Yang Reception

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by wollstonecraft (address withheld)


A young woman and her friends are overjoyed to join an
oriental cult. After they are deflowered by the cult
leader they are eager to please several male members on
a daily basis. Neither she nor her girlfriends are on
the pill. (MFF, occult, mc, asian, preg)


I owe my life to Guru Tsu. I discovered his teachings
when I was twelve. Before my parents’ divorce, I
practically lived in the library. When I read the first
book, it was as if I could see for the first time. His
words gave me comfort when I needed it the most.

It wasn’t long before I sought out other followers of
Guru Tsu’s Way. We’d meet once or twice a week to
meditate, study his writings and do enlightenment
exercises. I was really good at “going to level,” what
we called the deep meditation state. Glory, who had
actually studied under Guru Tsu, said I was really
advanced for my age.

She said that I had an “inner illumination” that would
make me a natural guide, but that I needed further,
deeper instruction. My heart leapt when she told me
that I might be able to learn at the feet of Guru Tsu
himself. But I’d have to wait until I was older and,
until then, I’d have to follow the Way, especially the
paths of purity and chastity. As if she had to tell me!

From that moment on I counted the days. It was hard
doing mundane things like going to school and doing
chores, but I ignored the hedonism of the other kids at
school by meditating and studying the Way. My mom,
unable to control her own worldly urges, wasn’t around
much anyway, so I had plenty of time to contemplate on
the Way.

The days became months, then years. Many people came
and left our cluster as their faith in the Way waxed
and waned, but I never wavered in my resolve. I
devoutly followed the Way, and finally my devotion was
rewarded. I was called to join Guru Tsu at the Common!

When I boarded the private plane, it took every bit of
my meditative control to keep my excitement in check.
Through the long flight, I tried to stay at level, but
my mind was awash in anticipation. Glory had cautioned
me that even with all my years of study and exercise,
it could never compare with the experience of studying
under Guru Tsu himself. My being would be in a constant
state of wonderment, if not utter shock.

I got my first surprise as I got off the plane and saw
that no one at the Common wore clothes. It really
shouldn’t have surprised me. After all, matters of the
spirit was the preoccupation here, not physicality.
Still, it took a bit of adjustment. I’d immersed myself
in virtue and purity practically my entire life,
rejecting all thoughts of the flesh. It was hard to see
people, both women and, especially, men, displaying
themselves shamelessly without being reminded of my own
carnal feelings. It was to be my first lesson.

I was greeted by a young woman who told me her name was
Pearl and she was to be my guide for the first few days
until I became accustomed to my new surroundings. She
showed me to my room and said I could leave my clothes
there and she would show me the grounds. When I stood
naked before her, I tried not to be self-conscious, but
she noticed it right away. “Don’t worry,” she laughed.
“Once you meet with Tsu, you’ll get over it.”

As we wandered the grounds while she pointed out the
meditation temple, the dining halls and the other
areas, I couldn’t help but notice that every man who
crossed our path seemed to be in a state of sexual
arousal. I’d never seen a man naked before, but I’d
studied enough to know that guys weren’t always erect
like that.

Then I noticed that every woman there, including Pearl,
were obviously sexually excited as well, even the ones
that were in various stages of pregnancy. Their thighs
were literally dripping with moistness. I suddenly
recognized that for the first time in my life I was
filled with what I could only call a sensual lust. My
nipples, like every other woman in the Common, were
thick and tight and I felt a growing warmth between my

As if she could hear my innermost thoughts, Pearl
smiled and said, “Yes, one’s first days at the Common
can be confusing in its joy, but Tsu will explain

We ate dinner in one of the small halls. We sat with
two other girls. Pearl introduced me to Undine. She was
also a guide. The girl with her had come to the Common
the previous day. Pearl told them I’d meet with Guru
Tsu tomorrow. Undine told us the girl she was with
would be seeing him tomorrow, too. It was odd, but I
didn’t catch the name of Undine’s charge.

“I’m so jealous of the two of you,” Undine said. “I
wish I could re-live meeting Tsu for the first time.
How wonderful the experience is!”

The other new girl didn’t say much during dinner. She
probably felt like me, a little shy and a bit
overwhelmed by all the newness. I could tell, though,
that she was filled with excitement. When we all
finished eating and rose to leave, I couldn’t help but
notice that her thighs were coated with a filmy fluid.
Just like Undine’s and Pearl’s. Just like mine.

It turned out that Undine’s ward had the room next to
mine, so the four of us walked back to the living
quarters together. When we got to my room, Undine said
the two of them would see us at lunch the next day, and
then we’d go together to the yang reception ceremony.
Then they both went into the new girl’s room.

Pearl opened my door and we went in. I was exhausted
from all the excitement of the day and I sat on the
bed, ready to collapse. Pearl sat next to me and hugged
me tightly. The feeling of her breasts pressed upon
mine only made the unusual desire within me burn
deeper. When she kissed me, our tongues met and I
moaned slightly, a shiver traveling up my legs and into
my belly. Then she got up and went to the door, saying,
“Sleep well. You’ve got a demanding day tomorrow.”

I slipped into bed, shaking a bit from the confusing
feelings I was experiencing. The sheets, surprisingly,
felt like satin and, unaccustomed to sleeping in the
nude, the material against my flesh only increased the
intensity of the embers I felt inside me trying to
burst into an inferno. For the first time in years I
was tempted to touch myself, but I called upon my
meditation training, went to level and soon I was


The next morning, I was woken by a kiss. Pearl had
brought me breakfast. As I ate, Pearl outlined my day.
First was a series of physical exercises to prepare my
body for the spiritual teachings that followed. Then,
after I was physically cleansed and ready, I would be
brought to Guru Tsu for a series of personal
instruction and training. I grew excited in
anticipation. Then I would participate in the yang
reception ceremony. Before I could even ask, Pearl
said, “I can’t explain or even describe it. After your
audience with Tsu, you will understand.”

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the physical
exercises. I’m really not much into exercising. No one
would ever accuse me of being skinny, but I’m not
grossly overweight and I’d had my share of boys at
school looking at me with obviously carnal thoughts.
Even so, I’m what’s called a “full-figured” girl,
especially in the hips, bottom and bust, and I hoped no
one was going to try to suddenly make me a size eight
in a matter of hours.

I needn’t have worried. When we got to the exercise
room, instead of the typical gym equipment I was
expecting, Pearl led me to a simple massage table.
Pearl told me to lie on the table on my stomach, and
another women came in and gave the most incredible
massage I’d ever had.

Actually, it was the first massage I’d ever had, but it
was wonderful. When the masseuse massaged my buttocks,
I got a bit tense, but it passed quickly, and when she
kneaded my breasts and thighs, it seemed so natural
that I didn’t think twice about it. By the time she
probed my labia, I was in such a state of tranquility
that I eagerly accepted it as part of the sensuality of
the experience.

I was totally at peace with my body. Every muscle was
utterly content. Then Pearl told me to go to level. As
calm as I was, I slipped in easily, my eyes already
closed, my mind already in a state of bliss . I vaguely
felt the masseuse lifting my legs off the table. “Try
to keep them raised,” she commanded. I held them in the
air, then she continued, “Good. Now spread them apart.”

Normally, I’d have been too shy to separate my thighs
so widely, but in my serenity, I was emboldened and I
pulled my legs wide apart. I shivered slightly as I
felt the cool air on my labia. “Very nice,” I heard the
masseuse say, “you already shows signs of receptivity.
Now, keep your thighs apart and touch your heels
together.” My thighs quivered and my buttocks quivered
against the table as my feet met, making me shiver. I
realized that my vagina was open and moist and I felt a
trickle of liquid sliding down between my buttocks.
“Yes,” she continued, “you’re quite receptive. You’ll
have no trouble with Tsu’s preparations.”

“From this point forward,” Pearl instructed, “relax and
keep at level as we prepare you for your meeting with
Tsu.” My greatest wish was about to come true and it
was hard to remain in control, but I concentrated on my
inner peace. Even so, I’d falter occasionally and my
heart would begin to race.

I was led to another room where I was bathed and dried.
My hair was brushed and simply styled. I felt utterly
pampered. Then I was taken to a small room.

The lighting was dim and diffuse. The only furniture
was a single curved chair without arms, closely facing
each other. I was placed in it and the chair slid
backward, so my head was level with my upturned hips.
Then the chair rose until my head was slightly more
than waist-level to Pearl. It was a surprisingly
restful position. I felt as if I was lying in the palm
of a large soft hand with my legs spread and dangling
comfortably in the air. Then Pearl and the other left
and I was alone. I calmed myself and concentrated on my
meditative state.

When one is at level, time has no meaning. After I was
in the room alone for minutes or hours or days, I
slowly became aware of another presence. When he began
to speak, it was filled with such peace and love, it
was as if we had been talking intimately for years.

“Are you comfortable, child?”

“Yes, Guru Tsu.”

He was standing next to me, his face smiling down at
me. He seemed much younger than I had expected. Instead
of the sage elder I had envisioned, he was trim and
muscular. Like every other male I’d seen at the Common,
his long penis stood thick and rigid. Surprisingly, in
retrospect, I didn’t find that threatening in the

“Please, child, if you would, call me Tsu. Honorifics
have no place at the Common. We are all equals in our

“I hear and understand, Tsu,” I replied, falling into
the ritual response.

“I have followed your progress with great interest,” he
said, his hand idly stroking my hair. “Your teachers
tell me you have great wisdom for one so young. This is
why you have been asked to join the Common. They
believe you will accept the truth that is about to be
revealed to you.

“But first, I would be honored if you would accept from
me a gift. A humble adornment, if you will. I should
like to call you Roe, and it would please me if you
would take it as your name.” He bowed slightly.

“I am honored to accept,” I replied. “To you and to
all, I am Roe.” In the position I was in, I couldn’t
return the bow, but I nodded my head.

“Thank you,” he said softly, “I am blessed by your
acceptance.” He turned and walked slowly, moving toward
my legs. He said, in a louder voice. “Now, Roe, here is
a puzzle. We are spiritual beings.” He paused.

“That always were and always will be, perfect in our
spirituality,” I finished.

“Yet,” he continued, “we inhabit physical bodies within
a physical world. Why is that?”

“Our physical bodies, indeed, the physical world is a
manifestation of our spiritual beings,” I replied.

“Yes. But if that is so, why is it that our physical
bodies age and die?”

“Age and deterioration is a reflection of our imperfect
understanding of our spiritual nature.” I almost
allowed myself to indulge in a small sense of pride,
but instead I maintained level.

“So we accept that death is evidence of the physical
world’s imperfection. But then we must also accept that
birth is also such evidence.”

I thought for a second. “Yes,” I decided. “In the
environment of pure enlightenment there is no death.
Therefore there would be no birth.”

“So,” he said, “the agents of birth, the ovum and the
sperm, are the result and exist only because of our
blindness to our true spirituality.

“Yes,” I agreed.

He had moved so that he was standing at my feet, facing
me. “And that would also mean that the abstractions of
male and female, active and passive, yin and yang, are
also the consequence of the misunderstanding of our
spirituality, is that right?”

I fell silent as I contemplated. Then I spoke. “No,
Tsu, that is not right. Yin and yang are perfect
states, not bound by the physical. There is an error in

He moved forward. “Your teachers spoke truth. You are
wise beyond your years.” His hand rose to stroke my
inner calve.

“The error, Roe, is in the initial fact and the
unstated assumption. The unstated word. ‘Merely.’ Our
physical bodies are not ‘merely’ a manifestation of our
spiritual beings. They are essential to our journey, to
our enlightenment.”

His eyes grew intense as he stared into mine. “In
disengaging the spiritual from the physical and
designating our actions as either only spiritual or
physical, we are overwhelmed with hunger while starving
ourselves spiritually.

Our spiritual beings need nourishment. This sustenance
manifests itself as the flow of essence from the center
outward. Conceptually, from the earth to the heavens.
This is physically manifest in the mating of male and

“I need not tell you that, we, male and female, have a
physical need for coitus. This is borne from a
spiritual need for physical union, for the coupling of
the male and female, to allow the flow of spiritual
essence from the earth, through the male, to the
heaven, through the female. This need is strong. You
have noticed this, especially here, have you not?”

I nodded. I was beginning to struggle with maintaining
level while his hand was stroking my leg, his fingers
moving slowing upward towards my thigh,, but I was
aware enough to believe I noticed a discrepancy. I
waited to mention it.

“This need is the physical manifestation of our need
for spiritual nourishment. This nourishment is normally
consumed via the physical chakra. In the male this is
mundanely known as the prostate, in the female as the

Tsu must have noticed that I was having trouble staying
at level. He stopped stroking my leg and continued.
“When confronted with this need to exchange essence yet
unable to connect with the spiritual flow and receive
nourishment, chakras, the male has no choice but to
cannibalize his own life essence. This is manifest as
sperm. In the female it is manifest as the ovum.”

I was beginning to understand the implication of his
words. But the discrepancy bothered me. “Tsu,” I
interrupted, “the earth is traditionally represented as
yin and the heavens as yang, but you describe the flow
reversed. The male, the active, passes essence to the
female, the passive.”

Tsu smiled. “This is the manifestation. This is the
cause of our starvation.” He paused.

I understood in a surge of enlightenment. I cried, “My
God, I see! The male is meant to be yin and the female
is supposed to be yang!” The import of the realization
was startling.

“Yes, Roe,” Tsu said, grinning, “You are, indeed, most
perceptive. The male is unable to pass the spiritual
essence actively. He is the conduit and the female is
the active recipient. She must draw the essence from

I eagerly nodded, excited at the insight. “So that,
with the male as the passive conduit and the female as
the active recipient, the direction of the spiritual
flow is from yin to yang, the degeneration of the
couples’ beingness is negated, the cycle of birth and
death is broken!” I began to shake. “Tsu, I understand!
I understand!”

In my excitement, I had completely left my meditative
state. I was beginning to babble something about
entropy when Tsu instantly broke through my agitation
by reaching out and placing his hand upon my pubic
mound. The sudden intimate contact made me gasp.

I looked down at his hand upon me, then looked up into
his eyes. His gaze was warm and strangely inviting.

He said softly, “Do you also understand why you are
here, Roe?”

My gaze fell from his eyes to his groin. His rigid
penis was less than an inch from my vagina, poised for
entry. I felt myself becoming moist with a carnal heat.

Suddenly I understood perfectly. Yang reception. The
female act of actively receiving essence from the
passive male.

I lowered my eyes. “Yes, Tsu,” I whispered, “I believe
I do.”

“Will you accept the truth and, so, the responsibility?
Will you follow the Way and prepare yourself for yang

I hesitated. It was a great leap of faith I was being
asked to make. My acceptance would mean I would take a
man’s penis into my virgin vagina and receive his
ejaculate. If the Way was not true, I would actually be
taking sperm into my ovulating womb. I was coming into
the fertile time in my cycle. I’d become pregnant.

“Tsu,” I said, my voice quivering slightly, “I am not
perfect in my belief. I have doubts. I am afraid of
conceiving and bearing a child.”

“Roe,” Tsu said comfortingly, “you need but remember
that it is not your beliefs only that will control the
reality. There is also your partner. Even if your faith
is weak and you cannot accept the male’s spiritual
offering, thus creating the ovum within you, if your
partner’s faith is firm, there will be no sperm in his
seminal essence. There can be no impregnation, no
conception, no childbearing. Just as there will for you
be no aging, no deterioration. No death. And, without
the aggression borne of frustration, a new age of peace
and love. You will be part of the vanguard that ushers
in this new age for humanity.”

No death. The vanguard of a new age.

It had to be true. It was the only truth that made

I confronted and banished my concerns. “Yes, Tsu,” I
said resolutely. “I see and understand. I accept the
responsibility. I accept the Way.”

Tsu smiled. “You are devout as you are wise, Roe. I am
honored to be in the presence of one so firm in her
faith.” He bowed deeply. I shivered as I felt his
breath play upon my abdomen.

Now that my faith was true, I was overwhelmed with
anticipation. My heart started to race. “Are–are you
to prepare me for the ceremony?” I asked, fighting to
get back to level.

“No, Roe. You will prepare yourself. I cannot do so,
for it would negate my yin. I can, however, offer you
guidance which you may choose to accept.”

I realized I’d asked the wrong question. “Are you to
be–my partner?”

He placed his hands on my hips. “For your initiate
reception. If you should wish it so.” His eyes rested
upon my breasts, which rose and fell with my quickening

My voice trembled. “I–I d-do wish it so.”

He then bowed again and solemnly asked, “Do you want to
take my conduit within you, to draw from me the
spiritual in substance? Will you sup from my body to
take nourishment for your soul?” I felt each syllable
flutter through my pubic hair and my labia began to
quiver, swelling with desire.

I recognized the form and responded as clearly as my
gasping breath would allow. “I w-want to take your c-
conduit with– within me, and d-draw from you the
spiritual in substance. I will s-sup from your b-body
to t-take nourishment for my soul.” I felt my wetness
begin to run out from between my throbbing labial

He rose and stood motionless between my legs. The heat
from his firm, thick penis, little more than
millimeters from my vagina, inflamed me. I was aching
to take him into me, craving to fill myself with his

“Raise your legs and rest them upon my hips,” Tsu said.

I wrapped her legs around him. His skin felt warm and
rough against my soft thighs. I gasped when I felt his
penis touch me between my legs. Steeling myself, I
clamped my legs tightly onto Tsu’s waist and dug my
heels into his back, pulling myself swiftly up off the
chair and up into his groin.

My body shuddered as I felt his penis pressing tightly
against my moist flesh only to slide downwards, running
along the cleft of my bottom to rest snugly between my

Tsu smiled down at me as the soft globes of my bottom
quivered against him. “No, Roe. You must take care not
to become too aggressive. You must simply open yourself
and draw me into you.” I sighed passionately as I
loosened my legs’ tight grip on him and lowered myself
back onto the chair. He pulled out and away.

Tsu continued softly, “Take my penis in your hand and
position the head at the entrance to your vagina.” I
reached down and gingerly wrapped my fingers around the
long, firm shaft, already moist from its contact with
my damp skin. I felt his blood coursing through the
warm velvety column. It throbbed against my palm, and
my eyes widened, my heart raced. For a instant I
imagined this massive flesh inside me, spurting sperm
into my womb, inundating the egg floating deep inside
me, making it grow, making me pregnant. As fearful as I
was at the danger of carrying a child within me, the
idea made me warm with desire.

I put the vision out of my mind and, my breath rasping,
I pressed the bulbous head into the soft folds of my
labia. “Softly rub the tip up and down along the fold,”
Tsu said. I did as he suggested. The sensation of the
cushiony head sliding along the length of my slick
vaginal lips sent sparks of pleasure through me. I felt
my moistness trickling out of me, sliding down between
the cleft of my buttocks.

Tsu whispered, “Your initiate reception must be
achieved with as little aggression as possible. You
must open yourself gently and freely so your vaginal
passage can embrace the penis tightly against your
physical chakra, extract the seminal secretions and
take it within you with without force. Your vagina must
expand and blossom just as the petals of a flower open
to welcome pollination.

“As I lean forward, place your hands on my shoulders. I
will place my hands upon your breasts to allow for the
circular flow of energy between us.”

“Ahh,” I gasped as his fingers pressed onto my taut
nipples. His touch sent shoots of fire down through my

“Yes,” Tsu sighed, his breath becoming husky, “you can
feel the energy coursing, can you not?”

“Hhh-y-yes,” I rasped.

“Now with your legs, gently pull me towards you.” As I
did, I felt the warm head nestle snugly in my labia. I
began to moan softly.

“Focus on your labial folds,” Tsu breathed. “Feel them
bared and exposed, spreading and unfolding, growing
moist as they open to welcome in the seminal
messenger.” My lips fluttered and parted around the
silky tip and my moans grew louder as his penis began
to slide into me.

“Now concentrate on your vaginal channel. Visualize it
widening and expanding to accommodate the thickness.
Feel it growing slick with your welcoming fluids.” I
felt myself becoming wetter, the liquid running through
my trembling buttocks and down my back, and I felt his
warm flesh slowly sliding into my vagina.

“Ohhh,” I cried as I felt my labia close around the
head as it passed into me.

“Yes,” Tsu hissed, “draw in it. Feel your vagina
opening and widening, welcoming and receiving.”

I felt myself growing more and more open as I accepted
more and more of his penis into me. I felt my vagina
begin to ripple upon his hard flesh, my labial lips
caressing and embracing his shaft.

Then I felt a pressure deep within me as the progress
of the fleshy column waned, then stopped. Tsu
whispered, “Just as in your spiritual training, effort
is needed to pass the barriers to enlightenment. Just
as discarding false perceptions may bring initial
trauma, so too may advancing though the physical
obstruction cause an initial discomfort.”

My moans grew louder as Tsu’s fingers began to stroke
my breasts. “These tender stimulations should assist in
helping to reduce the shock.” My back arched and my
breasts rose into his caresses. As he fondled my aching
nipples, my pelvis began to rock gently and the
pressure of his firmness upon my hymen increased.

“Oh, oh, oh,” I cried as the rutting of my hips
increased in intensity and the stress of his unyielding
penis upon the membrane blocking its entry rhythmically
escalated. “Oh, oh– Oh!!” The pressure suddenly became
a stab of pleasure-pain as the veil began to rupture.

My hips rose up again and another delicious sting shot
through me. My secretions flowed out of me, trying in
vain to ease the shock of my maidenhead being split and
torn away. “Aah!!” The sharp sensation washed over me
again and I felt Tsu’s thick penis suddenly shift
within me. “Aaagh!” Each roll of my pelvis brought
another sweet pang of pain and his manhood slid a bit
deeper into my inflamed sheathe.

Then the sharpness of the pain ebbed and the long,
stiff flesh continued its descent into my depths. “The
worst is passed, my little Roe,” Tsu gasped, “Soon you
will hold my penis fully within your vagina. Soon you
will begin to draw the essence from my body, the
nourishment you so crave to take and I so crave to

“Yes, Tsu,” I moaned, “yes, I feel your presence inside
me so intensely, I– Oh!!” “I felt his testicles
suddenly pressing tightly upon my buttocks.

At the same time, deep within me, I felt the head of
his penis touch the bottom of my vagina. “Oh, Tsu,” I
cried, “it feels–it feels so good in me, so deep
inside me, I feel so–so–”

“It is the pressure on your chakra that gives you such
pleasure,” Tsu explained in a husky voice. “The chakra,
what you would call your cervix, hungers for that which
it knows is now within its reach. Feel how it pulses
against the head of the conduit.”

“Y-yes, I–I do,” I groaned.

“And feel how my penis also pulses within you, the
energy that surges through it, growing and
intensifying, building to explosive release.”

“Hh-yes, yes, I–I–”

“You must not let the energy remain restricted, Roe.
When the essence is allowed to stay seething with the
male, it becomes infused with the active seed of his
life force. And when it is fully charged with his
sperm, that is when he must ejaculate, aggressively
driving it into the female’s womb, causing conception
and childbirth.”

Again my mind was overcome with the possibility of
becoming pregnant. I pictured my belly bulged out,
grown fat with Tsu’s child. As pleasantly erotic as the
image was, I knew that dwelling on it would make it so.

“Tsu,” I moaned, my desire burning hot within me, “give
me guidance so I may drink of the essence within you.

“You must begin gently, little Roe,” Tsu breathed.

“Tighten your vaginal channel upon my penis.”

Concentrating through the flames of passion that
threatened to overwhelm me, I squeezed the muscles deep
with me, constricting my narrow passage, securing my
grip on Tsu’s thick member. “Oooh,” I squealed as I
felt Tsu’s penis twitch faintly inside me.

“Feel how my penis responds to your pressure. Squeeze
again, then quickly relax, then just as quickly squeeze

I again compressed my vagina upon the firmness within
me and I thrilled at the sensation of his warm flesh
filling me. I loosened my grip and Tsu’s penis sank
further into me. I moaned as his pubic bone stroked my
clitoris and I shuddered at the sudden pressure of the
shaft pressing against my cervix. Reflexively, I
quickly tightened my grip on his manhood again and
cried out as the staff brushed across the sensitive
entrance to my womb and my clitoris was again caressed
by his warm flesh.

Without prompting I began to rhythmically tighten and
relax my vaginal sheathe, clutching and unclutching the
presence so deeply lodged within me. I moaned again and
again as my clitoris and my cervix was simultaneously
massaged over and over, making the flames of ecstacy
burn hotter and brighter inside me.

“Yes,” Tsu moaned, his breath now quick and short, “let
your body guide you now. Follow where it leads.”

My muscular efforts had the effect of gently rolling my
hips up and down, causing the long, thick shaft to
slide softly in and out of my vagina. My labial lips
fluttered against the slick moving flesh, pulling out
as the shaft slid out, sliding back as the column
slipped back in to rub sensuously against my cervix and
grind its hairy base into my clitoris.

My movements gradually intensified as did my moans and
soon I was grinding my pelvis into Tsu’s groin again
and again. I was awash in passion, my heart racing, my
belly aflame.

Suddenly I exploded. My body shuddered violently and I
shrieked in rapture as the orgasm broke and flashed
through me, penetrating into my very soul. My throat
was filled with a long shriek and my vagina was
spasming wildly upon the source of my pleasure. My
channel was still grasping and releasing, but at a pace
I could never have even initiated. much less have
maintained, had I tried. I felt the grip my vaginal
walls ripple along the length of the shaft within me,
pulling at it, drawing it in deeper.

Tsu’s fingers tightened on my breasts, sharply
squeezing in rhythm with my vagina’s rapid clenching
upon his thick flesh held tight and deep inside me. My
hips rolled uncontrollably in time with my spasms,
making my clitoris glide rapidly up and down across his
skin, making the head of his penis prod at the narrow
entrance of my cervix again and again, causing another
blaze of orgasmic rapture to wrack my body even before
the last one waned, causing the cycle to begin anew.
His scrotum vibrated against my bottom, only
intensifying the spasms that burned into my very being.

My vagina pulled insistently at Tsu’s penis, stroking
it, sucking it, milking it. My entire being was
centered on one goal, one need, one insatiable craving:
to drink of his male essence. I ached to pull his
masculine secretions into me, to suck the perfect syrup
out of his penis and take it all deep into my womb. My
sheathe clamped down on him feverishly and my pelvis
rutted faster and faster as my seething lust
overpowered me.

As I pulled and clutched violently at the flesh rooted
deep inside me, its head poked harder and more
insistently into my cervix. Again I felt myself opening
and widening in accommodation, this time in the deepest
depths of my vagina. I felt the entrance to my womb
expanding and enlarging, adapting and conforming to the
conduit I was pulling so deeply into me, accepting the
bearer of the sustenance I craved into my womb in
preparation to devour its life-giving nourishment.

I crushed myself tighter and tighter against Tsu’s body
and the tip of his long penis speared deeper and deeper
into my cervix. The welcoming orifice sucked at the
soft head, urging it to release its sweet gift, coaxing
it to dispense its liquid bounty, imploring it to fill
me with his creamy essence.

The burning passion within me was overpowering. My
pleading eyes focused on Tsu, who stood leaning over me
in a state of bliss, his eyes closed, his lips humming
softly. Every muscle in my body strained in unison to
suck the rich nectar from the firm flesh I held tight
and deep inside me. My hips pulled, my vagina grabbed,
my cervix licked and goaded.

Then Tsu’s entire body tensed. I felt his penis
suddenly expand, tightening the grasp of my spasming
vagina. Our eyes widened and locked as we gasped in

Then my eyes rolled up into my head and I cried out as
I felt the hard shaft throb sharply against my tightly
clenching channel. The first great pulse of his
delicious release surged deeply into my rapturously
shuddering body. The molten liquid charged into me,
burning into the center of my soul, and my orgasm
flashed through me with renewed ferocity. My squeezing
flesh sucked down the long spurt, drawing the rich
cream deep into my womb, setting my belly ablaze. The
spasm seemed to go on forever.

But even as my tensing channel loosened its mad grip,
my cry rose as I felt the fiery lance inside me
swelling up again. The walls of my furrow spontaneously
clamped down upon him again as he once more jerked
against my tightening flesh. Another thick jet of his
essence streamed into me and again my cervix lapped at
the sumptuous elixir, sucking it in deep.

Again I released my tight grip, again the fullness
inside me bloated and again I squeezed out a long,
thick spurt of the rich syrup from his quivering
member, taking it deep into my insatiable womb. Again I
loosened, again he inflated and again I sucked it in.
And again. And again.

Tsu’s throbbing flesh pulsed over and over inside me
and I releasing gush after gush of his pearly essence,
flooding from the tip of his throbbing, pumping penis.
My greedy vagina milked the spurting shaft, voraciously
drinking down every drop it pulled from the now-moaning
Tsu. The palpating tip, buried deep in my nursing
cervix, fired each virile load directly into my womb
and I felt my belly growing full with his silky

My pelvis gyrated wetly against his groin, our meshing
pubic hair sodden and matted with the perspiration that
streamed off my body, as my vulva continued to suckle
noisily at his staff. The liquid sound of his slick
pumping penis engulfed in my soaked seizing channel
filled my ears. I felt myself filled to overflowing,
our mingled emissions bubbling and squishing out,
running between my buttocks and down my back.

Tsu’s penis eventually stopped pulsing, but my
voracious vagina wasn’t satisfied. It continued to pull
at the softening flesh inside me and, just before I
squeezed it completely out of my grasp, I exploded in
one final orgasm. Then my body slid back against the
soft cushion of the chair, still quivering. my breath
raspy and quick.

Tsu smiled down at my sated body. He asked, “You are

I smiled back up at him, “Oh, Tsu– I never– never
realized it was so– so–”

“As it should be. When the taking and giving of the
essence is done for its true purpose, both parties feel
totally satisfied, totally fulfilled.”

Its true purpose. For a brief instant I thought about
the old purpose. I recalled the films they showed us in
health class. I pictured millions of tiny sperm rushing
through the womb, swimming up the fallopian tubes,
surrounding and attacking the egg until one impregnated
it. I imagined that going on in my body. I immediately
banished the thought.

“You are, indeed, a deft student, little Roe,” Tsu told
me. “You have innately understood and have quickly
mastered the technique of the yang. You will
participate in the afternoon ceremony and all
thereafter. I must take my leave.” He bowed and kissed
my abdomen, making my shiver return briefly. He then
stood erect and, as the lights in the room began to
dim, he moved into the darkness at one of the corner of
the room.

“Thank you, Tsu,” I called after him.

Again I lay there for minutes or hours, alternating
between meditation and sleep. Then Pearl and the
masseuse suddenly appeared on either side of me. As
they began to help me out of the chair, I noticed how
sore I was between my legs. As I rose, I felt some of
the warm syrup I’d taken from Tsu sliding down my legs.
For some reason, losing even a drop saddened me and I
tightened my thighs, trying to keep in all in me, even
though doing so was a bit painful.

Pearl escorted me to lunch in the same hall we’d had
dinner the night before. We again ate with Undine and
the other new girl. Pearl told them I’d been to see Tsu
and I’d be taking part in the ceremony.

Undine grinned. “Oh, you’ll so love it! Isn’t Tsu

I shivered, feeling Tsu’s essence clinging to my
thighs. The other new girl stared down into her plate.
“I took Tsu’s instruction this morning, too,” she
sighed. She looked up and smiled at me. “I am Faun,”
she said proudly. It was obviously the name Tsu gave
her. “I’d never felt so–so enraptured, so fulfilled.
It’s as if I’ve found my purpose.”

“Yes,” I cried, “that’s it, that’s the feeling

“Well,” smiled Pearl, “you’ll be taking in a lot more
purpose at the yang reception.”

As we ate, Pearl and Undine chatted about the ceremony
but must I confess I didn’t hear a lot of it. I really
couldn’t concentrate with the wetness seeping out of
me, coating my buttocks before pooling in the chair.. I
realized that Faun, too, had the same feeling between
her legs. Again the picture of a flood of Tsu’s wiggly
little sperm attacking and fertilizing my defenseless
egg came into my mind. Then I imagined Tsu’s virile
sperm in Faun’s womb, impregnating Faun’s egg. I
wondered which us he came to first this morning. I
wondered which of us had taken more of his sweet
essence, which of us had the more potent of his seed
inside, which of us was more likely to be pregnant with
his child.

I literally shook the thoughts from my head. And I
think I saw Faun’s head shudder, too.

We finished eating and I rose from my chair. I looked
down and, to my embarrassment, I’d left a puddle of
Tsu’s and my combined juices. Pearl saw it, too. She
dipped her fingers into the wetness, then raised her
hand to her lips.

“Mmm,” said Pearl as she licked her fingers. She bent
close to me and whispered, “I hope you’re looking
forward to this, because I certainly am.”

Pearl and Undine took us to a part of the Common we’d
not seen before. They called it the Garden. Just before
we passed through the separation in the high hedges
that seemed to surround it, Pearl said to me and Faun,
“Well, are we ready?”

I nodded, a bit nervously. I wasn’t sure what to

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” soothed Pearl. She
hugged me tight and kissed me deeply. I kissed her back
just as passionately. When we parted, her eyes burned
with passion.

“Come on, now,” she breathed and led us past the

We were in a large grassy area, along with about two
dozen other women. Some of them were standing about,
others were positioning themselves onto the dozen mats
that were placed in rows on the grass. There were two
pillows on each mat, one much larger than the other.
Pearl took me to one of the mats and instructed me to
sit on the high pillow. Undine told Faun to do the same
on the mat to the left of me. Pearl then had me lay
back so my head was on the smaller pillow and my
buttocks were high up on the larger one. She parted my
legs, told me to go to level and whispered, “You’ll
know what to do.”

Then she gave me a long, deep kiss while rubbing her
fingers into my pubic mound. I was already excited, but
her touch made my desire burn even stronger and my hips
began to rut slightly. Next to me, I hear Faun moan, so
I guessed Undine was massaging her the same way. Too
soon, she got up and moved out of my field of vision.

Even before I began to meditate, I heard rustling near
the hedges. I lifted my head. Coming single file into
the Garden was Tsu followed by a number of men. They
were all young, fairly muscular and, most of all,
incredibly sexually attractive. All of them had massive
erections jutting firmly from thick patches of pubic
hair and I immediately felt myself getting excited. I
figured that there was a male for each supine female. I
wondered which one I’d be mated with. I grew wetter
when it occurred to me it might even be Tsu.

In silence, each male went to one of the mats. My
breath grew rapid as I saw the man whose essence I was
about to take into me. He was an Asian, practically
hairless and very well built. He knelt before me, his
hip pressing against my parted thighs. Either Tsu’s
essence was still dripping profusely from me or I was
lubricating copiously from excitement, because when my
thighs parted, fluid streamed from my rocking vagina.

The man moved closer and his rigid flesh poked at the
tender skin between my legs. I remembered the ethnic
slurs about Asians all having small penises from school
and, although I never for a moment believed them, was
glad to finally see proof of the lie, even tho it was
only the second penis I’d ever seen in real life.

My breath grew quick and my heart raced in passion. I
reached down, took his long hard penis into my grip and
quickly positioned between the folds of my labia. Then,
as he leaned over and his hands pressed down upon my
taut nipples, I threw my legs around his hips and
swiftly pulled him to me. I cried out as his stiffness
filled me with a single rapid thrust, his scrotum
slapping tight against my bottom, the head of his penis
nestling tight upon my cervix.

For an instant I stared at the stranger whose penis I
tightly held in my intimate, carnal embrace. Stunned by
the fullness within me, I was overwhelmed by the
realization that a strange man’s bare penis was buried
inside my unprotected vagina, its tip snug at the open
entrance to my womb, with no barrier whatsoever to stop
him from planting his potent semen in me and making me
pregnant. My eyes widened in panic.

Then Tsu’s words filled my mind, calming my soul, even
as the handsome stranger’s hands pressed against my
breasts, rekindling my passion. My vaginal muscles
tightened upon the fleshy rod and my pelvis pressed up
into his groin, grinding my clitoris into the base of
his shaft.

I immediately noticed that the penis lodged within me
felt very different than Tsu’s. This one was longer,
but not quite as thick. When I clenched down on it, my
clitoris scrubbed against him with a great deal of
friction. I moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

Just as with Tsu, I rhythmically squeezed at the
presence inside me over and over. My hips rocked back
and forth, rubbing my clitoris against his thick pubic
hair. It wasn’t long before my body responded on its
own and my spasming vagina pulled and sucked at his
firm manhood as I cried out in orgasmic ecstasy. Before
very long, his groans echoed mine and his fingers dug
into the soft flesh of my breasts.

I turned and looked at Faun, who was in the throes of
her own orgasmic spasms. She was squealing under a
massively built man of African descent. Her hips were a
blur as her vagina pulled at her partner’s penis, her
eyes closed tight, her face contorted in bliss.

My attention returned to my own partner. His groans
were growing stronger and I suddenly felt his body
begin to tighten against my thighs. My own vaginal
contractions intensified, sending the rapturous waves
cresting through my spasming body as his penis suddenly
swelled up in its cramp quarters.

Shrieking, I felt the first long jet shoot hot and
thick upon my cervix as he spurted his essence into my
devouring vagina. As he groaned and I gasped, his
throbbing shaft pumped his release again and again into
me and my thirsty womb sucked in every drop. Next to
me, Faun and her partner was also shrieking and
grunting as her womb was filled with the essence.

As soon as the last of the warm spurts filled me, I
heard Pearl at my ear, whispering, “You must release
him now.” My body had other thoughts, though, and my
vagina continued to pull and suck at the drained font
as my being continued to shudder in orgasm. Pearl’s
hands were at my legs, gently unwrapping my legs from
my partner. “Let him go now, love,” she said again.
With a sigh, I reluctantly relaxed my tight grip on the
still-rigid penis and he slid free.

He got up and quickly moved to the mat of the woman to
my right. His position between my legs was immediately
filled by the African who only moments before was in
Faun’s tight channel. Gasping with insatiate desire and
unexpected delight, I reached down and lustfully
grabbed the stiff penis, still dripping with Faun’s
secretions, that stood stiffly erect below the tightly
curled, wiry hair that thickly covered his abdomen and
chest. My legs flew up and pulled him to me as I
stuffed the head of the hard shaft into my quivering

This one was immense! It was so much thicker than
either Tsu’s or the previous one’s. I increased the
pressure of my heels on his back and I squealed as I
felt my vagina being stretched wide by the immensity of
the huge shaft I tried to envelope in my tight canal.
My first attempt only managed to lodge the head of his
great penis inside me. Grunting, I dug in my heels and
tightened my legs, firmly pulling him to me. I howled
as his mammoth spike plowed further into me.

When his great penis was fully and firmly imbedded
inside me and his huge fluttering testicles was pressed
tight between the globes of my buttocks, I was
immediately engulfed in waves of pleasure. The
immensity of the presence I held so deeply in me took
me to a level of rapture I couldn’t have imagined
possible. My back arched, driving my aching nipples up
into his stroking hands. My vaginal muscles clamped
sharply onto the enormous staff seated snugly in my
spasming furrow and my hips ground desperately into

I sucked intensely at the monster in my possession. My
entire being was centered on enticing, cajoling,
insisting, demanding. I craved his essence, hungered
for it, and every muscle in my body worked to satisfy
my aching need. My pelvis hammered against him, making
his scrotum beat rapidly against my quivering buttocks.
My labial lips clung to his immense girth as it rocked
in and out of my convulsing chamber. My vagina squeezed
and clutched, sucked and milked, nipped and bit at his
penis, urgent in its exquisite, wanton lust.

I was rewarded by a long, low groan from my sweet
partner’s lips, followed by a sudden arching of his
back. Then I felt his shaft bulging inside me and,
incredibly, my orgasmic euphoria grew even more
intense. Again and again my spasming canal clamped
fiercely down on his twitching column as it blasted
stream after stream of his syrupy essence forcefully
through my cervix, filling my womb.

Even after I had taken every drop he had to give, I
shook with orgasm three more times upon the great
presence inside me before it grew limp and slid from my
grasping vagina. As the waves of my last rapture waned,
my entire body grew limp, my legs falling from my sweet
partner’s hips, sprawling widely parted on either side
of him. My breasts’ intense heaving abated as my breath
slowed, my heart’s rapid beating returned to normal and
I was enveloped with a sense of utter peace and
satisfaction intruded only by the void I felt inside me
left when the immense presence I’d become accustomed to
was withdrawn from my still quivering chasm.

As the second of my two partners for the yang reception
rose from the mat, I felt the source of my
satisfaction, the liquid essence I’d taken from the two
of them, begin to ooze thickly from between my splayed
vaginal lips. Even before the creamy discharge has a
chance to slide into the crevice between my buttocks, I
felt a presence again between my thighs. I suddenly
gasped at the feeling of a warm, wet caress upon my

I raised my head to see Pearl’s bobbing head between my
legs, then my neck stiffened and my back arched as her
tongue lapped up the fluids dribbling out of me,
sliding along my trembling labial lips Her caressing
tongue slid into my open vagina and she drank deeply of
the essence within, making me moan with pleasure. As
her curling tongue licked at my vaginal walls, her
nibbling lips fluttered on my excited clitoris,
igniting my passions yet again.

My breasts again rocked wildly as my breath grew quick
and short and my voice again rose in a long, guttural
wail as my desire broke and my body shook in still
another intense orgasm. My bottom rose from the pillow
as I thrust my vulva up into her active mouth,
luxuriating in the rapture of passively receiving the
divine pleasure of her lips fondling my clitoris, her
tongue stroking deeply in my vagina.

As I finally came down from the last of my seeming
endless series of orgasms, Pearl’s head came up from
between my legs. She pulled at my arms and made me sit
upright, then, together on the mat, we hugged. She
whispered in my ear, “The last is part of the ceremony
so that none of the essence is wasted. But I think it’s
the best part, don’t you?”

As we rose from the mat, Pearl said, “So, now you know.
Now you understand. It is what you expected?”

I was still shaky from the exertions of the afternoon
and I leaned against her for support. Her hand cupped
my breast and I shivered at her touch.

Certainly, none of this was what I expected when I
first got off the plane. The ceremony would have been
incomprehensible to me even only a hours ago. Then I
was a chaste virgin. Now I was a woman who, to the
mundane world, had just had unprotected sex at the most
fertile point of my cycle with three different men, one
of whom, a man almost old enough to be my father, I’d
willingly given my virginity. In the world I’d come
from, this would have been obscene, a mad abomination.

But this was not the mundane world. This was a world
that heralded the beginning of a new spiritual
awakening. And for the natives of this new world, a
entirely new Way was essential.

“I am blessed to be allowed to give life to Tsu’s
teachings,” I told Pearl as we walked from the Garden.
“I’ve never felt so content and fulfilled in my life.”

Pearl smiled. “It gets better. Now, you and Faun go
back to your quarters and rest. Undine and I will meet
you at dinner. After that, of course, is the evening

Faun and I wobbled back to the housing quarters,
leaning on each other for support. She was just as
exhausted and sore as I was. When we got to my room,
she was too beat to go the extra few feet to her room,
so together we fell onto my bed.

“Oh, God, Roe,” Faun groaned, “I’m getting your bed all
wet. I’m still dripping.”

“So am I,” I sighed. “I still can’t believe I just had
three different men come inside me.”

“Neither can I. And I can’t believe how good it felt!”

I rolled over and looked at her. I squealed, “Wasn’t it
exquisite? Did you ever imagine anything could feel
that wonderful?”

Faun shivered. “It’s just so incredible. I’ve always
wondered what it would be like, but I never imagined it
could be so–so–”

“I know. Words are so inadequate.” I found myself
staring at her pubic mound. Her legs were spread and I
could see the slow trickle of fluid that dripped from
her. Impulsively, I reached over and dipped my finger
into the dampness running from her.

“Ooh,” she murmured, looking down at my hand as I ran
it along her moist labia.

I pulled my hand away. “I’m sorry,” I said,
embarrassed. “I don’t know why I–”

“Don’t be sorry,” Faun breathed. “It felt nice. See?”
She ran her hand along my bottom and then downwards,
sliding her fingers along my labial lips. She her
fingertips dipped between them, rubbing tenderly toward
my clitoris. She smiled when she touched the delicate
nub and saw my buttocks shiver.

As she continued to gently stroke my clitoris, my eyes
were fixed on the slowly oozing fluid that ran from her
vulva. Without thinking, I slid forward between her
open thighs and, lowering my head, pressed my tongue
between the soft folds. As she moaned in response, I
lapped at the dripping syrup.

Her petting fingers became more insistent. Then she
pulled herself over to me and, moving herself and me
onto our sides, she slipped her own tongue up and down
my swollen crevice, drinking the silvery fluids that
ran from me in greater and greater quantities. As she
licked, she moaned into my vagina and I felt it vibrate
through my body, just as I knew she felt my cries
within her. When we orgasmed together as one entity,
our movements carried us up and down from one crest to
the next.

We spent the rest of the afternoon caressing and
pleasuring each other until we slipped into a light
slumber. We slept in each other’s arms until Pearl and
Undine, knowing we’d probably be napping, came to fetch
us for dinner. I awoke to see Pearl smiling down at me.

“We weren’t sure if we’d find Faun in her or you in her
room, but we figured you’d be together,” she said as I
untangled myself from Faun. “C’mon, you two must be

“And,” Undine said, “you’ll need your energy for the
evening ceremony.”


After dinner, we all went back to the Garden. This
time, my first partner was a young blonde boy who
didn’t look over sixteen. I had a hard time
concentrating, tho, I couldn’t help but notice that
Faun’s was mating was with Tsu. She got so excited that
she began shrieking. I closed my eyes and imagined that
it was Tsu’s penis inside me. I think the visualization
helped my performance.

My hips bucked into my partner’s groin and my vagina
clamped like a vise on his thick flesh. It didn’t take
long for me to suck the semen from his shaft, but when
his fluids began to flow, it went on forever. His sweet
cream just spurted and spurted out of him, quickly
filling me, then pouring out and thickly coating my
buttocks before dripping in a great pool under my
bottom and back.

He pulled out of my spasming vagina and I groaned at
the loss, but to my delight I looked up to see Tsu’s
beaming face smiling gently down at me. I wasted no
time in wrapping my legs around him and driving his
incredible penis into my hungry sheath.

His familiar flesh felt warm and full within me and,
just as Faun did, I cried out over and over, pounding
my hips into him as my clenching vagina pulled and
sucked at his delicious member. I knew I pleased him
because his hands clutched intensely at my breasts and
he howled when I fiercely milked the syrup from him. I
sucked it into me so intensely and so deeply that I’d
have sworn I felt it filling my fallopian tubes.

After I’d sucked him dry, I must have fainted because I
don’t remember him withdrawing. All I knew was that I
was engulfed with the feeling of total joy and peace.
Then I felt tender fingers parting my labia and a
licking tongue scooping out the excess semen from my
vagina. Pearl’s wonderful mouth felt different from the
last time, though. With great effort, I raised my head
and looked down to fine Undine between my legs. Her
eyes met mine and then, with a delicious nibble of her
teeth upon my clitoris, my head snapped back onto the
pillow and my hips beat into her mouth as I shook in

After the ceremony, Faun and I went back to our rooms,
excitedly sharing our experiences when we coupled with
Tsu. We fell asleep with our head between each other’s
legs, the sweet taste of Tsu on our lips.

Every morning we woke in each others arms and prepared
for the morning ceremony. Every afternoon we
participated, and every evening, too. We lived in
carnal ecstasy, a perpetual state of bliss. I grew to
love the feeling of fullness within me, grew to feel
less than whole when I wasn’t in possession of one of
the penises of the many males of the Common. Every
night I fell asleep with the salty taste of essence on
my tongue, stolen from Faun’s vagina.

After I’d been at the Common a month, I realized that
my period hadn’t come. I suddenly became worried. Could
Tsu’s teachings be wrong? Could all of the semen I’d
been taking into me actually have gotten me pregnant?
Could I have a baby growing in me?

I confided my fears with Faun. She told me she was
having the same fears, because her period was a week
late, too. She was afraid she was pregnant, too. Her
biggest worry was that, with all the different men
she’d taken semen from, she couldn’t have any idea who
the father of her baby was.

We confronted Pearl and Undine with our concerns.

Pearl smiled and assured us that we weren’t pregnant.
Undine told us that it’d be best if Tsu explained why
we weren’t menstruating. They arranged for each of us
to speak with him in private.

“No, little Roe,” Tsu laughed. I was in the same oddly
curved chair that I sat in when I first met with him.
Tsu was between my legs and I held his penis tightly
within me, my vagina spasming and sucking at it. “You
are not pregnant. Now that your chakra is ingesting the
pure essence of physical spirituality, your womb is no
longer preparing itself for the creation of life. That,
like pregnancy, was a manifestation of imperfection, as
was your menstruations. Now that you’ve attained
enlightenment, in body as well as in mind, you’ve left
such imperfections behind.”

“I–I s-see,” I gasped, my pelvis rolling against his

He pressed his hands down onto my belly, his fingers
intertwining into my pubic hair. “Here, now, you are
filled with the perfection of spiritual life, not the
imperfection of the cycle of death and birth.” I
shuddered as the waves of my orgasms swelled higher.

His hands rose to my breasts and his fingers nipped at
my thick, tight nipples, sending shoots of electric
ecstasy through my body. My bottom rose off the chair
as every part of my being labored to extract his
precious essence.

“See– how your body works– to attains its need,” Tsu
moaned, his voice low and harsh, “it– would not crave-
– what would do it harm. Would it– little Roe?”

I could only grunt in reply, “Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Ohhh!!”
His thick flesh began to jump and twitch inside me,
flooding my womb with his sweet release.

After the audience, I went back to my room. I was a bit
embarrassed at my lack of faith, but now I was
confident that Tsu’s words were filled with truth. It
was the last time my trust in him ever waned. I was
sitting on the bed when Faun came in.

Grinning, I asked, “Feeling better, now?”

“Oh, Roe,” she sighed, falling onto the bed next to me,
“how could we have ever doubted him?” I comforted her
with my lapping tongue, sucking Tsu’s essence from her
still splayed receptacle. She responded in kind.

Faun and I settled in to our new lives the Common, our
existence dedicated to perpetual orgasmic carnality.
Practically every waking moment was devoted to the yang
reception, either in spiritual meditation and
preparation or in the physical act. My life couldn’t
have been more delightful.

The only problem was that, not long after my calming
meeting with Tsu, I was getting nauseous a lot. The
doctor at the clinic took a bunch of tests and she
finally told me it was nothing, just a minor side
effect of ingesting so much essence into my chakra.
Evidently, my body was retaining essence instead of
allowing it to flow through me. She examined me and
said that it would pass with practice.

I grew familiar with the subtle differences among the
men that lived in the Commons. Each one was different.
Some penises were longer, some were thicker, but each
one felt unique inside me and I clutched and pulled at
each one in a different way. I learned the signals that
each one gave just before they released their essence
into me. Some would began to grunt really loudly.

Some wouldn’t make any noise at all, but would just
tighten their eyes. One thing is for sure, though. Each
and every one of them had penises long enough to reach
deep into me and press tight against my cervix, so when
I sucked the essence from them, it jetted right into my
womb, no matter how much or how little they expressed
their erotic pleasure, no matter how much or how little
they jerked and twitched inside me.

Right after my nausea went away, I began to notice that
my breasts were getting more sensitive. Sometimes
during the ceremony, my partner’s caressing hands would
drive me to new heights of orgasm. Other times I’d have
to push his hands away because my breasts were so
sensitive they’d begin to hurt. I saw that my nipples
were growing darker and the veins in the skin were
beginning to show. My breast were actually beginning to
get bigger and heavier.

Faun’s breasts were growing, too. When I finally told
her what I was seeing, she thanked me for saying
something, because she thought she was going crazy.
Again we checked with the doctor and again we were told
it was a side effect of the essence. We were retaining
it in our breasts, which was why they were growing dark
and full. The doctor did a pelvic exam and took some
tests. When she was done, she smiled and she told us we
could expect essence retention in another part of our
bodies, too.

Sure enough, just after I’d been at the Common for a
little over four months, I realized that I was growing
fat, and by my five-month anniversary, my belly was
clearly beginning to show a prominent bulge outward,
plainly announcing to the world the outcome of my
actively taking the semen of literally dozens of
different men into my womb three times a day since my
arrival. I got a bit concerned. Not about whether or
not I was pregnant with a baby inside me. I knew that
wasn’t the case. I was wondering why we were holding
the essence inside us, why it wasn’t flowing to the
heavens as it should.


Month after month I grew fatter and fatter. I could
tell the essence inside me needed to be released
because I could feel it moving about as it if was
trying to get out. But it wouldn’t flow; it just stayed
inside me and filled my belly, making it swell until it
looked like I was carrying a basketball inside me. It
became harder and harder just to walk and I had to bend
backward to adjust to my extra weight. My breasts had
swollen up, too, so I felt utterly bloated all the

It wasn’t just me. Faun’s belly was full and distended,
too. In fact, all the girls who took part in the
ceremony were retaining essence. For some of them it
was just a little swelling in the abdomen, but most of
us were fat and growing, the bloating showing no sign
of ever slowing, much less stopping. For all the world,
we all looked very, very pregnant. Sometimes one of us
would lose faith and start crying and wailing about
carrying a fatherless child inside her, but we’d calm
her down.

The ritual ceremonies went on as usual. We’d all take
the men’s willing penises into our now-gaping vaginal
passages and clutch and suck at them until they’d pour
still more essence into our over-stuffed wombs. Our
conditions didn’t get in the way too much, but getting
up and down from the floor was almost humorous. After
the ceremony, trying to get up we all looked like a
bunch of bugs stuck on our backs.

It was actually in the middle of a yang reception that
I felt the first sharp pain. It took my breath away, as
well as my partner’s, because I practically ripped his
penis off. Pearl realized what was happening and she
got me to the infirmary in time.

At first I thought that the essence was finally
draining. I was just surprised that returning the
spirituality to the heavens was proving to be so
painful. It wasn’t until they put the baby in my arms
that I realized I’d just given birth to my son.

Tsu explained it. Somewhere in the previous nine
months, my faith had faltered at the same time as one
of the males, and the baby was conceived then and
there. There was really no way to tell who the father
was, or even when the conception took place. It could
even have only a month or so ago since the stored
essence would have matured the fertilized egg quite

The only thing to do, Tsu said, was to try again, this
time with greater resolve. So I have. Over and over.

The results haven’t been what I’ve hoped. I’ve given
birth four times so far, but I know that sooner or
later my faith will be perfected. Like anything else,
it just takes practice.

It’s the least I can do. After all, I owe my life to
Guru Tsu.

-the end-