had worked
my pussy over as good as anybody ever had, including my
husband and I couldn’t get off the desk. I watched her
get dressed and she put a little show on for me,
sticking her finger in her cunt, then putting it in my
mouth and pulling on her nipples before putting her bra

She kissed me while fingering my cunt and told me if I
waited for her, she would come back down to fuck me
some more after school and I asked if she wanted me on
the desk. She smiled from ear to ear, said she would be
very pleased to find me on the desk with my legs spread
wide open, blew me a kiss and left. The end of the
school day finally arrives, I’m sitting naked on my
desk with my legs spread wide open, a knock and the
door opens a bit, clothes came flying in and in she
steps, totally naked.

My pussy flooded so much from just looking at the most
magnificent body I ever fucked, my ass was soaking wet
and I was moaning. She got between my legs, put her
mouth on my steaming cunt, pushed her tongue into my
cunt hole and my mind and body went into a fuck frenzy
as come came pouring out of the oven that was my cunt.

She wouldn’t let me come up for air, she kept eating my
pussy while finger fucking both my pussy and ass, so
much come came rocketing out of my cunt, even with what
she swallowed, there was a puddle of come on my desk
top. When she came up for air, she told me she had
never seen a cunt that could come like mine did and it
was her cunt now to suck and fuck.

We suck and fuck every day now. Once after lunch where
I took care of her pussy and after school, where she
took care of my pussy. Just looking at this lady made
me wet and knowing that, she dressed in something that
made me lust after her every day. My husband was
getting a little annoyed that he hadn’t even seen her
yet, let alone fuck her, so I had him leave work early
the second week I was fucking her and come pick me up
after school so he could see her.

I had her dress in her sexiest outfit and when my
husband saw her come into my office, he got a hard on,
because now she had hiked her skirt up so it barely
covered her pussy and the top of her tits were hanging
out of the blouse. She shook my husbands hand, said she
had an appointment so she couldn’t stay and chat, I
kissed her good-bye and she opened her mouth so I could
put my tongue in, sucked on my tongue and left. My
husbands hard on was threatening to break out of his
pants, so I hiked my skirt up, bent over the desk and
let him fuck my pussy into submission.

We were both so fucking hot from seeing her, I came
almost as soon as his cock was buried in my cunt and
could only hold it for about fifteen strokes before his
cock exploded hot cum all over my ass. Now the problem
with my Korean cunt with my husband was, she was still
a virgin as far as being with a man, the biggest thing
she ever had in her pussy was three fingers from a

All she ever had been with was women and was really
scared of being with a man so my husband figured the
best way for us to share her was to get her so involved
with me, that she would do anything I wanted to stay
with me.

He said the lady down the street husband was leaving
Friday morning for a three day golf excursion and she
had asked if she could come stay with us for the
weekend. This way, I could go stay with the hot cunt
for the weekend and he would fuck the lady friend that
weekend and I knew the lady friend would be quite happy
to have my husband to herself as I believed the only
reason she fucked me was to have my husbands cock to
suck and fuck.

Incidentally, my husband says the friendly fuck gives
the best blow job he ever had and she swallows, so I
knew he was happy about the turn of events. When I told
my little Korean cunt about our plan, she was beside
herself with joy and she said she was going to take
such good care of me, I wouldn’t want to leave her.

Friday came, my little honey picked me up at my house
so we wouldn’t have two cars and we fucked like two
minks after lunch, in anticipation of what was to come.

After school we had to stop back at my house because I
forgot my strap-on and when I walked in, my husband and
his fuck buddy were both naked, he was sitting in a
chair and she was between his legs, giving him a blow
job. She didn’t even stop sucking his cock, just waved
as I went through, I got the strap-on, kissed my
husband and told them to have fun. She reached right
under my skirt and grabbed my pussy as to say she sure
will, never missing a beat sucking my guys cock.

The little angel from Korea and I got to her place with
a lot of pussy and tit grabbing along the way and when
we got there, both pussies were leaking like a broken
dam. We no sooner got in the apartment, she pulled my
skirt up, pulled me down on the floor and gave my pussy
the most awesome tongue lashing.

In between sticking her tongue in my cunt hole and
sucking my clit, she told me I had the prettiest pussy
she ever ate and she was going to make me the happiest
white cunt in the world. She kept me on that floor for
a good hour working my pussy to a frenzy so many times,
I couldn’t begin to count how many times and when she
was finished with me, she got up and left me laying
there naked, with my legs still in the air.

When she came back she was naked too, told me she had
started dinner, sat on my face and told me to show her
what a good little bitch I was and eat her hot cunt.
Now when you love a hot pussy and more importantly, hot
cunt juice filling your mouth like I do, I was most
eager to eat her hot cunt. She was one hot fucking
cunt, she rode my mouth, filling it with her hot sweet
love juice three times for me before making me stop
suckling on her cunt.

She laid on top of me then, told me I made her hotter
then any cunt ever had, that she loved fucking me so
much and she was going to spend the whole weekend
keeping my hot little cunt wet. We ate dinner, cleaned
up, she got the strap-on out of the plastic bag I put
it in, made me help her put it on and told me she was
going to give me the best fuck of my life.

She took hold of my pussy, led me into the bedroom and
by the time she pushed me onto the bed, cunt juice was
flowing like a river out of my cunt. She took hold of
my legs, spread them real wide, told me to put the head
of her cock at my cunt hole and when I did, she drove
it home in one big push.

She buried her vinyl cock in my cunt to the hilt, was
holding my legs still and was talking to me, asking me
how I liked her big fucking cock and telling me to take
it all bitch cunt, fuck it like I mean it. I was now
beyond crazy with lust, I was so fucking hot, her voice
seemed to come from far away as I struggled to move my
ass, to fuck the cock buried in my pussy.

The little cunt started moving that cock in and out
real slow while telling me I was the best piece of ass
she ever fucked, I was going to be her fuck whore, cunt
lapping pussy to fuck whenever she wanted and I was
going to be so happy I gave her my cunt. The more she
talked the more I kept coming while begging her to fuck
me harder, then she pushed my legs back to my shoulders
and started slamming my pussy with every thrust of her

I was screaming like a banshee now as she slammed my
cunt while telling me to fuck her cock and she made me
tell her I loved being fucked by her cock. She keep my
legs pinned to my shoulders, fucking me like a mad
woman and I had never been fucked for that long in that
position before. I was completely at her mercy and she
fucked me senseless, making me beg her to stop and the
little fucking slut made me tell her I loved her and
wanted to be her fucking cunt forever before she let me

She had so fucked me out, I couldn’t close my legs and
I knew standing was out of the question, but she wasn’t
finished with me yet. She turned me over, kissed and
licked my asshole and ass for a bit, which really felt
good, then said she was going to make me hers forever.

She pulled my ass up so my face was on the bed but my
ass was in the air, finger fucked my asshole putting KY
jelly in my asshole and then said, “You are mine now
cunt,” and drove her strap-on cock all the way up my
ass. It was a good thing my husband has been fucking my
asshole all these years because I think she would have
split me in half otherwise.

She was now pounding my ass for all she was worth while
rubbing my clit and asking me if I liked being ass
fucked because she loved fucking me up the ass like I
was her private little whore. She made me come a few
more times because I did like being ass fucked and
knowing she was ass fucking me made me real hot and I
knew she was going to be fucking my asshole again.

When she was satisfied my asshole was well fucked, she
turned me over, took the strap-on off and sat on my
face, pushing her pussy into my mouth and saying, “Eat
my cunt you little fucking whore, you love my pussy, so
fucking eat it bitch”. Then she started calling me
names while I was sucking on her cunt, driving me crazy
and as tired as I was, I ate her pussy like it was the
last cunt in the world.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating each others
pussies and her fucking me in the ass and pussy with my
strap-on and I found out she liked fucking me with it
because it gave her such a feeling of power over me. I
liked being strap-on fucked by her, she had me in every
position she could think of and pounded my pussy and
ass until I couldn’t walk or close my legs.

That little Korean lesbian pussy gave me the fucking of
a life time, she had incredible stamina, pounding my
pussy when I couldn’t move anymore and she made me say
I was her pussy and loved her with all my heart and
before that little cunt was finished with me, she could
make me say anything.

When she took me home Sunday night, she took me home
naked, I think to show my husband that she owned me
now, walked me into the house, kissed me while putting
two fingers in my pussy, put her two fingers in my
mouth to suck my cunt juice off of them, said I was a
good girl and left. Of course while she was putting her
little show on for my husband, his fuck buddy was till
there and she was bent over the arm of the couch with
his cock in her cunt.

After my fuck buddy left, my husbands fuck buddy asked
if I wanted her to eat my pussy while she fucked my
husband, I declined and went to bed. I woke the next
morning to find her still with us, I had slept great,
my pussy got wet looking at her, so I made her eat me
while my husband fucked her in the ass one more time.

My husband and I got ready for work while our fuck
buddy made us breakfast and during breakfast my husband
gave me the ultimatum, either my Korean cunt came to
bed with the three of us or I was to break it off with
her. When we were leaving our naked fuck buddy kissed
my husband, then grabbed me and kissed me with a
surprising amount of passion and thanked me for letting
her have the best fucking weekend of her life and said
she would be my whore whenever I wanted her to.

On my way to work I thought my husband must have really
fucked her brains out if she was willing to be my whore
whenever and I filed that away for future reference. At
our after lunch fuck fest, I told my Korean cunt about
my husband’s ultimatum and she said there was no way
she was going to fuck him and when I told her we were
over, she went nuts.

She was screaming at me that I told her I loved her and
I tried to explain that was in the heat of passion and
she made me say it, but she didn’t want to hear it, so
I walked out. I could hear her screaming as I walked up
the steps to the main floor, calling me a fucking
lesbian whore and a liar, along with other stuff.

I went home to get a phone call from the Principal
telling me what she was saying and the threats she was
making. I knew the Principal for quite a few years and
she knew about my sexual preferences, since I did her
niece and she told me not to worry.

It got so bad though that the Principal had to fire her
because she was attacking every female teacher in the
school verbally but she did do a job on my reputation
for a while. The night she was fired she came to our
house and her and my husband got into real good and
when she threatened to kill my husband, he called the
cops, who took her away in handcuffs. That was the last
time I saw her until one summer day in July, two years
later when I was in the local hardware store getting a
hinge for my husband.

I heard this familiar voice saying hello and when I
turned around, I think my jaw hit the floor, she was
standing there in short shorts, a cut off tank top
looking like the sexiest cunt I ever saw. I couldn’t
stop my pussy from flooding and when she put a hot hand
on either side of my face, I came, she kissed me so
passionately I came again as I just gave myself to her.

She had taken both my hands and put them under her top
onto her bare tits, undid my shorts and stuck her hand
down them, grabbing my pussy and I was letting her do
whatever she wanted to me. She fingered me for a
minute, then said she was going to take me to her new
apartment and fuck me silly, which made the fire inside
me burn even hotter.

I got in her car almost in a daze, she drove a few
blocks to her apartment and as soon as we got inside,
she stripped me naked. She stripped, making come run
down my legs looking at her, took me in her arms and
told me how much she missed me and my pussy. She put me
on my back on the bed, crawled between my legs and
slowly kissed her way to the red hot inferno that was
my cunt.

When she stuck her tongue in my blazing hot pussy, I
screamed her name and my cunt erupted like a volcano,
spewing cunt juice all over her face. She kept eating
my pussy until she made me come four times, then she
raised up to my face, made me lick her face clean,
after which she got up to get a strap-on that she said
was made for me. It was too, it had my name on it in
raised letters, was bright pink and bigger then my
husbands cock. She put it on, mounted me like a man
would, drove my special cock all the way home making me
scream with pleasure again and come like a fountain.

She made me wrap my legs around her and started slow
fucking me with the biggest cock I had ever fucked,
kissing and talking to me. She told me what a beautiful
little fucking whore I was, my cunt was made for her to
suck and fuck and when she was finished with my pussy,
she was going to fuck me up the ass, because she loved
fucking me up the ass.

After I came a few times, she pinned my legs back to my
shoulders and fucked me senseless, making me come so
many times, the whole bed was soaked with my come. The
she turned me over, changed to a smaller strap-on,
lifted my ass up, kissed it while she rubbed cream into
my asshole, then mounted me again, driving her smaller
cock all the way to her cunt hair in my asshole.

She actually rode my ass while she was fucking it and
calling me every name she could think of, which drove
me fucking wild and she made me come a few more times.
After she was finished using my body, she had me lay on
my belly in all that come, while she licked and kissed
my back and ass, putting two big hickeys on each one of
my ass cheeks.

Before she was finished with me, she sucked me, fucked
my cunt and ass, kissed very inch of my body, finger
fucked my pussy and ass, and left hickeys on my ass,
the inside of both thighs and just under my nipples on
both tits.

She had so totally fucked me out, that it was all I
could do to drive home and now I was faced with having
to tell my husband what I did. I undressed and went
straight to bed to take a nap before my husband got
home and was sleeping on my belly when my husband came
home. He woke me up, asked if I had a rough day, I said
a little and he said getting fucked is always tiring
isn’t it.

I thought, how the hell did he know, but before I could
answer, he asked who put the hickeys on my ass and when
he turned me over and saw them on my tits and thighs,
he went fucking ballistic, yelling, asking who I
fucked. When I told him, his face went white, then red,
then in a voice I never heard him use before, he called
me a no good fucking whore and said if I wanted to be a
fucking whore he would treat me like one.

He pulled me to the end of the bed so my head was
hanging off, took his clothes off, stuck his cock in my
mouth and fucked my mouth like it was my pussy and he
didn’t care a bit that I was choking on his cock as he
drove it in and out of my mouth. Usually he can last a
long time, but this time I felt his cock swelling in my
mouth after only a minute or two and he grabbed my head
so I couldn’t move as he pumped his sperm down my

I knew he was really mad as he had never treated me
like that before and this when he finished shooting his
load in my mouth, he wiped his dick off on my face. He
told me to get my whore ass of the bed and make dinner
and I jumped off the bed and ran down to the kitchen.

When he came home the next night, he pushed me over the
arm of a chair, fucked me like I was a slut, slamming
my pussy with all he had, until he filled my cunt with
his hot come and then made me lick his cock clean,
without saying a word. The day after that when my
husband got home from work, he had company with him and
when I saw who the company was, I was in disbelief.

It was my Korean cunt, all smiles, tits hanging out,
skirt in her hand with my husbands hand on her bush,
saying to my husband that he wasn’t kidding when he
said I had a pink cunt. She came right over and pulled
me into her arms while sticking a finger in my pussy
and kissing me.

The next thing I knew, we were in bed with my husband’s
cock buried in her cunt and me sucking on her clit
while playing with her tits. I was in fuck heaven now,
I had my Korean cunt back to suck, fuck and play with.
Between me and my husband we made her little Asian cunt
come so many times, she couldn’t talk when we finished
with her.

I never asked how all this came about, I was just so
happy I had her back and then our fuck buddy showed up
and it took my little Korean cunt two minutes to make a
slave out of her new friend. Then my Asian cunt put
strap-ons on her and her new slave, my Korean cunt
fucked me up the ass while my fuck buddy fucked my
pussy and my husband put his cock in my mouth. This was
a dream come true and I just kept coming and coming
until I couldn’t move any more and there was not a drop
of come left in me.

I get fucked like that at least twice a week now,
because as my Korean cunt says, I’m her little whore
who needs to be fucked in every hole and she loves
fucking me up the ass once or twice a week too.

My husband is living the life of an oriental prince
now, my pussy and my Asian cunts pussy everyday since
she moved in with us and his fuck buddy at least three
times a week. He makes us put shows on for him all the
time too and I found out my little Asian beauty likes
to show me off.

She takes me to a lesbian club a couple of times a
month so we can dance in public and she shows my pink
pussy to anyone who wants to see it, usually letting
them touch me, which makes me hotter then a fire
cracker for her. Now every morning my love goddess and
I lay in bed, making out like two teenagers and she
wears the strap-on and fucks me while we make out.