Wife’s Saturday Night Seduction

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by Gi (address withheld)


A true story of how my wife was gangbanged by some boy
friends of her friends. (MMF, nc, gb, asian, alcohol)


In the mid 1980’s I was in the military and stationed
in North Carolina along with my wife and young son. We
had been married about ten years and were in our early
forties. My wife is Thai, 5’2″ with a stunning figure
and long waist length black hair. We had a normal sex
life and got along very good. Trust was a big part of
our relationship.

As with most military people I would have to go TDY a
lot. When I was home I would let the wife go out with
friends to the NCO club and listen to music and dance.
I would stay home and take care of our small son.

On this particular Saturday night the wife was going to
some friend’s house to eat and then to the club with
one close girl friend. They left at around 6:30 pm and
I expected them home around midnight. At around 12:30 I
heard a knock at the door. It was her girl friend and
she said my wife was in her car drunk. This was odd
since my wife never drank more than one drink.

I went and tried to get her out of the car, but with no
success. She was unable to talk, but was able to fight
enough that I could not pull her out. Her friend then
stated to let it go that she would take her to her
house and try and sober her up. In the front seat of
the car was a male that I later learned was a friend of
my wife’s.

The girl friend of my wife took her to her house. She
then returned at around 03:30 and had my wife at the
door. I took my wife from her and said that she had to
take my wife’s friend home and then would call me. I
helped the wife towards the bedroom, but as were passed
the bathroom she grabbed the door frame indicating she
needed to go.

Since she was still to drunk to talk, I helped her get
her pants down and set her on the commode. As she was
going, she was pointing towards the tub. I undressed
her and put her in the tub. Got her cleaned up, dried
off and into bed. As I was locking the house up, the
phone rang. It was her friend Moo that had brought her
home. She recounted the following events that had taken
place that night.

Everything was normal when they went to eat at the
friend’s house. There were six Thai girls there and
their boy friends. Also there was a male friend of my
wife. She was not aware that he was going to be there.
They all set down to eat and drink. My wife was told
that she needed to drink at least one drink and be
sociable. She agreed that she would drink the one
drink. About thirty minutes later, the host of the meal
stated that it must be working. Moo said she looked up
and everybody was looking at my wife.

She was just setting there with no movement. The boy
friend of the host got up and went around to my wife.
He put both hands down over her shoulders and
manipulated her boobs. She did not move or say
anything. The host then said that they needed to get
things started. Moo said that she protested and was
told to shut up or leave.

My wife was carried into a bedroom and stripped. One by
one all the guys fucked my wife as the girls watched.
My wife’s male friend did not participate. When the
sixth guy was done screwing my wife, he asked if
anybody wanted seconds. Three guys went in for seconds.
As the guys were going a second time, the girls came
out laughing and one indicated that she should call a
couple of her black friends. The call was made and
within twenty minutes two black guys showed up. Moo
indicated she knew them and knew both of them were well
hung. When the black guys were shown my wife all the
girls also went back in to watch including Moo. Moo
said the first guy pounded on my wife about 15 minutes
and my wife never moved. She did make a few groans, but
that was it.

The second guy followed and took about as long. Both
indicated they wanted one more round before they would
be done. This was a big deal to all the girls, since
they knew my wife was not a fan of black men. Moo said
the second round started off like the first. This time
although my wife did not move, she was much more vocal
in the moans and groans.

Just before the first guy had an organism, he indicated
to one of the girls to hold my wife’s mouth open. He
pulled out and put the head of his dick in her mouth
and came filling her mouth full. He then pulled her
head to the side of the bed and continued to force his
dick in and out of her mouth. He was forcing more than
half his 12 inches into her throat.

During this the second guy had already mounted my wife
and was well on his way to organism. He pulled out and
emptied himself in my wife’s mouth. One of the girls
asked the black guys if one of them would do her ass.
Something else to get back at my wife, since most Thai
girls won’t do anal.

The first guy said no since he considered himself to
big. The second guy was willing and as soon as he was
hard, fucked my wife in the ass about ten minutes
before filling her full of cum. Moo said my wife moaned
and groaned the whole time he was fucking her. When he
was done, Moo and the male friend were told to clean
her up and take her home. This is where I seen her when
she was brought home at 12:30. From 12:30 until 03:30
is another whole story.

Whenever my wife was taken to Moo’s house, her male
friend decided he would also fuck her. He stripped her
and laid her down in the floor and proceeded to fuck
her. When he was done they poured a couple cups coffee
down her. He the proceeded to put about twenty hickey’s
on her boobs and then proceeded to fuck her again. They
then poured more coffee down her.

They then dressed her and started to bring her home.
While driving to our house, Moo said she heard a loud
moan from my wife. When she stopped at a stop sign she
turned around and saw Ben (male friend) sucking and
biting on my wife’s nipples. She continued on to our
house and just before getting their, was told to please
drive on by. She continued to a small park down the
street. After getting to the park she turned the dome
light on. She saw that my wife was stroking Ben’s dick.

He said that he needed to fuck her one more time. He
laid her in the seat and pulled her pants down. Got her
up on her knees and entered her from the rear.
Proceeded to fuck her good while all the time saying to
Moo, she knows she is being fucked now. Once done, they
got her dressed and brought her home. This is where I
took over.

The next morning she still did not know what happened.
Moo her friend told her and to this day does not
believe it all. Two months later we left North Carolina
and she does not go anywhere by herself or with friends
even now.